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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2006 on ABC

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  • Will Sydney just give child birth already? I want my kick ass spy back!!

    Finally \'Alias\' returns after the four longest months I\'ve ever experienced. Previously on \'Alias\': We last left with Sydney being stuck on a boat sailing away in the middle of the ocean with Prophet 5 and evil Peyton who I can\'t stand even more every episode that goes by.

    So here we are. Okay I\'m just going to put it up front; this will be a short review. Because 1) I need to catch up on other reviews, 2)This episode didn\'t interest me that much, and 3)Lena Olin (Irina) doesn\'t make an appearance until the second hour and that\'s when things start to get interesting. So bear with me through this.

    Sydney is unfortunately still pregnant so there is not much she does for this episode except lying around looking glum. She faints on the boat, but not before sending a distress signal to A.P.O.(more on that later), and wakes up in a hospital bed looking up at her doctor who I believe made an appearance in \"The Horizon\". I\'ll have to check on that. So Sydney is shocked that her doctor works with Prophet 5, calls her a **** and her doctor tells her to relax. They need to perform a procedure on the baby and by moving she risks her daughter’s life. Sydney starts to cry as the doctor sticks a huge needle in Sydney\'s stomach to draw fluids from the baby. Outside the door Peyton is on the phone (with who I assume is Irina) where she is informed that the C.I.A. is on their way and that they need to move up the time table on the procedure.

    Now just how did the C.I.A. find out where Sydney was? Here\'s the answer...

    Meanwhile, while all this is going on with Sydney, back at the Apple Store the A.P.O. gang begins to suspect there is a mole in the C.I.A. because the distress call they received from Sydney had been deleted. They find out the call had been deleted by a agent with \"Alpha-Black\" clearance. \"What is that?\" Rachel asks. Jack informs her that only agents that are heads of tasks force receive that kind of clearance. Jack forms a meeting with all the heads of each tasks force and through another amazing device of Marshall, is able to read everybody\'s cell phones, figure out who made the order to delete Sydney\'s distress call, and then he tortures the traitor and receives the information that Sydney is in the middle of the Atlantic. Well that\'s mostly how it happened, my memories starting to fade on me now.

    So Sydney is rescued and Peyton once again manages to escape. What is interesting though is Jack informs Sydney that the procedure Prophet 5 performed on her baby saved the baby\'s life. Uh-oh...the dramatic music plays as we zoom into Sydney\'s face.

    All-in-all, it was a rather dull episode but it did have its moments. Will Sydney just give child birth already? I want my kick ass spy back!! And yes I do realize that this review was basically one big summary of the episode. I may come back and fix it later, I feel so burned out today.

    Final Rating: 2 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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  • Weiss is back!

    Loved this episode so much - it showed the true extent of the twleve and how they had also infilitrated the CIA! The conspiracy went much futher than they originally thought!

    Weiss came back which was exciting! He was a favourite character of mine so it was nice to see him back to save the team. Rachel trapped in the server room and Tom in Witsec.

    It was also nice to see Marshall out in the field again. In the later episodes we don't really see that much on him in the field with the exception of Reprisal.

    This episode to me, while still a serious episode, was more of a light hearted sort of episode in regards to the part where they were trapped in Langely. The episode was serious, for Sydney however, and it all balanced each other out.
  • Review

    I miss my Julian Sark...I miss my Alias, to tell the truth. I wasnt feeling this episode at all - the plot seems to be stuck in a vice right now. Renee once again didnt appear in this episode, seems she isnt as involved in all this as the end of Prophet Five had me thinking.

    The boat scenes with Sydney and the team were boring, nothing cool or exciting happening there. They did something to save the baby, but once again...nothing that I thought was worth the on-screen time.

    The infultration into the CIA was cool - with Thomas going off on his own to do his own thing while the rest of the team (with the help of Eric) get information about the leak in the CIA. Jacks torturing in front of the seven men was cool too, getting the information he needed (In true Alais style - last second) to save Sydney.

    Kind of hard to put an endgame on season 5 right now. 7 episodes reamin and the theme seems to be Prophet Five, but with episodes jumping around like this I dont know. Sydney needs to have birth like - next episode.
  • Use this "original" twist sometime.

    If you ever want to convince someone that your willing to shoot them while inside the bowls of a metal box (ship) put a finger in one ear and the shoulder of the arm that you're holding the gun with against your other ear and the target is bound to get nervous.
  • I was dissapointed!

    I have been watching Alias since season 1, and watching this episode was painful to watch! What was up with the phone with the pop out atenna like-camera thing, it looked to freakin' fake. The writing was predictable. Did Alias always have the stupid little puns in it, or did the puns just start annoying me??
  • Finally, after a long wait Alias returns. It was reviting and suspenful from beginning to end, the ending was especially great. With any luck, the remaining final episodes, will be just as good. I can't wait until next week's episode airs next week, it sh

    Finally, after a long wait Alias returns. It was reviting and suspenful from beginning to end, the ending was especially great. With any luck, the remaining final episodes, will be just as good. I can't wait until next week's episode airs next week, it should be great to watch it.
  • Sydney trapped aboard the ship sends a distress call out, but it is intercepted and the message is destroyed. So Thomas & Rachel sneak into CIA offices, but they are trapped inside. Jack calls Weiss and he rescues them. Back on the ship Sydney discovers m

    This was a long overdue episode for the fans because their was such a long break for Jennifer Garner to have her baby. This episode was really good and I think it had all that action & drama everyone watches the show for in that one episode. So it was a fully packed episode that was just really good.
  • Stuck at the office, just wanna get home

    This was a pretty good episode.

    Miss Sydney Bristow manages to elude her captors just long enough to send a very brief message to her team. However, her description of where she is is very vague, to say the least. Nonetheless, it is a starting point.

    The gang, trying to track down the location where the still-missing heroine of the show is being kept by her abductors - infiltrates the office of their own employer!

    The episode was pretty good from the standpoint of suspense. A veritable double-helping. First, you are rooting for Sydney to get free. That is a veritable cat-and-mouse game. Cats and mouse, in this case.

    Then, the team goes into the CIA HQ undercover. They are trying to find a lead to someone who knows where Syd is being kept. Additionally, they would like to leave, successful or not.

    This gives way to a Cats and mice game, as multiple pursuers hound the different members of the team. Again, more suspense.

    The way Jack's paternal instinct comes out to protect his daughter, not to mention his soon-to-be-born grandchild is pretty touching. As remote and detached as he has been at some parts of Syd's life, he is not about to let her come to any harm now.

    There is a nice hook that is set up in this episode that is followed up on later.

  • What can I say? Yay Alias is back!!!

    Now we definitely know where Sydney gets her but kicking skills - HER DADDY!! Her new nickname should be daddy's little girl. I was yelling at the tv, "shoot him, shoot him!" when he was questioning the guy about Sydney's whereabouts. I love Jack!

    I'm very excited about the next few episodes. Hopefully a lot of questions will be answered. I know this wasn't in this episode, and even though we all probably saw it coming, where in the world has Vaughn been? And how and why? These are the first questions I want answered! Living with Budhist priests?? Who knows what direction that will take... good or evil?
  • Syd trapped on a freighter, APO gang trapped in the CIA Offices, BlackOps Jack is back and many more suprises.

    The much anticipated return was very very rewarding and lived up to my expectations I had over the past 4 months some of it even exceeded my expectations.

    S.O.S. was a filler for Maternal Instinct building towards the major climax Syd giving birth *squee*

    Like most fillers it moved kind of slow but had some really Classic Alias moments.

    Marshall was his most funniest yet, there was a nice fusion of the newbies and our fav Spies and Jack warrants the break in to Langley.

    I won't get into all the details cuz that would hurt my head and fingers since I don't even remember that much from it but I'm definitely going to rewatch them multiple times to hold me over for the 100th episode.

    You won't be disappointed Alias back to the good ole' days my fellow Spyfans.
  • Back on track!!!

    There you go Sydney :D.. have you ever seen such a cool, strong pregnant woman!!! Syd will always kick butts whatever the condition is.. anyways, this episode took us four months where we left.. great plot, the excitement is starting its fire after some monotony. This girl who Amy Acker plays her role sucks, ok we tend not to like such characters, but this one gets on my nerves. And that bastard Slone!!!! What\'s wrong with him!!!!! I thought he\'s become a good man, I know he\'s obliged to do it for his daughter, but come oooon, we know Slone has his own ways of getting what he wants, he could\'ve done sth!!! dunno, we\'ll see
  • It felt as if this episode was a very filler-ish one. I can't say it was my favorite or least favorite.

    This episode was very much like a filler. Not much happened, Sydney was barely in it at all and the plot seemed super random. The return of Weiss was utterly random, however nice to see. The opening had Amy Acker added as a main character, which was nice, however it took away Elodie Buchen. Dixon's hair was quite frankly the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I think that he is a bit old to have corn rows. The reveal that Thomas Grace was married meant nothing to me because I am STILL not invested in his character. The character of Rachel is much more likeable. The main reason Grace is not well received by me is mainly because of the acting skills or lack-thereof of Balthazar Ghetty. My favorite part had to have been the flashing anthrax after Dixon not-so-subtly sprayed the spray at the sensor. Over all a sub-par episode.
  • Alias is a back ( yeah everyone thought the same thing ) It's a nice transition from where the show left off and it follows the same old style. If you liked Alias before there's no reason not to like this episode.

    Wow Alias is back. I wasn't sure if I would still like Alias after the long break and after discovering Bones and several other shows that started this season. Anyway Alias is as good as it has ever been. This episode does not waste a beat and continues in the style of the show; fast paced and action filled yet so much better than "24". Sorry but the analogy is inevitable. As far as the events go, well watch the episode and you'll find out. The writting staff seems to be full of ideas and this is always a good thing. This show manages to keep your attention just like the James Bond movies do and once you start watching it you are hooked but you don't really know why.
  • Finally ALIAS is back! Now hopefully we can get the answers to all our questions. This episode is leading the way! Can\'t wait to see what happens next!

    Finally ALIAS is back! Now hopefully we can get the answers to all our questions. This episode is leading the way! Can\'t wait to see what happens next! Jack was kick-butt in this episode!!!!!! Loved how he shot that dude to find out where Syd was being held.
  • Overall, this episode is a hard nut to crack. There are indications that the writers had to make some changes to the intended storyline, and that this episode suffered as a result.

    During the long wait between episodes, a lot has changed in the “Alias” world. The most important change has been the outright betrayal of the ABC network. Despite the fact that the series brought ABC a huge amount of credibility and exposure during a time when nothing else seemed to work, to the point of making JJ Abrams one of the most sought-after producers around and Jen Garner a bankable star, ABC has treated the series like an unwanted stepchild.

    It’s bad enough that they forced the producers and writers to abandon the original plans for a far more substantial Rambaldi presence over the years. It’s ridiculous to watch the fifth season and know that the plot is supposed to be related to Rambaldi, but the man’s name can’t come up and past continuity is intentionally left off the table. Moments that scream for some kind of comment from Sydney or Jack fly by, all because of network interference.

    Why is this galling? Because if “Alias” had been launched more recently, in the more tolerant era ushered in by “Lost”, that overarching mythology would have been nurtured and praised instead of sidelined and feared. ABC all but ruined the show by stripping away its unique elements: the episodic cliffhangers, the Rambaldi mythology, and its structural complexity.

    Yet the writers did everything possible to work around the network’s idiotic mandates. Despite the fits and starts of the third season, the fourth season managed to return to form, especially in the second half. Sure enough, it was the return to the Rambaldi mythology that gave the fourth season a stronger and more meaningful focus. With the fifth season, the network became even more insistent and Prophet Five is the result: Rambaldi with the serial numbers worn off.

    After the fourth season, Jen’s pregnancy gave ABC all the excuse they needed to make demands. If the show was going to stay on the air, the producers would have to play things their way. Other issues required changes in the cast, and that fed into the anxiety of fans who couldn’t see past their own impatience. Why wait to see how changes will be resolved over time, especially when the producers come right out and say things are not what they seem? No, it’s far better to bash a season before it even begins, thus telling the network that they were right to treat “Alias” as a has-been commodity.

    There’s little surprise that the series was canceled relatively early in the season. The network used Jen’s pregnancy and the extreme negative reaction of short-sighted “fans” to justify their mandates and kill the series once the ratings dropped, something that the timeslot chosen by the network practically achieved on its own. There was still hope that the network would let the writers come back from hiatus and end things their own way.

    And so, the betrayal: the decision to reduce the season’s episode order from 22 episodes to an effective total of 17 episodes. What’s worse, this decision was made after 9 episodes had already been aired, undermining the pacing and progression of the season arc and forcing the writers to wrap things up in far less time than they had expected. Instead of 13 episodes, the writers were left with an effective total of 8 episodes. ABC all but destroyed whatever plans the producers and writers had for concluding the series with such a sharp reduction.

    Over the past several weeks, the producers and ABC have been doing damage control. Suddenly the producers are “admitting” that the focus on Rambaldi in earlier seasons was a mistake, though one can easily read between the lines. Everyone is hyping the final episodes as if the answers provided to open questions will remotely resemble the original intentions. Again, read between the lines, and the bitterness from JJ and the rest of the production staff is apparent. They know they were screwed.

    One effect of the episode reduction was the need to jump right back into the plot without any chance of bringing the audience up to speed. Contrast this with the similar hiatus forced on “Prison Break”. In that case, the structure of the series and the knowledge of the hiatus allowed the writers to structure the first few new episode in a way that reminded the audience of the major plot threads.

    In contrast, it’s hard to tell if this episode was written before the episode reduction. On the one hand, there’s a lot dumped into the plot, especially the unexpected events with Thomas Grace. The first half of the season suggested that there was something about him that didn’t quite add up, but this feels accelerated, as if the writers needed to get moving faster than they intended. But it’s also possible that Grace and his connection to this “Cardinal” has something to do with Prophet Five and was always meant to come up at this point. Who can really say? The details from past episodes aren’t fresh enough to place the new information in context.

    For all that, the pacing suggested that the baby would be born in this episode, so when it wasn’t “extracted” during the procedure, it was a little shocking and more than a little worrisome. The only way to mitigate the damage of the “baby plot” is to make the baby a substantial and logical part of the arc. This episode was consistent with that, but in a way that suggested that things may not be what they seem.

    If Prophet Five wanted the baby, based on some connection to the Horizon (something strongly hinted in earlier episodes), then they had the perfect opportunity to take the kid and go. Instead, they took time and energy to save the pregnancy and leave the child intact. It doesn’t really make sense. If the preservation of Sydney’s pregnancy was important enough to Irina, why interrogate her on a cargo ship in the middle of the North Atlantic?

    Therein lies the first hint of a massive shift in the plot structure. Payton (a role that proves how hot Amy Acker can be when she’s evil) seems to be reporting to someone in ultimate authority of Prophet Five operations. “The Horizon” suggested that this authority was Irina herself, a revelation that in and of itself didn’t quite fit the evidence. So once again, it’s quite possible that this additional complication was always intended, but that the network betrayal forced things to be advanced less elegantly than desired.

    Even Sloane’s situation wasn’t given much of a context. It’s easy enough to remember his precarious position now, but coming into the episode, there wasn’t much to go on. Thus the significance of his actions in this episode, particularly letting Sydney be rescued and allowing the operation against the CIA to proceed undeterred, is somewhat lost.

    Still, this was an episode with some fun elements. Infiltrating Langley was a great idea, because it plays directly into the revelation that Prophet Five has agents in key positions of every major intelligence community. Jack’s method of dealing with the P5 agent in the CIA is classic, and easily one of the best moments of the episode.

    Unfortunately, that scene also points out another contextual problem: the audience is clearly supposed to know who the P5 agent is, relative to Sydney and the series as a whole, yet there’s nothing to remind the audience of the character’s significance. It’s not unlike the situation in the fifth season premiere of “X-Files”, when a minor character is revealed to be a mole of the Syndicate. It’s treated as a huge reveal, but for casual fans, it was hardly meaningful.

    As far as Prophet Five goes, it’s still quite evident that it’s related to Rambaldi, especially since everything about its history, timeline, intelligence connections, and membership points to some movement that coincided with Sloane’s original plan to fulfill Rambaldi’s prophecies and Irina’s decision to counter that plan. Whether or not the remaining episodes can remain true to that “big picture” will determine how successful the writers have been in dealing with the episode reduction and the interference by the network.
  • Suck it B**hes, I told you Vaughn wasn\\\'t dead, now we\\\'re going to find out that i was right

    Suck it B**hes, I told you Vaughn wasn\\\'t dead, now we\\\'re going to find out that i was right never underestimate the mentallity of me. I know my tv formulas I knew there was no way they were going to kill of Vaughn despite syd\\\'s or should i say jen\\\'sw former relationship with him.

    I\\\'m just sorry the sho is ending so soon I really like the new characters. amy acker is a wonderful villian.

    I think that the blond, balthazar getty and sark should get a spin off series. I really can\\\'t wait for tonights episode. Yay Yay Yay Yay :)