Season 2 Episode 21

Second Double

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 04, 2003 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Sydney asks Will about the time they kissed in "Parity."

    • This episode marks the very first time since the show started that Jack and Arvin Sloane engage in an honest conversation while aware of their feelings toward each other.

    • Why are no guards around when Dixon is almost killing Will? Will is an important prisoner at that time, too important to die and nevertheless it could have been the other way around...

  • Quotes

    • (Jack's having lunch at an open air restaurant, suddenly Sloane appears)
      Sloane: It's good to see you Jack.
      Jack: I assume that since you're sitting across from me with so little regard for your life, I'm in the crosshairs of a sniper rifle.
      Sloane: Two of them.

    • (Jack's been punished for Sydney's rogue operation)
      Kendall: We need to talk.
      Jack: Yes, I know, I've been sanctioned by the D.O.J. I'm no longer in charge of this operation center, that honor goes to you.
      Kendall: You know, maybe I'm a slow learner Jack, because I don't understand you. A month ago you were moving me out of my job, and now here you are handing it back.
      Jack: I belong in the field.
      Kendall: You know, we can help each other, we don't have to be adversaries.
      Jack: I appreciate your magnanimity.
      Kendall: (Laughs) Now you're just mocking me.
      Jack: Yes.

    • Sydney: Kendall's going to report you.
      Jack: I'm aware of the consequences.
      Sydney: When the D.O.J. hears you initiated an op without their approval-
      Jack: Sydney, I've been doing this longer than you have... I'm not cut out for management anyway.

    • Jack: You have to accept the possibility that the man we had in custody is not your friend.
      Sydney: Dad, I don't believe it.
      Jack: I understand.
      Sydney: Because if it wasn't Will... then Will is most likely dead, and I can't handle that.

    • (Sydney and Vaughn go undercover to a sex club, Sydney's fully dressed in leather)
      Vaughn: I'm glad I'm not the one in leather.
      Sydney: You'd look cute in a teddy.

    • (Sydney and Vaughn meet a contact in Germany)
      Contact: Hello my friends, we've tracked Jurgens to a local sex club he frequents: leather, whips, chains, all the good stuff.

    • Dixon: (Unemotionally choking Will in holding) You murdered my wife! You murdered my wife!

    • Jurgens: (After being caught in an incriminating position) I do not know! I swear to God! Please do not send those pictures! Please let me go! Please! Let me go!
      Vaughn: Here's your pictures. (Leaves with Sydney)
      Jurgens: Please give me back my pants!

    • (Some time after Will had escaped from the men who tried to extract him from the prison bus, he calls Sydney)
      Sydney: The FBI and CIA both have you on a shoot-to-kill watchlist. You have to tell me where you are.
      Will: Oh, so Kendall can send me to Camp Harris? And treat me like a terrorist? Not a chance.
      Sydney: I won't let that happen. If you're Will, you know I will do whatever it takes to make sure that nothing happens to you. Please let me bring you in.
      Will: Syd, I love you. But I can't-I can't trust you. Not anymore. Meeting you-meeting you destroyed my life.

    • Jack: You went behind my back.
      Kendall: (Scoffs) Hardly unheard of in this office.
      Jack: So what is this? Retribution for me taking your parking space?

    • Sloane: (To Jack) I've missed your poker face.

  • Notes

    • Music from this episode includes:
      "Speechless" by Macy Gray
      "I Wanna MMM" by The Lawyer
      "Corps a Corps" by Glendooz

    • Though it was made clear that this episode and the season finale are two separate episodes, both episodes were aired in America as a two hour long season finale event.

    • This is the episode where the name Allison first appear. Before this, fans in various message boards refer to her simply as Evil-Francie (or various other names with the same idea).

  • Allusions

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