Season 1 Episode 2

So It Begins

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2001 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Number 47: The tombstone where the bomb is hidden gives the birth - and end year of Milovich Ivanov: 1927-1974, this means he died at the age of 47.

    • This episode takes place one week after last episode's events.

    • This is the first episode where we find out about Vaughn's girlfriend, Alice.

    • Sydney and Will have known each other for three years.

    • When Sydney is digging Ivanov's gravesite, you can tell when the shot switches from on-location to lot shooting. If you look at the "dirt walls" you can see the actual hole in the ground has rough walls that stick out a few inches, but when it switches to lot shooting, the walls go to brown, sorta-smooth (i.e. just look at the walls, they're too perfectly square and straight).

  • Quotes

    • Sydney: Eating newspaper's a condition?
      Will: Yeah, yeah. This is what I write about. This is how I make a living. And Lintback says my writing's too judgemental and I'm like, "Well, who cares? She's not gonna read it anyway, she's gonna swallow it."

    • Sydney: Since I've known the truth about you, I've asked myself questions. Thousands of questions. But this one I have to ask you now. When Danny was killed... Dad... did you know? Did you know that's what they were going to do?
      Jack: Yes.
      (Sydney slaps him)
      Sydney: Don't you ever speak to me again.

    • Marshall: Ok. Who here has trouble falling asleep at night?
      (raises his hand, the others just look at him)
      Marshall: Ok. Well, anyway, myself, on occasion, I find it difficult to nod off, mind racing, ideas, etc. So, this kind of pertains to the whole sleeping thing.

    • Sydney: I lost my mind a little. I started imagining things.
      Will: Whatever the hell you're talking about, maybe you're not imagining it. Syd, this is what I do. I might be able to find something that the police overlooked!
      Sydney: Stop it! Please. I'm trying to move on here. I need your help to do that. Okay?

    • Davenport: (to Vaughn, after he and Sydney lose the nuke to SD-6) You're being pulled off the Bristow case.
      Vaughn: What? Why?
      Davenport: Devlin wants a more senior officer. Apparently, you were right. This girl is pretty important to us.
      Vaughn: Yeah, I know.
      Davenport: He wants you to oversee the office presentation at the DCI Non-Proliferation meeting, which under the circumstances, I think is pretty ironic.

    • Sydney: You said you wanted to talk about the plan. I'm giving you the plan.
      Vaughn: It's not your job to give me the plan. I'm giving you the plan. Tomorrow's your first day back at SD-6. Now, nothing should change. When you get your assignment, you'll detail your mission on a paper bag. (picks one up, showing her) Bag. Then you'll call this number. Memorize it. After three tones, press the appropriate digit -- one through six. Each corresponds to a trash can in a specific location. Now we'll dead drop, review your information, create a countermission, and we'll contact you posing as a wrong number: Joey's Pizza. Any questions so far?
      Sydney: Yeah. Can you show me what a bag looks like again?

    • Weiss: Any word from her yet?
      Vaughn: No. I don't expect to hear anything 'til she gets back.
      Weiss: Your girlfriend's name is Alice, right?
      Vaughn: Would you shut up?
      Weiss: I'm just checking to see--
      Vaughn: Get out of my office!

    • Sydney: Dixon, do you copy?
      Dixon: Wow. That's loud.
      Sydney: You told Marshall you wanted it louder. I was there.
      Dixon: Okay. My headache and I are 1017.

    • Vaughn: Draw me a map. Draw me a map of SD-6 and all its allies. How far you think it reaches?
      Sydney: Do I look like I'm in Junior High?
      Vaughn: Just draw me a SD-6 family tree!
      Sydney: Braces on my teeth...
      Vaughn: How far you think it goes!
      Sydney: ...Headgear? Do you see a retainer?!
      Vaughn: Just DO IT!

    • Sydney: Forgive me for being, you know, forthright or female, but this is how it's gonna be.

    • (On the phone)
      Marshall: Cut the blue-white wire!
      Sydney: Okay, cutting the blue-white wire!
      Marshall: Oh, hold the phone!

    • Vaughn: This is not about cutting off an arm of the monster. It's about killing the monster.

  • Notes

    • Director Ken Olin, Producer Sarah Cahplan and DP Michael Bonvillain provide DVD commentary for this episode.

    • Music from episode includes:
      "Looking For a Friend" by Roland Gift
      "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush

    • According to the audio on the Season 1 DVDs, when Sydney is called to meet with the CIA, it is Series Creator J.J. Abrams' voice who says "Joey's Pizza?".

  • Allusions

    • Vaughn: This is not about cutting of an arm of the monster. It's about killing the monster.

      In the epic narrative poem Beowulf the title character does battle with a monster, Grendel, but only succeeds in tearing off, or cutting off (depending on the translation) the monster's arm.

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