Season 2 Episode 12

The Getaway

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2003 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • This episode marks the first time that Vaughn and Sydney have a dinner date. At one point they contemplate going to a hotel room together...however, the odd thing is that in the previous few episodes and even in the beginning of this one, Vaughn is shown to be back with his girlfriend Alice, yet neither he nor Sydney, who have been shown throughout the show to have strong morals, mentions this.

    • This episode marks the third time Vaughn has asked Sydney to dinner while on a mission (the first time in "The Prophecy", the second time in "The Enemy Walks In") and the first time they actually go to the restaurant.

    • When the members of SD-6 are spying on Sydney and Vaughn's date in Nice, the camera pulls up on the side of the car and looks in from the passenger side window. You can see the picture of Vaughn they just took and his driver's license already displayed on the screen, before they used facial recognition software to find his identity and his license.

    • Ariana Kane mentions the time that Dixon reported Sydney for being a double agent in "The Enemy Walks In".

    • Number 47: While undercover in Nice's airport, Dixon makes 47 Euros.

    • Number 47: Ariana Kane's ID Account in Monaco is 47834795 9993 21.

    • When the Alliance Security Section runs Vaughn's picture on the computer and finds a match, Vaughn's driving license is shown. However, his name is misspelled 'Vaughan'. Then in the next scene, it is back to the correct spelling.

    • Look closely: When Jack enters the SD-6-Building to access the bank account, the standard Credit-Dauphine entrance is shown. However, there is no dot on the second i, whereas every other time we see a screen similar to that, its there...

    • Marshall demonstrates a ring with a concealed blade, which he says, "will cut through anything". He accidentally cuts his tie, but the ring isn't near the tear, and you can actually see Marshall pull down the other half of the tie as he "cuts" it.

    • Sodium pentothal, a.k.a. the "Truth Serum," is commonly used to extract information form prisoners in this kind of shows. However, while under the influence of the drug, the subject may lose his inhibitions, but he does not lose self-control, which means that Jack would not have told the truth if he chose not to.

    • Twice during the show, characters say the Boy Scout Motto is "Always Be Prepared". In actuality, the motto is simply "Be Prepared".

    • Goof:
      When Jack is reading Sloane's e-mail, the voice over says "Jack, I'm sending this via a secure server. I'm sorry..." but the text on the computer screen just reads "Jack, I'm sorry..."

    • Shouldn't Vaughn's cover be a little more cover-y than "Department of State"? Even most of the audience knows that's a pretty common cover for CIA agents.

    • You can see the skidmarks from Sydney's car on the pavement from previous takes of them skidding the car around the corner and into the truck.

    • Goof: Sydney is called into SD-6 while with her father at the CIA headquarters. The bottom of her hair is curled. Sydney heads straight to SD-6. She walks through the identification room at SD-6 and her hair is now straight. Moments later she is in Sloane's office and Marshall gives her roses. Her hair is now curled again.

  • Quotes

    • (Vaughn's making small talk on his date with Sydney, Weiss meanwhile surveils the date)
      Weiss: (through Vaughn's ear piece) Your story's a disaster, tell her she's pretty.

    • Sydney: There are many things I hate about Arvin Sloane, but the one I hate the most is the way he wraps his criminal activities in the flag.

    • Weiss: Have you given any thought to the fact that maybe all that work was done because of the way you guys feel about each other? (Pause) How's that for spin?
      Vaughn: It's not bad.

    • (Weiss has just prompted Vaughn to finally ask Sydney out on a date while on a mission in Nice)
      Weiss: And?
      Vaughn: We're going to dinner.
      (Weiss breaks into a celebratory dance)
      Vaughn: I'm going to keep my com channel open. I need you to monitor the RF frequency.
      Weiss: Got it. Okay, in exchange I'll take an eclair.
      Vaughn: No, I'm serious, any suspect signal and I want to know about it. Anything.
      Weiss: If they're small, bring at least two!

    • Weiss: You sure you don't want to talk about this?
      Vaughn: There's nothing to talk about.
      Weiss: I share my fights with you.
      Vaughn: No you don't.
      Weiss: Yeah I do. Remember when Alan pissed in the living room?
      Vaughn: That was your dog!
      Weiss: Yeah, but I was angry about it and I let you know how upset I was.
      Vaughn: I appreciate you trying to cheer me up, you don't have to do that.
      Weiss: Okay, here's a thought: tell her how you feel (Vaughn gives Weiss a stare) I know, I know, I was the one who said, this is the line you don't cross... but that was before I nearly died, and you know what they say about the white light and all that? No. They're wrong, it's darkness (Vaughn gives Weiss another stare) darkness!

    • Vaughn: The nearest Alliance cell is in Zurich. The CIA tracks SD-6 security section. There haven't been any signals, no movement.
      Sydney: You're serious.
      Vaughn: We've been to restaurants and sat near each other. We've met in parks and convenience stores, and all of them in L.A. where we are much more likely to be seen. Look, two things -- one, I think it's not that great a risk and two, I am hungry. I'm starving. I mean, we're going to be together anyway, why can't we be eating? Aren't you hungry?
      Sydney: Yeah, I'm hungry. (Pauses) Let's do it.

    • Vaughn: Involving you had no upside.
      Sydney: There's no upside to keeping me informed? You didn't tell me about Manolo or that you had discussions with my mother! You didn't even tell me that you were seeing Alice again!
      Vaughn: Wait. What is this about?
      Sydney: This is about me being too old to be coddled!

    • Sydney: How long have you known about this?
      Jack: I didn't tell you because it didn't concern you!
      Sydney: If the Alliance thinks you're lying to them, they'll kill you. That concerns me!
      Jack: What concerns me is having them suspect that you're my accomplice. That's why I've kept you out of it.

    • (Jack and Irina discuss the calls Sloane's been getting)
      Irina: There must be dozens of ways to blackmail The Alliance, all of them far less elaborate than this one.
      Jack: So we can assume a secondary objective was to make Arvin suffer. Someone harboring an acute hatred... meaning it could be anyone.

    • Marshall: Actually, um, Mr. Sloane, I noticed you're not wearing the tie I gave you.
      (Sloane ignores his comment)
      Marshall: (faded smile) It's okay.

  • Notes

    • When Sydney pulls up in the theater parking lot, it is a lot like the time in the Pilot episode when Jack pulls up and tells Sydney to get in.

    • Music from this episode includes:
      "Hella Good" by No Doubt
      "Guess I'm Doing Fine" by Beck
      "Salut Demeure" by Charles-Francois Gounod

    • Bradley Cooper and David Anders do not appear in this episode making it the second episode in a row without David Anders.

    • The French waiter jokes that Michael Vaughn speaks French almost as well as he does. In reality, actor Michael Vartan, who plays Vaughn, is French.

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