Season 1 Episode 11

The Confession

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2002 on ABC
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Sydney is grateful and proud of her father after he saves her life while on a case in Havana. But her admiration is short lived when Vaughn discovers further evidence that Jack may have been responsible for the deaths of over a dozen CIA officers many years earlier.moreless

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  • Wow..

    If you think you have it somehow settled, then no..

    Sydney helps her father and they get out together and she is so happy and feels so proud of him as all those years - she has feel different kinds of feelings towards him, not known the truth but now.. they worked together, they stand up together.. but that's too much for Vaughn and he has a personal reason why he does not like what is going on - it comes out there is connection between Vaughn's family and Sydney's.. but it's not what first looks.. and the confession in the end - a major surprise. I in no way, would have thought that...moreless
  • Wanna know about your mother?

    Curiosity killed the cat vendría bien también para definir este capítulo. Cuando uno busca algo con tanta fuerza y determinación generalmente lo termina encontrando pero con consecuencias algo trágicas. Bueno, eso le pasó a Sidney con su madre. Investigando unos libros con códigos de la KGB fue a Vaughn para mostrárselos suponiendo que su padre trabajaba para los rusos. Michael le dice que deben condenarlo y ella finalmente accede. Cuando llegan a la CIA dispuestos a hacerlo descubren que no era como pensaban: la doble agente que mató a federales, incluído el padre de Vaughn, había sido la madre de Sidney. Ufff...moreless
  • The result of the mission to Cuba is revealed, Sydney goes on a mission to find Hassan's weapons hoard, and the recipient of the codes from Sydney's mother's books is revealed in a shocking conclusion.moreless

    Jack has the gun pointing at Sydney (they're in Cuba). He tells her to attack the guard on her right, by blinking his eyes in morse code. They get Hassan alone, take him away, fake his death, and Sydney brings him back to the CIA. Back in LA, Sydney and Vaughn meet up in the basement place and talk about what happened in Cuba. He tells her that Jack (or whoever the code was for) killed over a dozen CIA agents. She is bewildered and refuses to beleive it. At SD6, Sloane is breifing the whole group about their next mission. Dixon is back! They are going to go after someone who seems to have taken over Hassan's affairs after his "death." The guy's name is Minos Sakkoulas. Marshall tells the group about the tech stuff and the meeting is over. Hassan is now in a safe-house, prison-type place for the CIA. Vaughn walks in and begins questioning him about the "package" that the guy SD6 is after was talking about in a recorded phone conversation. Hassan demands that Vaughn get his family to safety, but Vaughn says he will give him nothing and will not negotiate. At SD6, Jack thanks Sydney for coming to Cuba to save him. Vaughn gives Sydney the stuff for the counter-mission. They talk about turning in her father and Vaughn tells her that Sydney needs to testify about him to, but she is still adament about not turning him in. Vaughn shows her pictures of the people who the killer (Jack?) killed. Sydney agrees that Jack probably is the killer, but she needs more time and asks Vaughn to wait for her before he does anything about it. She leaves and Vaughn takes out a tape recorder, where Sydney's voice repeats what she would have needed to say when she testified. Sydney is now in Sakkoulas's club and Dixon has broken into the security room. Sydney finds Sakkoulas and tries to get his eyes locked, but the lights in the club make it too hard. She needs to get within two inches, so Sydney motions him over and looks him in the eyes while they "flirt." But, he gets pulled away for a meeting and Sydney goes with him so she can get a read of his retinas from his eyes. She tries to leave, but the body guard won't let her, so she beats him up and leaves. Dixon is going to get the blueprints (which is what they were trying to get, by the way) because he is closer to the office. This messes up Sydney's counter mission. She goes into the main part of the club, but is caught by the bodyguard. Sakkoulas comes up to her and says "I can't decide if you're my taste" and licks her face. Back at the safe-house where Hassan is, Vaughn gets Hassan to admit where his weapon stockpile is. Sydney meets Vaughn in the blood-drive van and says that she wants to go to Greece to get the stockpile. Vaughn tells Syd that that isn't all he wanted to talk about. He shows her the tape he made and tells her that he couldn't bring himself to do it. He thought he owed her to tell her. Vaughn admits that it is personal for him, too. He didn't show her earlier, but one of the people killed was his father. Sydney goes to Will's house and starts to cry. They lay down together on the couch and Will asks her what's wrong, but she says she just wants to stay there for awhile. Is this the start of something? At SD6, Sydney's hands her father a note asking for his help. He has to make Sloane believe that they know where his weapons store is. Sloane breifs them about it. Sydney goes to the bunker and sees Sakkoulas leaving, so she goes in when they tell her it's all clear. From Hassan's instructions, Sydney opens a door, enters a code (the first six digits of pi ) and enters the weapons storage. She finds what they're looking for, but suddenly the doors lock. It's a setup and the room is in lockdown, because Hassan gave her the wrong code. The room begins to fill with gasoline and a flame will light in a minute. Hassan will only give them the right code if they get his family to safety (in writing!). Sydney starts to choke because of the smell of gasoline as the CIA team rushes to get the document written. Hassan gives the code and the lockdown stops, but when the door opens a guy with a gun us there. He has a gun, but he can't shoot because it will ignite the gasoline, so he attacks he with a knife. She escapes and soon after the room explodes with Sakkoulas in it. Back home, Vaughn tells Sydney that she did amazing and asks her if she's sure she wants to go to Devlin (CIA director). They go to the meeting, and who walks in? Jack! After sitting down, he says that he heard about the meeting and wanted to tell Sydney the truth for himself. The codes were real. They were orders to kill. And they were followed through. But he wasn't the person who did it. "It was your mother, Sydney."moreless
  • It was good!

    Jack saves Sydney by killing one of the guards and he and Sydney capture Hassan. They make the deal. Vaughn finds out that Jack may be the murderer of several CIA agents that died years ago. He wants to turn him in, but Sydney doesn't. Vaughn records her saying that he is the murderer. He also tells her that one of the dead agents was his father. She then says that she will help him get turned in. Vaughn calls a meeting, but as it turns out, Jack isn't the one. It was Sydney's mother.

    This episode was great! There wasn't much of Will and Francie wasn't even in it, but I still liked it. I'm glad Dixon is back! This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!moreless
  • Alias

    Sydney is happy that her father saved her life when they where on a mission in Havana. Mean while Vaughan discovers that Sydney's father may be involved in the death of a lot of CIA agents including Vaughan's own father over all a good episode that makes a good story the mission in the episode in Cuba was pretty good and got a little tense meanwhile the other main story is ok not wonderful but a good tie in for this episode to make it worth while and the writing is what made the Sydney accusing her father story worth whilemoreless
Kevin Weisman

Kevin Weisman

Marshall J. Flinkman

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Sydney Anne Bristow

Merrin Dungey

Merrin Dungey

Francine 'Francie' Calfo

Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

Marcus R. Dixon

Ron Rifkin

Ron Rifkin

Arvin Sloane

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan

Michael C. Vaughn

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • At the end of the episode, when Sydney and Vaughn are in the meeting, Jack introduces the director as "Delvin", when his name is in fact "Devlin."

    • The exterior establishing shot of the port during the "Athens" segment is completely wrong. This port is clearly of a small Aegean island; not of a city with 4 million residents.

    • The bodyguard mentions to the club owner that he has an "11 o'clock." There is no way any club in Greece would be open at 11pm let alone be so packed. They usually open at midnight and stay open until 6-7am.
      They open from around midnight till 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning. Source:
      They open from around midnight till 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning. Source:

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Hassan's not cooperating)
      Vaughn: (to Hassan) OK, let's be honest here. In about 20 minutes, you're going to be shipped off to a maximum security prison outside Los Angeles. By 5 pm you're going to be someone's after-dinner mint.

    • Sydney: (from Hassan's weapons storage in Crete) Vaughn, what's going on? The room just went into lockdown!
      (Back at the C.I.A.)
      Vaughn: What the hell did you just do?!
      Hassan: I gave you the wrong code. Your agent has activated an anti-intruder device.

    • Vaughn: There's nothing routine about that list. There's something very specific about it. It's been a mystery within the agency for over two decades. Who murdered those C.I.A. officers? I'm sorry, but we have our answer now. It was your father. And I'm going to report him.

    • Sydney: What happens when someone you care about is in trouble? What you said, that nothing else matters. It all just goes away. Last week when I learned what my father did for me, sacrificing Russek, it made me sick. But now, I know I would have done the exact same thing. You should have seen him.
      Vaughn: Your father?
      Sydney: Yeah, he was like... he was like a pro. He was good. I mean, the way you talked about him once, what his reputation was, I could see it in action. He was... impressive.

    • Sydney: Dad, can I ask you something? When you started with SD-6, you knew that they were a mercenary group and that they had no connection with the C.I.A. But I didn't. When I joined, I thought I was going to be saving the world and not making it more dangerous.
      Jack: What's the question?
      Sydney: Why didn't you say something? I mean, you could have told me what I was really doing... damage instead of good... but you kept quiet.
      Jack: (sighs) Revealing the truth about what you were doing would have required revealing the truth about what I was doing.

    • Sydney: He licked my face.
      Vaughn: Yes, I understand.
      Sydney: You don't really. He licked my face.

    • Jack: (to Sydney) Those Cyrillic codes you found in those books - yes, they were orders from the KGB and yes, they were orders to kill. An agent received those orders and carried them out, murdering officers of the CIA, including your father, Mr. Vaughn. All this is true. But, Sydney, I was not that agent. Your mother was.

    • Vaughn: Let me make one thing very clear, Mr. Hassan. The extent to which I am willing to service you is when I offer you a soda.

  • NOTES (2)