Season 5 Episode 9

The Horizon

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2005 on ABC
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Sydney teams up with Vaughn after being kidnapped and being placed in a hypnotic state. What Sydney doesn't know is that the kidnapper is a very familiar face with an obscure interest in her unborn child.

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  • Review

    I thought the episode was a waste of time and overall pointless to the ongoing plot at hand. I think everyone liked the epsiode because Micheal Varten came back, whereas I thought the whole thing was kind of pointless and strictly time consuming on the part of the writers.

    The dream / torture scenes with Sydney that brought her back to Micheal and hers past was, as earlier stated, kind of pointless. There was really no big mission in this episode and Peyton at the beginning of the episode doesnt really count for me. That scene wasnt even all that amazing.

    I dont really like Renee and her "off-on-off-on-off-on" kind of a schedule structure. Every time I see her I have to remember who she is for a split second and a "main character" shouldnt be like that.

    The only thing that really was able to save this episode was the two big reveals in the last five minutes of the epsiode. Irina has some overall endgame to this whole thing and has her daughter on a boat (the second surprise), which makes escaping kind of impossible at this point in time. For Sydney - there is nowhere to run.moreless
  • Sydney gets hypnotized by someone from her past

    This was an excellent episode... It goes to show you just how close to the edge that Sydney has been pushed... When the "All Original Butt Kicking Spy" wants to give up, you know the end is near... Out of all of the scenarios that she could have thought up in her subconcious the Santa Monica beach setting with Vaughn was the perfect one... It just also goes to show how much she depends on Vaughn to help her out of the really tough times in her life and how much she just wants it all to be over and done with... Very well thought out episode that pulls on your heart strings, and gives you just enough hope that things are going to work out in the end...moreless
  • Best episode so far in Season 5, well written, filmed and developed and with a great cliffhanger!

    Excellent episode, it seems coming from one of the first two seasons!

    The episode mechanism is an "Alias Classic": opening with an unexpected situation, and then flashback to explain how things have developed to arrive at that specific situation.

    Furthermore, I found was the following as excellent for me here:

    - the review of specific Alias highlights (Vaughn declaring to Sidney, Vaughn death, first meeting between them, ecc.) that brought back a lot of good memories

    - finding out again a very soft spot for Sloane calling his "benefactors" to try to help Sidney

    - the glacial brutality of Jack when it comes to his daughter

    - the shock to see again the beautiful Irina with her unclear agenda

    - the excellent action scenes with Renee'

    Overall, a must see that raises the level of this Season.moreless
  • This one had to be the best episode of Alias season 5 I have seen yet.

    So far I have been watching an episode of season 5 every day or so and all of them are good, what can I say. I love Alias. This episode however, I think was the best in every manner. Lighting, Shooting locations, make up. wardrobe, just, the overall look. It is amazing how they got all the original places and feel of the original episode and turn it into an episode all of its own. I love how they brought Vaughn back too...I think everyone was dying to see him back for an entire episode too. Not to mention that little sneak peak of Irina Derevko at the end.moreless
  • Vaughn’s not really alive (which those ABC promos fooled us into thinking), Irina\'s involved in Prophet 5, and Sydney\'s sailing away onto a boat into the middle of the ocean with evil Peyton! This episode was full of so many surprises.moreless

    Vaughn’s not really alive (which those ABC promos fooled us into thinking), Irina\'s involved in Prophet 5, and Sydney\'s sailing away onto a boat into the middle of the ocean with evil Peyton! This episode was full of so many surprises.

    The episodes finally start getting good again and now we have to wait till March! Damn you \'Dancing with the Stars\'! Oh well, time to get over the evil dancing show that is taking Alias\' spot for 8 weeks and focus on the review.

    The Vaughn flashbacks, while sometimes tedious and long were a good way to link Sydney\'s emotions at the time and her emotions now. I remembered almost every single one of them: Vaughn dying, North Korean cell, the showing of SD-6 map, Vaughn proposing. The only one that threw me off was the Tea Pot scene which I cannot remember for the life of me. It probably was something from Season 4. The Scene when Sydney was talking about how she didn\'t want any more of this Spy Crap was a little window that also showed us how she felt now. This just makes me really sad since it reinforces that this is the last season of Alias and that Sydney wants to quit being an agent.

    The real question was what Prophet 5 and Irina have to do with SD-6. Why would they need information about an organization that shut down almost 5 years ago (1/2 of Season 2 + Sydney\'s Missing Two years + Seasons 3 and 4). I was rewatching a season 2 episode on TNT yesterday and Sloane was talking about how his Rimbaldi quest (for \"ill dire\") was an almost 30 year project. Angus also said in this episode that the quest for Horizon was an about 30 year quest also so maybe Sloane\'s Rimbaldi quest and Horizon are tied together. (It seems everything in this show comes back to Rimbaldi....or should we really believe that silly floating red ball thing in Season 4 Finale was the end of his works.)

    Throughout many of the flashbacks Vaughn was constantly saying to Sydney that they will find each other. Was that her subconscious talking? Many people over at ABC\'s \'Alias\' message boards think that Vaughn is in hiding and that only Sydney knows. The theory is starting to catch on with me.

    Renee and Jack were working together in this episode and once again Renee displayed her super hero skills (the two knife throwing thing.) Jack also showed that when it comes to his daughter he will do anything. It was kind of scary how without thinking about it Jack just suddenly cut off Desantis\'s ear, but it did reinforced how much he loves his daughter. Peyton\'s mission at the beginning of the episode was also pretty violent and showed us another ruthless woman on the show. I wonder who would win if Renne and Peyton got into a fight. I have to write that down on my wish list of things to happen before the series finale in May.

    All in all it was another good episode and I cannot wait till March comes around to find out what our favorite spy mommy is up to, and what that dang baby of Syd\'s has to do with it all (It looks like Prophet is very interested in him or her. A picture of the freaky nursery Irina set up for the baby is at the top of the page).

    Finale Rating: Probably a 2 but just Irina\'s reflection made it 3 and 1/2 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

Patrick Bauchau

Patrick Bauchau

Aldo Desantis

Guest Star

Michael Massee

Michael Massee

Dr. Gonzalo Burris

Guest Star

Kathe E. Mazur

Kathe E. Mazur

Doctor Lynn (credited as Kathe Mazur)

Guest Star

Lena Olin

Lena Olin

Irina Derevko

Recurring Role

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan

Michael C. Vaughn

Recurring Role

Amy Acker

Amy Acker

Kelly Peyton

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This episode shows Sydney's date of birth, when Sydney confronts Peyton, on board the ship she stumbles across a folder that reads: BRISTOW, S. DOB: 4/17/75.

    • While Sydney's under hypnosis she visits several locations, that were previously seen on the show

      - Sydney and Vaughn about to jump into Sovogda, when Vaughn proposes to Sydney (Season 4, Episode 21, "Search and Rescue")
      - Sydney at Vaughn's bedside where he dies (Season 5, Episode 1, "Prophet Five")
      - Sydney and Vaughn when they were captured in North Korea (Season 3, Episode 12 "Crossings")
      - Sydney and Vaughn at the pier, after Sydney's SD-6 mission in Morocco goes bad (Season 1, Episode 4, "Broken Heart")
      - Sydney and Vaughn's briefings in the mesh cage (Throughout Seasons 1 and 2)
      - Sydney and Vaughn in the "LA County Blood Drive" van, where Vaughn shows her the whole SD-6 map (Season 1, Episode 2, "So it Begins")

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (Sydney's been hypnotized for interrogation, in her hypnosis she meets Vaughn)
      Vaughn: What do you think about orichiette?
      Sydney: I don't think I've ever heard of it, wait a minute don't tell me you cook?
      Vaughn: There's a lot of things about me you don't know.
      Sydney: Do you clean too?
      Vaughn: I've been known to, why? You thinking of hiring me?

    • Sydney: (to her interrogator) If you hurt my baby, I swear I will kill you.

    • (Jack and Renée scout an abandoned building looking for Sydney)
      Jack: Unit 3 is located on the third floor.
      Renée: The lease expired 16 years ago.
      Jack: (handing Renée a gun) Nevertheless.

    • Sydney: But do you know what I want? I want the world to forget about us. I'm tired, Vaughn. I'm tired of having this weight on my shoulder. I – I don't want to be the one who has to save the world. I want you back. I want you all to myself. I want to go away, just you and me and our baby; somewhere no one can bother us, on a deserted island. I want out.

    • Sydney: I'm not a big fan of pain.

    • Jack: (About Destantis) He said he's prepared to die. See if he means it.

    • Jack: Tell me where they have my daughter.
      Desantis: I'll tell you nothing.
      Jack: You've been shot, you'll never survive the blood loss. Though I am prepared to draw this out to the last second, make it as painful as it needs to be until you tell me where she is.
      Desantis: Where she is does not matter. Your concern should be where she's going.

    • (After Sydney's abduction Renee captures Dr. Desantis, and calls Jack to assist interrogating him)
      Desantis: (to Renee) So this is how you do it? Bring in a man in a suit to scare me into talking.
      Jack: You're right, the suit shouldn't scare you… what should scare you is that I'm a very concerned father (Jack draws out a knife a cuts Desantis's right ear off)

    • Jack: Sure you've no means left by which to contact Prophet 5?
      Sloane: Jack, I told you that Gordon Dean was my only resource. With him dead I have nothing.

    • Jack: I have something for you
      Sydney: What a gift?
      Jack: Technically no, it's already yours. I'm just returning it.
      (Sydney opens the gift and sees an old silver rattle)
      Jack: Your mother and I bought it when you were born. You wouldn't let it out of your sight till you were three. Reminds me of a time when I could keep you safe.

    • Vaughn: You just threw your phone in the Pacific....twice.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: August 12, 2007 on Channel 7
      Slovakia: April 1, 2010 on Markiza

    • Neither Michael Vartan (Vaughn) nor Lena Olin (Irina) were credited at the start of the episode, probably to keep their appearances a surprise (despite the fact that Vaughn was in the opening scene).


    • Sydney: I want to go away, just you and me and our baby; somewhere no one can bother us, on a deserted island.

      This could be a possible allusion to JJ Abrams other show Lost about a group of plane-crash survivors on a deserted island.