Season 4 Episode 21

Search and Rescue

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 18, 2005 on ABC
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Rambaldi's catastrophic endgame begins to fall into place as a giant version of the Circumference/Mueller device is found floating over a city in Russia, driving the citizens mad. After a wounded Dixon reveals that Irina is alive, Sydney, Nadia, and Jack set off to find her. Irina had been captured, and then duplicated using Project Helix, in order to give the impression that she was dead.
Sydney and Nadia discover Irina is being held inside a camp in Tikal, safely in the clutches of Elena's army. Irina had apparently been working to counter Elena's organization, the Covenant, and actually PREVENT the Rambaldi endgame. Now they have to work to make sure that there is no other way to bring about the endgame.moreless

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  • Lena Olin and Irina Derevko, Possibly the Two Best Things about "Alias"

    Lena Olin and Irina Derevko, Possibly the Two Best Things about "Alias"

    Seeing the three Derevoko women reunited, kicking ass and taking names was a genuine thrill.

    Listening to Irina and Jack come to terms with their past grievances was even more fulfilling.

    The last two episodes of this season are enormously satisfying, character driven episodes that paid off a lot of past set ups and tied up a lot of loose ends.

    The HALO jump. What a scene!

    Definitely not the Partridge Family. But the family that HALO jumps in tactical gear together, stays together. Let's hope so anyway.

    "I'm sorry, Leonid is That is so like Jack. Mr. Sensitivity.moreless
  • Review

    I loved how the writers did the beginning of the episode - showing us the scene eighteen months earlier when Jack put a bullet in between Irinas eyes. It took all of the possibilty that somehow Jack had covered up her death and made sure the viewers knew that he really thought that he had killed her. The episode couldnt have started off with a better scene. From there the episode improved, with a random assortment of things going on to set up the finale episode. Vaughn proposing to Sydney on the plane was awesome and her reaction was also very well written. I like how she didnt say yes, but I like how she makes everyone know that she is going to marry him.

    The seacrh and rescue of Irina was a good scene - I liked the chnage it up in the dark jungle theme that they had going on there. Sometimes I thought they were making way too much noise to pass it off as believeable, but....still a good scene nonetheless. The next episode looks really good - with five people going into the city to have a showdown with Arvin / Elena. Seven major forces going to battle, I dont think everyone is coming out alive. Cannot wait for the next epsiode.moreless
  • Regina redivivus!

    At the start of season 4, I swore off ALIAS upon learning that my favourite character, Irina, had apparently been killed. But as the season progressed, and we found out that Lena Olin had agreed to come back for a few episodes, the action got too good to pass up.

    This is one of my favourite episodes of the entire series, never mind S4. Everything crackles - the rescue of Irina, the scenes on the plane, Yelena's endgame, even Vaughn and Chase are great. And oh, when Jack and Irina finally get to talk. There are no words for how great Victor and Lena's chemistry is.

    I wish I had more coherent things to say - Jack and Irina are very much my OTP and watching them be thrown apart by crap writing in the series finale destroyed any respect I had for JJ Abrams. I just love this ep because it's a prime example of what can happen when a fantastic cast gets to work with an equally fabulous guest star. A personal favourite.moreless
  • She's baaaaaaaaaacccckkkkkkk! Yes, Lena Olin is back as Syd's SpyMommy, Irina Derevko. Everything else is irrelevant.

    Lena Olin was kind enough to drop by and give us some sort of a closure on the show. Though the explanation of her supposed 'death' was not as satistifying as one would expect, it was sufficient. This episode is the only one that would be even remotely close to the first two seasons. I guess, Lena Olin really is the magic cure for Alias if given a quality script. Lena's stunning beauty and her chemistry with Victor Garber makes every Alias fan go swoon. It gave me hope for the next, and probably the last season of this groundbreaking show.moreless
  • Apocalypse Wow

    She's baacckk!!! Spy mommy crashes into the show and raises this episode from "excellent" to "mind-blowing-ly amazing!" Ladies and gentlemen, Irina Derevko has returned. It's surprising how much Lena Olin's departure hurt the show and it was so fun seeing her back and kicking ass.

    Search and Rescue has APO searching for the very-much alive Irina as she is the only one that can disarm an enormous Mueller device, which has been placed over Sovogda, Russia, turning everybody in the city into psychotic monsters.

    The dark turn of the apocalypse reaches Alias and what an apocalypse it is! The shots of panic erupting through Russia's streets and the camera panning up to reveal the giant Mueller device is shocking and is easily one of the greatest moments in Alias history. This is the biggest crisis which has been featured in Alias and I sat watching the episode with my jaw hanging to the floor.

    Irina's return is well handled and Lena Olin is amazing. I was worried that the writers would explain her apparent death with a handy cop-out but it was a good explanation. It was slightly obvious that the writers would bring up the Helix storyline from season two again but frankly, I didn't care how they explained her "murder", as long as spy mommy's back in the building, I'm happy! Her tearful reunion with Sydney was brilliant and the scene where she realised that Nadia was her daughter was beautifully written. The scenes at the beginning of the episode, where we see in flashback Jack killing Irina, were very fun and the imagery of Irina sinking to the bottom of the pool with a bullet in her head was extremely shocking. The chemistry between Jack and Irina is brilliant in this episode and you realise how much you missed Lena Olin.

    The final moments, where Syd, Irina, Jack, Vaughn and Nadia parachute into Russia are stunning and the image of the camera flying toward the city, completely covered by the Mueller device, is apocalyptic stuff.

    I loved how many plotlines from the past were all brought together in this episode. They didn't forget about Nadia believing Martin Bishop killed Irina and it was nice seeing them mentioning the Covenant once again. Sydney's mission in Ibiza was awesome, she and Vaughn luring Covenant member Nisard into a kinky threesome in the bathroom before revealing their truth allegiances and torturing him for information. Though most episodes stick to a routine formula nowadays on Alias... what a formula it is!

    Search and Rescue is a classic episode in many ways and definitely up there with Phase One in terms of brilliance. Wow.moreless
Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg

Eric Weiss

Kevin Weisman

Kevin Weisman

Marshall J. Flinkman

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Sydney Anne Bristow

Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

Marcus R. Dixon

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan

Michael C. Vaughn

Victor Garber

Victor Garber

Jonathan 'Jack' Donahue Bristow

Andrew Divoff

Andrew Divoff

Lucien Nisard

Guest Star

Ron Yuan

Ron Yuan

The Driver/Agent

Guest Star

Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett

Hayden Chase

Recurring Role

Lena Olin

Lena Olin

Irina Derevko

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Sark was brought in to APO, he had to wear a bag over his head, presumably to prevent him from discovering its location. Apparently no such precaution was required when bringing Irina to the top secret location, however.

    • Number 47: When Marshall examines the data from Lucien's PDA, there are two reference numbers with 47 one starts with 47 and one, as seen, is ref# 547-43-****

    • When Irina says "Jack, I understand why you believed you had to kill me, but the truth is, if the situation had been reversed, I would've found another way." It is a lot like when Sydney tells Vaughn if it had been him who had been killed or missing, she wouldn't have given up, she would have found another way.

    • In the embassy scene, Irina was wearing a wedding ring.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Jack confronts the Project Helix Irina clone with out knowing it)
      Jack: Tell me Irina, how did it feel giving the order? Was it difficult ? Were you able to remain cold, indifferent? Were you amused?
      Irina Clone: Jack this is cryptic even for you.
      Jack: Then let me be clear… how did it feel to pay a man… to kill your own daughter.
      Irina Clone: You weren't supposed to find out.
      Jack: You didn't feel a thing did you?

    • Marshall: (about the giant Mueller Device over Sovogda) So what you're saying is a large red ball, plus contaminated water equals a city full of homicidal maniacs? There's a sentence I never thought I'd say.

    • Sydney: I know who you've betrayed… if you don't tell me what you know…
      Nassard: You haven't been watching the news lately have you? You're too late sweetheart, it's the end of the world, or haven't you heard? Black mail is not as effective as it was once.

    • Irina: (about Jack shooting her Project Helix clone) Jack, I understand why you believed you had to kill me, but the truth is if the situation had been reversed… I would have a found another way.

    • Irina: About my indiscretion with Sloane- I can hope you'll accept my apology.
      Jack: Of all the things you've done, that's what you're going to apologize for? (they smile at each other)

    • Vaughn: We've been tasked to rescue a woman who killed my father- your mother, who is supposes to be dead, by the way, and to disable a giant red ball floating over a Russian city.
      Sydney: Crazier things have happened.

    • Vaughn: But what's the point? I mean, the weirdest terrorist attack of all time?
      Jack: Their purpose remains a mystery. Perhaps Sovogda serves some strategic importance.
      Weiss: I'd go with world domination, but that's always my go-to.

    • Vaughn: How do you want to play this?
      Sydney: You mean you want to be rough or you want me to be rough?
      Vaughn: Oh, you're always rough.
      Sydney: No, I'm not!
      Vaughn: Yes you are.
      Sydney: That's not true.
      Vaughn: Yes it is.
      Sydney: Are you talking about at home or on ops?
      Vaughn: Both. Hey, I'm not complaining.
      Sydney: If I'm rough, it's because you like it when I... Are we on coms!?
      Jack: YES, you are both on coms right now!

    • Jack: You are going to enjoy getting to know Nadia. She is exceptional.
      Irina: I wonder where she got that from?

  • NOTES (3)