Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2004 on ABC
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When Dixon's children are kidnapped by The Covenant he faces a tough task. With no choice, he steps down as director and enlists Sydney's help in a desperate plan to safely retrieve his children from Sark. Meanwhile Sloane discovers he has been framed as a Covenant agent. Lauren is put to the test as a double agent when she has to work with her father.moreless

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  • Dixon gets to do something this season! It's not an awful lot, but it's SOMETHING.

    It's always good to see Dixon out of the office, and it's about time Carl was given something to do this season, the man has been criminally underused! The episode itself was average at best; it was one of the most straightforward stories of the year, and caps off a run of 4 so-so episodes in a row. The ending was punch-the-air stuff, though, and I'm glad it's Jack who pieces that Lauren is the mole. Weelll, if I can read my Jack non-facial expressions, I'm certain he knows. Overall, it's a decent episode, but nothing to phone home about. You never quite knew if Dixon's kids would make it, as the writers had no qualms with blowing the hell out of his wife last season, so while there was a dominant threat factor, the execution felt a little too one-note.moreless
  • Vaughn:"See you later.." Lauren:"Not if I see you first,love."

    Vaughn:"See you later.."

    Lauren:"Not if I see you first,love."

    While I was watching the episode,I was 100% sure that,by the end of it,at least one of Dixon's children would be dead because when it's about him and his family the writers mean business.But they know that would be too much for him.He's already unhappy enough with Diane's death.The loss of his children,who are all he has left,would be a fatal blow for him..and we don't want that,do we?

    Syd's attitude towards the kidnapping is more than respectable.She goes to great lenghts of self-sacrifice to save Dixon's children;not only does she risk her position in the CIA,but her life,also.And instead of interfering or suggesting that she stop,Dixon wouldn't hesitate to see her die,which is something that piqued me a little bit.Ok,we're talking about his children,but still....

    Lauren continues to be a pain in the ass for the CIA:she helps Sark escape for which she frames Sloane,she's responsible for the kidnapping and for the fact that the Covenant has the "Irina Box".At least now that Jack knows she's the mole,I hope this will end.Was her sympathy for Dixon another attempt on the part of the writers to make us feel a little sympathy for her in return?Come on,she's b**h to the bone.These attempts are vain.

    We finally saw Project Black Hole in Nevada which,by the way,is the coolest place on earth because it has every Rambaldi artefact ever collected.So,we had the chance to see some familiar ones and some new ones,like the box on lot 47 with those glass vials and,of course,the other box with the "Irina" inscription;another fascinating Rambaldi mystery which something tells me will drive the rest of the season.

    Notable Quotes:

    Sloane:" what do I owe this pleasure?"

    Jack:"I take no pleasure in this,Arvin."

    Lauren:"Marshall we wouldn't ask..."

    Marshall:"Listen,say no more.If anybody ever laid a hand on mini-Mitch,I swear.."

    Sark to Syd,Jack and Dixon:"As always,it has been a pleasure doing business with you."


    --Number 47!:Reversed.The lab at Project Black Hole was in room 74.

    --We had two creepy scenes here:1)the frozen bodies on that plane and 2)the cameras which went mad and started attacking Syd.

    --Senator George Reed,Lauren's father,was introduced here.There were several hints that they're not getting on fine with each other.Could it be that Lauren is angry at him because of his not letting her become field-rated?

    --Erin said she's agnostic.Think everyone who's fascinated with Rambaldi is agnostic.

    --I'm getting tired of this bombs!This is the 3rd episode in a row where our heroes come upon one.

    --Syd said she chose to become a spy.Hello?Project Christmas?

    --This episode's locations:Chateaudun,France;Nogales,Arizona;Zurich,Switzerland;Nevada

    --This episode's disguise:That wetsuit Syd was wearing in Nevada was cool.

    --This episode's cliffhanger:Jack finds the mole...

  • Review

    I liked the end of the episode a lot, where Jack makes the connection of something that Lauren said to something that he heard Sark say earlier in the phone conversation on the plane right before he jumped ship. Sark escaping CIA custody for what must seem like the millionth time was kind of boring. We didnt even get to see the cool scene of how he escapes. All we know was that somehow Lauren got someone else on the plane in order to take care of the men that were guarding him. I thought it would have been cool to see the plane crashing from Sarks perspective instead of the CIA perspective.

    I think Arvins stint in prison will be short lived as I think the over / under on Lauren being found out as the CIA mole is two epsiodes. Jack will start to question everything she does from now on and I think in two episodes she will be discovered, which will leave Vaughn in a heartbreaking state without a doubt. The mission in this one with Dixon and Sydney was standard Alias action - heart racing and a mission that is completed in the last seconds before they are found out. Gotta love this show for the intensity, pushing reality to its limits.moreless
  • I love every episode of this show.

    The only complaint I have of this episode is Carl Lumbly's overacting. When his kids are kidnapped, the screaming and yelling by Lumbly is a little too much.

    Granted Dixon has lost his wife and now his two kids are kidnapped would be very tramautizing. However, Lumbly's overacting is too much and almost comical. If it was done a little lighter and he seemed more sad than insane it would have been perfect.

    Another great episode of Alias, nonetheless.moreless
Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg

Eric Weiss

Kevin Weisman

Kevin Weisman

Marshall J. Flinkman

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Sydney Anne Bristow

Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

Marcus R. Dixon

Ron Rifkin

Ron Rifkin

Arvin Sloane

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan

Michael C. Vaughn

Raymond J. Barry

Raymond J. Barry

Senator Reed

Guest Star

Daniel E. Smith

Daniel E. Smith

Steven Dixon

Guest Star

Jenny Gago

Jenny Gago


Guest Star

Patricia Wettig (I)

Patricia Wettig (I)

Dr. Judy Barnett

Recurring Role

Kevin Sutherland

Kevin Sutherland

CIA Agent Blake

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • The plane transporting Sark is painted in KLM livery. Why would the CIA use a used passenger airliner painted in such recognisable colours? Moreover, while the Autopilot can keep a plane on a course and glideslope towards a runway, it needs an ILS localizer and thus a runway for this; moreover, it cannot reduce its own thrust, set its flaps, lower its landing gear, arm its speedbreaks or perform other actions necessary for landing without pilot input. It seems unlikely a Boeing 747 could land in the middle of the desert with the entire crew on board dead.

    • Dixon staring at an exploding building in horror and Syd trying to get Dixon away is a lot like when Dixon blew up a couple of CIA agents by accident in "Doppelgänger." Sydney stared at an exploding building in shock and Dixon try to get Sydney away.

    • This is not the first time Jack and Sark meet face to face. It's also not the first time Jack and Sark trade an object for a human life. Jack had to get Will back from Sark during season 1 in almost the same way.

    • This is not the first time Dixon almost killed an innocent person (of the particular crime) during interrogation. The first time was Will in the first part of Season 2 season finale.

    • Number 47: (inverted) Artifact 45 is being kept in room 74.

    • Number 47: When looking for artifact 45, Sydney passes by artifact 47.

    • Number 47: The FAA server log 004 that Marshall pulls up shows "Results Log 001247XY4545."

    • Erin runs after Dixon to offer him his 'hard copy' and offers him a CD. Hard Copy means a printed version, a copy on CD would be a 'soft copy.'

    • Goof: During the kiss between Sloane and Dr. Barnett, Sloane uses his left hand to kiss her but in a couple shots his hand is not there.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Jack: All of the resources of this agency are being diverted to meet demands the Covenant must know are unattainable, which leads me to believe it's merely a distraction. What do they really want?
      Sloane: Well, then my question to you is: why target Dixon? What does he have access to, Jack?

    • Dixon: My son said his captors mentioned the word "Countershadow." That's all I have to go on. I need access to a research terminal for an hour or so.
      Erin: Not a problem. Mind if I tag along? ... Actually, I have to tag along. We're at a Code Orange. You understand.
      Dixon: I understand... I instituted the protocol.

    • Jack: The Covenant is desperate to acquire a box constructed by Rambaldi. It's Sloane's understanding that they're close to locating a key to activate it.
      Dixon: And why should we trust a thing Sloane says?
      Jack: Because Sloane believes the contents of that box in The Covenant's hands will put Sydney's life in jeopardy, and I believe him.

    • Sark: I'm afraid I'm going to need some insurance to guarantee I reach my extraction point safely. This collar contains a lethal cardiotoxin. Once I place this on your daughter, you'll have two minutes to disarm it before the compound is released into her system.
      Dixon: You son of a bitch! That was not part of our agreement!
      Sark: This mechanism is well within your disarming capabilities. Two minutes is generous, in my opinion.

    • Dixon: (Voice Shaking) The emotional toll this has taken and my current state of mind convinces me that I am no longer the best guarantee of her return. Therefore, I am stepping down temporarily as director of this task force until this matter is resolved. Jack, I trust you will stand in my stead and do everything in your power to bring my daughter back to me.

    • Marshall: I enhanced the audio, and it turns out our friend Mr. Sark made a phone call.
      Sark: (On recording) Notify the extraction team. I should be at the LZ on schedule. Do we have the hostages? ... Excellent... Not if I see you first, love.

    • Marcus Dixon: The intelligence committee is sending Senator Reed to oversee the interrogation.
      Sydney Bristow: Why the sudden interest from Washington?
      Marcus Dixon: Sark is a key player now. They expect us to bleed him dry.

    • Dixon: The only thing that we do know for certain: Sark managed his escape because he was provided with information that could only have come from this office. I want this leak identified.

    • Vaughn: See you later.
      Lauren: Not if I see you first, love.

    • Sloane: (To Dr. Barnett) I found our time together very therapeutic.

  • NOTES (4)