Season 4 Episode 3

The Awful Truth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The newly introduced "Baden-Liga" might be a reference to the already known "Badenweiler" (location of the later destroyed plant and inhaler) from season one's episode "Doppelgänger"

    • Goof:
      When Sydney breaks into the server, she places the laser watch she used into her pocket, as it overheated. However, when she is captured, it is back on her wrist and she uses it to burn through her restraints and escape.

    • Mitch is 14 months old in this episode.

    • Goof:
      In the parking lot where Sydney chases Martin, which is supposed to be in Europe, there are several cars which can only be bought in America, such as the Cadillac CTS, the Chevy Trailblazer, and the Infiniti FX45.

    • In Spain, cars have plates both in the front and in the back. Martin's Mercedes would have been stopped by the Guardia Civil for not carrying the front one.

    • Goof:
      When Weiss and Nadia are talking at the party, Nadia takes a sip of her wine glass. You can clearly see that the glass is almost empty. When we see her the next time with her glass, it's almost full.

    • When Sydney's breaking into the safe she never removes the stuff the used to fake a palm print from the screen.

    • The ECG when Jack questions Nadia is obviously fake. The dot drawing the graph should have a constant x-axis velocity. Instead it stops horizontally, while drawing the heartbeat 'zigzag'.

    • Goof: While Vaughn speaks with Sydney through the laser microphone he sweeps over some windows. How can he still speak with Sydney when he isn't aiming at her?

  • Quotes

    • Martin Bishop: (Aiming a gun at Sydney) I liked you much better as Charlene.

    • Sydney: (To Nadia) Is that how you normally deal with bad guys?

    • Martin Bishop: You just rolled your car... you must have been going at two hundred kilometers an hour.
      Sydney: Sometimes you need to drive fast.

    • Vaughn: Trigger the belt.
      Marshall: What, you don't want to milk this a little bit?

    • (Nadia was watching Jack and Sydney talk)
      Nadia: Is he always so cold?
      Sloane: Jack? I'm afraid so.

    • Sydney: She's my sister; I need to tell her...
      Jack: This isn't about what you need, Sydney...
      Sydney: No, apparently it's about what you need.

    • Sydney: If you're wondering whether I've told Nadia that you killed our mother, no I haven't. But I plan to.
      Jack: Out of spite?
      Sydney: Out of respect.

    • Bank Manager: What were you doing?
      Sydney: (In disguise) Just... breaking into your safe?
      Bank Manager: (Laughing after a brief pause) You almost fooled me!

    • Vaughn: Bishop also recently purchased an MK-1200 from Shalini Tech.
      Marshall: Wow! You don't buy a server like that to look at online porn.
      Vaughn: No, you buy it to coordinate international business operations, at least that's what it's designed for.

    • Vaughn: How do you break into the house of a master thief?
      Sydney: I don't think you do. I think you have to be invited...

    • Sydney: You manipulated Nadia.
      Jack: I gave your sister closure.
      Sydney: But not the truth.
      Jack: Sometimes a satisfying lie, Sydney, can do more good than the awful truth.

    • Martin Bishop: So, what's your real name, Charlene?
      Sydney: I'm a...
      Martin Bishop: I'm a what?
      Sydney: I'm a gonna kick your ass.

    • Nadia: I don't mean to seem impatient, but... I've never done anything that's lasted as long as this.
      Jack: How sad for you...

    • Sloane: Thank you.
      Sydney: For what?
      Sloane: For letting my daughter stay with you. As Nadia acclimates to this life, to a new family... she needs support... and you have put my mind at ease.
      Sydney: The thought that I did something that might have given you a warm and fuzzy feeling makes me want to kick my own sister out of my house.

    • Sloane: (About Bishop) He has a reputation as a lady-killer... literally.

    • Jack: It must have been lost in the mail.
      Sydney: Your invitation?
      Jack: Unless it was an e-vite. I don't read...e-vites.

  • Notes

    • Music from this episode includes:
      "No Regrets" by The Von Bondies
      "Champion" by Buju Banton
      "Genevieve" by Greyboy
      "You All Everybody" by Jude (Driveshaft)
      "Walkie Talkie Man" by Steriogram

    • This episode received the 2005 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Stunt Coordination.

    • This episode averaged 14.92 million viewers.

    • During Sydney's party, the song "You All Everybody" is playing in the background. "You All Everybody" is the hit song of the fictional band, Driveshaft, on J.J. Abrams other show, Lost.

  • Allusions

    • The name of the man with the NSA code-breaker is a thief named Martin Bishop. Martin Bishop was also the name of the lead character in the 1992 movie starring Robert Redford, Sneakers. Redford played a 'security specialist' who turns thief to steal a NSA code-breaker.

    • Weiss: No woman ever wants to go to the Magic Castle...

      Magic Castle is home of the Academy of Magical Sciences in Hollywood. It was originally a Victorian mansion built in 1908.