Season 2 Episode 12

The Getaway

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2003 on ABC

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  • I ¢¾ Arvin

    Sloane es lo más. Aaahhh!!! Cómo canbia la idea que uno tiene de las cosas según el cristal con el cual las mira. No había matado a su mujer sino que ideó un plan perfectísimo para escaparse con ella. Se sacó a la mina del recontraespionaje de encima haciéndola culpable del asesinato de Emily y posterior chantaje y voló rumbo a Filipinas para encontrarse con su eterna amada. Que grande Arvin!!!
    Igual, querido, no estés tan confianzudo, porque cuando uno se cree el más inteligente siempre viene alguien demostrándote que estabas equivocado. Jack Bristow... te suena? Y su querida hija Sidney?
  • Weiss:"And you know what they say about the white light and all that?No..they're's darkness."

    Wow..that one was very cleverly plotted...the scenes between Vartan and Garner are great stuff and the subplot with Sloane is excellent!

    While this is an episode about people making narrow escapes-Jack twice,Syd and Vaughn,Sloane-It's more about relationships between people,and what impact those relationships can have.

    At first,we have the collaboration between Jack and Irina.Jack turns to her after he realizes that he and Sloane are being set up.That was a really really huge step in their relationship.Not very long ago he would seethe every time Syd mentioned her name and now he trusts her.But is he making a huge mistake trusting her or is Irina atoning for her sins?We'll find out.

    Then we had Syd and Vaughn,the lover's mission.In contrast to Jack and Irina their relationship turns to worse when she believes she can't trust him.I'm with Syd's side.Although everything he does is for her own good,he must understand that she is a big girl and can take share of her problems and she almost always makes the right decision.Anyway,after their quarell and the mission in Nice Vaughn makes the first move and asks Syd out on date.Their dinner was a thrilling moment,with both talking about sleeping together,even if it doesn't exactly end the way we hoped.However,they manage to come closer each other when they agree to cover up their mutual lapse so they can work together.Ah,and by the way,did I mention what a tallented actress Garner is?The scene in the airport was just fabulous.She just makes it work,every time.

    Lastly,we have Sloane and Emily...I don't know how i feel for Sloane.I mean,in the previous episode he made me hate him and now he appears to be a good friend afterall,helping Jack with his investigation.He was the one behind all the Emily thing and yet I can't understand how or why.The sure is that he loves his wife more than anyone else in the world and he is ready to do anything for her.Actually,the Emily being alive was a shocker for me as we all believed that she was dead.


    --Weiss is back!!

    --At the beginning of the episode,as Jack is running from the theater,Syd pulls up in a car.He stops and says,"Sydney?"and she tells him to get in.This is a great throwback to the pilot,but the tables have been turned:in the pilot,Jack pulled up to Syd in a car and yelled for her to get in.

    --Weisse's dog is called Alan.

    --Dixon collects 47 euros while posing as a priest at Nice airport.

    --Aulthough Vaughn doesn't specialize in field missions,he performed some clever moves here.

    --Francie:"Wow,my smile made a man go weak in the knees."

    --Weiss:"Remember when Alan pissed in the living room?"
    Vaughn:"That was your dog!"
    Weiss:"Yeah,but I was angry about it and I let you know how upset I was."


    Weiss asking Vaughn to tell him about Syd and saying that he revealed his deepest emotions to Vaughn when his dog peed on the carpet

    --This episode's injuries:Jack is tranquillized and dragged.

    --This episode's locations:Nice,France,The Philippines

    --This episode's aliases:Syd poses as an American punkette and Dixon as a French priest,collecting for children.

    This episode's cool looks:At the airport,Syd wears a purple spiky wig and eyelashes,yellow fishnets,a leather dog collar,tattoos and she strips down to a PVC bra.Dixon wears shades and carries a collecting tin.

    --This episode's gadgets:The quantum gyroscope missile guidance system can be fitted to old missiles like 70s-style SCUDs,to make them a precision weapon as dangerous as a cruise missile.
    The device the Alliance injected into Sloane's neck relays his conversations and vital signs to the Alliance.It tracks his heart and breathing patterns.
    Sloane buys a device that cracks the algorithm of the Alliance tracking device in his neck.It blocks the real signal,sending fake ambient noises.

    --This episode's Marshall's gagdet:the Artful Dodger-a device fixed to a ring that can cut through anything.He gives Dixon a collecting tin that has a switch underneath that can control the metal detector at the airport.

    ***Kane is gone,once and for all,fortunately!

    This had a lot of tense...excellent!This season just rocks!!!

  • Review

    I think it was cleverly plotted, I still havent really sat down and thought how this was possible yet. When Arvin is talking to his wife in the season 1 finale we can clearly not hear them talking. The way he acted when he was by himself is the parts that have made this mystery so interesting to try and figure out. Why would he get so nervous over the wine glass if he knew his security system was disabled and knew that nothing was wrong with his wife at all. Im not sure the writing all fits together on how she is still alive - just on the way that he acted when he was around himself, either way it was a really good twist. I liked the scene where he shot the guy in cold blood, right after he got the piece from him that doesnt let the 12 men of the Alliance know where he is. I hope they expand on this story in the future, because I am very confused right now. Either way, this episode was still really good. Michael and Sydney have a date, even though it ends well. I didnt like the hear Sydney say that nothing will ever happen with her and Vaughn, but you never know. Great episode all around
  • Yay! Sydney and Vaughn finally together!

    I loved this episode because it starts what I know we have all been waiting for, Sydney and Vaughn dating. Their beginning fight was intense, but when Vaughn asks Sydney out I feel like cheering. I loved their dinner scene and the tension when they were discussing the hotel room, but I was upset when their relationship was shot down in the first episode it was started. Oh, well, I still look forward to seeing what happens next. Plus, I love that Sloane and Emily get to be together, because it shows a human side of Sloane. What can I say, I'm a romantic!
  • Great episode

    Emily is still alive, I new it! And Sloan was behind everything. I knew that Sloan loved her too much and that he'd never kill her. He betrayed the Alliance & framed Ariana. Very Evil.

    I'm just glad that he helped Jack out in the end and didn't betray him too. I even think that Sloan may know or suspect that Jack's a double agent, but doesn't want to do anything about it.

    Syd & Vaughn go out on a date and what a disaster it turns out to be. Ariana is very smart & knew who to keep an eye on.

    Jack needed Irena's help, again. It looks like he's falling into her trap too. It's nice to see Jack & Irena working side by side. Jack's starting to let his guard down when it comes to Irena.
  • How's that for a spin?

    So this one is the one with the date, the one with the Jack relationships, and the one with the twist at the end. And yes, I've just seen 'friends' ;).

    Let's start with Jack's story. Jackie-boy was in trouble in the previous episode when Sloane betrayed him. Jack has to run, but won't hide because he doesn't want Sydney to suffer (that's cute :)) I suppose this whole story is cool and stuff (it was) but all I could think of all the time, was Jack and Sydney's relationship. They do love each other! That's just it, I mean I know they did. But they do it in more than a father-daughter relationship. They've been through a lot, and they had...quite a few fights, and at this point I only have the belief that they're relationship will get stronger. I like it! Oh yeah, Irina is frickin' cool! She's just manipulating everything and everyone! She's so cool :)

    For the one wih the date: I'm sure I've said a lot about how much I love Sydney and Vaughn....I mean they're..I can't even explain it. But I'm sure they're more people that feel the same ;) I thought the date was very cool (they actually took the offer :):):):):)) and it was so typical that it had to end this way. That's sad, but just the way it is. They'll have their time, but first SD-6 has to be killed. And Sloane with that :| *sigh* Well maybe all the pain isn't neccesairy: if Sydney just starts walking around a lot with that incredibly ugly purple hair, I'm sure Vaughn won't be interested in her anymore ;)

    I. was. shocked. by. the. ending. Actually, I have to say, this whole epi made me feel better about Sloane. First off the letter. He just really stood up for Jack, and supported him. Like a true friend. And maybe they are just that (Jack and Irina kept saying: Arvin) Sure they're relationship is a -little- weird, but wich relationship really isn't in this show *-). And then offcourse the whole thing with his wife. I love Emily, and the fact that she's still alive makes me feel good :) Okay, he tried to kill her but that's okay :P They're together now. Although, my very reliable (*cough*)instinct tells me that it won't be for long.....
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