Season 5 Episode 9

The Horizon

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2005 on ABC

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    I thought the episode was a waste of time and overall pointless to the ongoing plot at hand. I think everyone liked the epsiode because Micheal Varten came back, whereas I thought the whole thing was kind of pointless and strictly time consuming on the part of the writers.

    The dream / torture scenes with Sydney that brought her back to Micheal and hers past was, as earlier stated, kind of pointless. There was really no big mission in this episode and Peyton at the beginning of the episode doesnt really count for me. That scene wasnt even all that amazing.

    I dont really like Renee and her "off-on-off-on-off-on" kind of a schedule structure. Every time I see her I have to remember who she is for a split second and a "main character" shouldnt be like that.

    The only thing that really was able to save this episode was the two big reveals in the last five minutes of the epsiode. Irina has some overall endgame to this whole thing and has her daughter on a boat (the second surprise), which makes escaping kind of impossible at this point in time. For Sydney - there is nowhere to run.
  • Sydney gets hypnotized by someone from her past

    This was an excellent episode... It goes to show you just how close to the edge that Sydney has been pushed... When the "All Original Butt Kicking Spy" wants to give up, you know the end is near... Out of all of the scenarios that she could have thought up in her subconcious the Santa Monica beach setting with Vaughn was the perfect one... It just also goes to show how much she depends on Vaughn to help her out of the really tough times in her life and how much she just wants it all to be over and done with... Very well thought out episode that pulls on your heart strings, and gives you just enough hope that things are going to work out in the end...
  • Best episode so far in Season 5, well written, filmed and developed and with a great cliffhanger!

    Excellent episode, it seems coming from one of the first two seasons!

    The episode mechanism is an "Alias Classic": opening with an unexpected situation, and then flashback to explain how things have developed to arrive at that specific situation.

    Furthermore, I found was the following as excellent for me here:
    - the review of specific Alias highlights (Vaughn declaring to Sidney, Vaughn death, first meeting between them, ecc.) that brought back a lot of good memories
    - finding out again a very soft spot for Sloane calling his "benefactors" to try to help Sidney
    - the glacial brutality of Jack when it comes to his daughter
    - the shock to see again the beautiful Irina with her unclear agenda
    - the excellent action scenes with Renee'

    Overall, a must see that raises the level of this Season.
  • This one had to be the best episode of Alias season 5 I have seen yet.

    So far I have been watching an episode of season 5 every day or so and all of them are good, what can I say. I love Alias. This episode however, I think was the best in every manner. Lighting, Shooting locations, make up. wardrobe, just, the overall look. It is amazing how they got all the original places and feel of the original episode and turn it into an episode all of its own. I love how they brought Vaughn back too...I think everyone was dying to see him back for an entire episode too. Not to mention that little sneak peak of Irina Derevko at the end.
  • Vaughn’s not really alive (which those ABC promos fooled us into thinking), Irina\'s involved in Prophet 5, and Sydney\'s sailing away onto a boat into the middle of the ocean with evil Peyton! This episode was full of so many surprises.

    Vaughn’s not really alive (which those ABC promos fooled us into thinking), Irina\'s involved in Prophet 5, and Sydney\'s sailing away onto a boat into the middle of the ocean with evil Peyton! This episode was full of so many surprises.

    The episodes finally start getting good again and now we have to wait till March! Damn you \'Dancing with the Stars\'! Oh well, time to get over the evil dancing show that is taking Alias\' spot for 8 weeks and focus on the review.

    The Vaughn flashbacks, while sometimes tedious and long were a good way to link Sydney\'s emotions at the time and her emotions now. I remembered almost every single one of them: Vaughn dying, North Korean cell, the showing of SD-6 map, Vaughn proposing. The only one that threw me off was the Tea Pot scene which I cannot remember for the life of me. It probably was something from Season 4. The Scene when Sydney was talking about how she didn\'t want any more of this Spy Crap was a little window that also showed us how she felt now. This just makes me really sad since it reinforces that this is the last season of Alias and that Sydney wants to quit being an agent.

    The real question was what Prophet 5 and Irina have to do with SD-6. Why would they need information about an organization that shut down almost 5 years ago (1/2 of Season 2 + Sydney\'s Missing Two years + Seasons 3 and 4). I was rewatching a season 2 episode on TNT yesterday and Sloane was talking about how his Rimbaldi quest (for \"ill dire\") was an almost 30 year project. Angus also said in this episode that the quest for Horizon was an about 30 year quest also so maybe Sloane\'s Rimbaldi quest and Horizon are tied together. (It seems everything in this show comes back to Rimbaldi....or should we really believe that silly floating red ball thing in Season 4 Finale was the end of his works.)

    Throughout many of the flashbacks Vaughn was constantly saying to Sydney that they will find each other. Was that her subconscious talking? Many people over at ABC\'s \'Alias\' message boards think that Vaughn is in hiding and that only Sydney knows. The theory is starting to catch on with me.

    Renee and Jack were working together in this episode and once again Renee displayed her super hero skills (the two knife throwing thing.) Jack also showed that when it comes to his daughter he will do anything. It was kind of scary how without thinking about it Jack just suddenly cut off Desantis\'s ear, but it did reinforced how much he loves his daughter. Peyton\'s mission at the beginning of the episode was also pretty violent and showed us another ruthless woman on the show. I wonder who would win if Renne and Peyton got into a fight. I have to write that down on my wish list of things to happen before the series finale in May.

    All in all it was another good episode and I cannot wait till March comes around to find out what our favorite spy mommy is up to, and what that dang baby of Syd\'s has to do with it all (It looks like Prophet is very interested in him or her. A picture of the freaky nursery Irina set up for the baby is at the top of the page).

    Finale Rating: Probably a 2 but just Irina\'s reflection made it 3 and 1/2 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
  • One of the 'BEST EVER' episodes in Alias history. 'The Horizon' proves why Jennifer Garner is a golden globe winner and deserves an Emmy for this episode/series (not just a nom, she HAS to win). If she doesn't win, I will shoot myself.

    The writers were at their best for this episode and the whole cast worked at their best to make this episode a cliffhanger.
    It also felt like the season ended and when the season continue's in April 2006, a new season 6 will begin (that is how it felt to me) It has a shocker too and also is so emotionally challenging that any non-alias viewers watching would get hooked in the first 30 seconds of this. Just watch it.

    EXCELLENT, pure class!
  • Really loved it.

    I really loved this episode. It brought back all the old memories of how it was when Vaughn was alive and had some classic reveals to boot. Irina looked slightly unreal, and Thomas Grace is a disgrace to the show. It was nice to see Renee back. The scenes between Sydney and Vaughn were touching and wonderfully acted. I even liked the cliffhanger. Who would have guessed they were on a freight boat in the the middle of the ocean? It was really great to see the writers calling out to the fans in the flashbacks and in the general episode itself. It made me cry and was much better than most this season, which is why I scored it as an 8.1. Still nothing compared to the glory of seasons one and two.
  • Why does it have to end when its getting so good?????

    I loved this episode. I think now that the show is coming to its end the best story lines and episodes are going to show up, actually i know it. This was just the beginning. This episode reminded me of the earlier seasons. It was great. I love alias mostly because of how diffrent it is form other tv shows you'll find on tv. Its original, excting and so much more and this episode had a lot of that. This episode was jam packed with action and suspense. Especailly the ending..Sydney on a boat surrounded by miles and miles of water going who knows where. And the suprise of Irina Dereko was amazing. Thats just one of the characters who needed to come back. And ofcourse the kinda return of Vaughn. Seeing their memories was kind of tearful. He needs to come back and this episode just shows how much his character is needed. All in all this was just another great alias episode!
  • It is indeed a very special episode, and they could hardly deliver a best episode at this stage!

    Just finished watching the last episode before the final 8 to be broadcasted in April and May. Since we're going on a such big hiatus I was concerned this episode would be not as good as it should, but I was wrong to think that.
    This episode was very good, and everyday I feel like this season is the closest they could be from the amaazing two first seasons.
    Vaughn is back for this episode, as they explore the mind of a very pregnant Sydney. The scenes are very well done and Jennifer's acting is bloody amazing. The way this episode was construced and edited, with special attention to the colours is very well done and gives it a special touch. Besides that we have major things going on, and I'm sure this episode has a huge number of clues for the final thing.

    I'm very sad that this is the end of ALIAS, but if it has to be the end, at least I hope it countinues to be as good as this!
  • I don't get it - I still love my show!

    I really do not understand why so many people don't like that show anymore! That what we already saw in season five is the best! I'd say that this season so far is better than season two!! And everyone knows how much fans love season two. ;)

    I think it's just *so* stupid, that so many "fans" stopped wathcing because of the absence of Vaughn.
    Sydney is the one why you should wathcing this show - and the great storylines! You should never watch a show because ONE character... besides Vaughn was just boring. And he did one great thing with his "death" (who really knows that he's dead?!) - because of him, we have a great season five with a great storyline and that will be a hell of a final season!

    PS: Sorry for my baaad english, it's not my fisrt language. ^^
  • The problem with this series...

    Say what you will about this series -- love it, like it, or dislike it (my feelings have always been around the middle) -- there’s no disputing that to a certain extent, it’s always required a suspension of disbelief. Almost every time I’ve come back to give it a try throughout its run, I’ve found that this flaw generally ranges from significant-yet-forgivable, to downright outrageous. Unfortunately, this episode, while at times touching I’ll admit, contains an example of the latter.

    One of the high points of Season 5 (probably the high point, actually) has been the introduction of characters who’ve brought a refreshing newness to the show. My favorite being Rachel Nichols as Rachel Gibson (a fair enough trade for Nadia, who the writers had made less interesting in Season 4), while Amy Acker as recurring antagonist Kelly Peyton was a wise choice as well. Also, this episode in particular is cool just for having Michael Massee as a guest star. Then there’s Elodie Bouchez as Renee, the usual talented-outsider-who-helps-out type -- a concept that’s actually so fitting for this kind of show, I’m surprised it took so long to surface.

    However, Renee must be really, really talented to pull off what she does in "The Horizon", during which she somehow opens fire in the middle of a street (with no silencers) and subsequently causes a car crash without any nearby civilians reacting. A simple rewind will actually show some of them casually walking by in the background. Not only that, but beforehand she mentions to Sydney that she’d walked to their appointment, so we’re left to assume that she somehow manages to not only drag her wounded captive back to her apartment without anyone reporting it, but does so before police and ambulances arrive on the scene. Then again, I guess it took them awhile to get the call, as the people on the street seem to be so preoccupied.

    'Alias' may be a good series, but this kind of silliness is one of the show’s primary failings -- an issue with logic that’s either ignored or overlooked when it shouldn’t be.

    The highlights of this episode are obviously the scenes with Vaughn and the revealing appearance of an always welcome figure at the end (though at this point there may be some logical issues surrounding that whole matter as well), and with so many interesting new players, I find it rather unfortunate now that the series has to end at this stage. I’m fond of Jennifer Garner, but I would’ve actually liked to see where the show would’ve eventually taken us with a new agent, and Rachel was the right choice.

    Overall, from an interesting first season (kicked off by an outstanding pilot episode) to a gradual decline, this flawed yet effortful series will be remembered by me as something with a lot of potential that sometimes met it.
  • One of Season 5's high points

    Blew. Me. Out. Of the fricking water.

    I'm very glad the writers really brought this plot full circle. Once again, Irina is "the man" behind everything.

    It also brings up a bajillion questions. Like why have Vaughn killed (I'll use the term loosely), and why, if she has a cure for her zombie daugher, is she not using it? Woman's got one big-ass master plan.

    Also, I just remembered. Vaughn told Syd how far Prophet Five reached. So what, did he wipe her memory? Push her down the stairs to have her knock her head on something? When did he do this? I could have sworn that's what Irina was looking for in Syd's head. Also, if he told her, why not tell her again, in the season premiere?

    Damn, I'm still reeling.
  • Sydney gets kidnapped and drugged into remmbering about all of ther times with Vaughn.

    I loved this episdoe! this is exactly why i love alias!!! i was so surprised when Irina came back, omg!!!! i loved how they kept it a secret!! I was so surprised! The scene remakes were okay..but i loved everything!!!! I am so happy Vaughn is back!!! i hope he comes back i the season finale. :)
  • A truly amazing episode. At first it started of boring but it was the last 6 minutes that saved the whole episode.

    A truly amazing episode. At first it started of boring but it was the last 6 minutes that saved the whole episode.

    I should have guessed from the beginning that Irena would be behind the kidnapping & torture of her own daughter. Isn't she always behind everything that happens. It should have been obvious as soon as Sydney mentioned her mother earlier in the episode. Somehow I think that everyone is answering to her.

    And what does Irena want with Syd's baby, her own grandchild?

    Something that came to my one of Syd's flashbacks, while she was sitting in the hospital room with Vaughn a nurse brought in a cup of water for Vaughn to drink, when he asked Sydney to let him drink she refused saying the last time she let him drink from that cup he crashed...So what does that mean?

    Does it mean that Vaughn may still be alive somewhere? Maybe Irena has him.

    Was he drugged by someone else or another organization and made to look like he died for his own protection or theirs?

    They wouldn't have brought the whole thing up unless it had something to do with Prophet 5 or had some significant meaning.

    And how about Thomas Grace's ex wife? Why did Agent Grace get so mad at Marshall for not asking him first, is he hiding something?...Will we be seeing her later on in the season, or maybe we've already seen her & we just don't know it. I wouldn't be surprised if she was somehow connected to Irena.

    And finally we are left with a shocking cliffhanger, Sydney, in the middle of nowhere on an oil tanker.

    When will Alias be back?
  • Fantastically wonderful, Alias is a chameleon that many fans have become frustrated with for its constant re-invention; but perhaps the return of some old favourites in a shocking new way can woo them back. Irony that the best ep of the season has the low

    So many pivotal moments in this episode prove that Season Five has more spunk than many fans give it credit for.

    The frustration with Alias seems to vent from its ability to re-invent itself in exciting new ways. But now as we approach the end of televisions greatest show - we are beginning to see that the past four years have all connected in a way we hadn't expected. Vaughn is used as the link here - and surprisingly, SD-6 makes a re-apperance...which suggests that perhaps Sydneys connections to the orginisation hadn't been quite as severed as we'd been lead to believe.

    But perhaps the greatest moment of the episode was Irina Derevko revealing herself as manipulating and torturing her daughter once again. I can tell that Jack isn't going to be too happy when he finds out. Speaking of which - the moment where jack saw the little nursery Irina had made for Sydney? Money shot!

    Elsehwere Garner and Vartan shared more chemistry in one episode than they had for the previous four years of the show.

    And the lack of Rachel, whom i actually like, definately benefited the episode.

    Everything is connected and nothing is as it seems on Alias, and this episode was a prime example of that and a shocking cliffhanger until its return from hiatus to boot.
  • I'm not really sure how to classify this installment of Alias

    For most of the show I thought it was mostly a waste of time. It was nice seeing Vaughn back and all but I just thought this was a filler episode and there wasn't really a point to it. That was for the first 54 minutes of the show. The last 6 WOW! First off it was her Mom that was in charge of Sydney's torcher and then we find out that she was able to lie while under hypnosis and give them the incorrect information. Then she is on a cargo ship in the middle of who knows where, on her way to who knows where. That's what saved the show. Now when is it going to be back??? I can't wait!!!
  • Overall, this episode finally puts to rest the many concerns about Vaughn’s exit by demonstrating why it works within the tapestry of the series’ mythology. A key moment near the end of the episode also places Prophet Five in a consistent and even clever

    When the topic of this episode was announced, there was a great deal of anticipation for Vaughn’s return, however short-lived it might be. But while the writers did a great job of using Vaughn and his history to suggest a link between Prophet Five and SD-6, thus tying the series mythology into a more cohesive structure, that wasn’t the best moment of the episode. What made it all worth the time was a very short but crucial moment near the very end, when one of the architects of Prophet Five revealed herself.

    For quite some time, one question has been left unanswered: while several groups have emerged over the years with connective threads between them all, the identity of Irina’s organization was never revealed. This episode could very well answer that question once and for all. It would make a lot of sense, especially in light of Vaughn’s previous revelations in the season premiere, if Irina’s organization was Prophet Five.

    Why does this make sense? Because Prophet Five was supposedly operating with relative ease on its own program related to someone who sounds a lot like Rambaldi. Things were working well for Prophet Five until SD-6 came along and things got a lot more complicated when Sloane’s endgame finally emerged on the scene. Shortly thereafter, Yelena’s Covenant rose to prominence. Members of the Magnific Order of Rambaldi seemed to have reason to oppose all three initiatives.

    Does it make sense for Irina to run Prophet Five, in light of her previous actions? Certainly Irina had a desire to see the Rambaldi legacy fulfilled. At the same time, she had reason to stop Sloane (who used the Alliance and Omnifam) and Yelena (who used the Covenant) from taking control of that legacy. At the same time, she would have wanted to protect Sydney to ensure that the Chosen One remained in play.

    Irina’s organization would have access to the genetic engineering necessary to create a cure to Nadia’s condition, especially since Irina would have the necessary genetic similarities. Irina would have a vested interest in keeping Sydney in the dark about Prophet Five until the right moment, when all opposition to her plans had been undermined or eliminated.

    Of course, there are small questions (though none on the level of the continuity issues present in the third season timeline!). For instance, why would Irina have Vaughn executed? Especially since Irina was the one who insisted that Vaughn tell Sydney the truth? This certainly explains how Irina knew Vaughn’s secret (in fact, it’s rather obvious in retrospect). One possibility is that Irina knew that Sydney was pregnant, and thus recognized that Prophet Five’s goal was finally within reach.

    It seems rather clear by now that “Full Disclosure”, standing at the center of the series as a whole and Sydney’s five-season evolution, provided the obvious roadmap for Prophet Five’s endgame. Rambaldi was supposed to be reborn in a child with Sydney’s DNA, and Prophet Five now has the means to transfer consciousness into another body. The question is where they would get the consciousness of Rambaldi to “download” into Sydney’s child. If that piece of the puzzle (Rambaldi’s consciousness) is revealed in relatively short order, then this theory will be even more viable.

    What is perhaps best about this plot twist is how well it fits with the overall thrust of the mythology to date. While the writers sometimes abandon continuity in the desire to complicate things, this actually helps to explain some of the complex plans initiated and carried out by Irina Derevko. Each faction seems to have had a slightly different goal. Sloane wanted to achieve world peace through pacification, rebuilding the world under his apparent control. Yelena wanted to decimate the population and take control of the remnants, thus rebuilding the world in her image. This episode, and everything leading to this point, seems to suggest that Irina’s goal is actually the true culmination of Rambaldi’s endgame: a world with the mad prophet firmly in control.

    That 30-second cameo, along with the growing evidence that Vaughn’s connections to Prophet Five did, in fact, bring the series full circle (even more than the events of the fourth season). It’s enough to all but overshadow the temporary return of Vaughn to the storyline. Granted, he’s only a figment of Sydney’s mind, but this episode reminds the audience that he remains incredibly important in terms of her psychology and the overall mythology.

    The end of this episode also leaves the series at the perfect resting point. The plans of Prophet Five are coming together, Sydney seems rather likely to have her child in the worst possible place, and the time has definitely come for her to get out of the field. There are still a number of episodes left (at least 13), so there’s a lot of story left to tell.

    Some of those elements have potential. The animosity between Peyton and Rachel promises to explode in the future, and Renee is actually beginning to get interesting. (In point of fact, when Renee does action material, it’s great; it’s the dramatic moments that trip her up.) The one problem is still Thomas Grace. The hints of a secret and dangerous past are not at all compelling, and in the interests of not replicating Vaughn, the writers may have created a completely needless character. He really exists solely as a plot device, an experienced pair of hands to get things done.

    The upside is that this episode is a good test of the viability of the season as a whole. Vaughn’s exit was fraught with considerations above and beyond the plot itself, and that hurt the concept. Bringing Vaughn back could have reminded the audience of those troubled times, but instead, it demonstrated that the story has found its own place in the “Alias” universe. The transition has been far from seamless, but it has been successful.
  • Flat-out brilliant

    Flat out brilliant episode on an already brilliant season. Vaughn\'s absense has done wonders for the show as has Syd\'s pregnancy. The show is exciting and has a great season-long plotline. This is gonna lead to a fantastic series-ending run. I can\'t wait to see what happens and who returns next (calling Evil Francie).
  • This episode serves as a brutal reminder of one of the main reasons we love this shows so much...Vaughn!

    After the WTF factor of the lead-in ("Did I miss a couple of episodes? When did THAT happen??"), the episode settles down to the standard "one-of-the-team-is-in-trouble-we-gotta-save-'em" plot. The most alluring thing, initially, is the return of Vaughn.

    For me, this episode quickly takes a meloncoly turn as I watch Garner and Vartan make magic one last time. Vaughn and his relationship with Sydney is not the most important element of this (once) great show but the loss of Vartan has taken out much of the enjoyment and neither the Prophet Five storeline nor the new characters are strong enough to cover the gap. Indeed, it it time to end the series while we still enjoy it.

    I was about to give up on the episode and perhaps the rest of the season when JJ pulled victory from disaster with one reflected image. Irina behind the glass is the one person I did not expect. And finding the nusury like the one envisioned in Jack's guilty conscience from season 1? Creepy but way cool.

  • Alias has really been going downhill but it has finally bottomed out and is now going uphill. Although this episode wasn't much better than the last one it was still slightly better.

    I found this episode to be virtually pointless unless it turns out to be needed later in the season. All of the rapid flashbacks of Vaughn were just too much. They dragged that part on to long and didn't concentrate on more pressing matters. Also I think this is a horrible way to start a hiatus. There was no cliffhanger other then the fact that Irina Derevko has returned. Could the producers have used a character that was lamer or more spent than Irina Derecko? Also, when Jack goes to the nursery, there should have been at least a little bit of action. There were no guards, no locked door, and no deadly traps! I'm starting to think JJ Abrams is stretching himself too thin. He is the producer of Alias, Lost, and he is directing the new Mission Impossible. (It is coming out on 5\5\06 for anyone interested) I think JJ needs to take away one of his responsibilities. (Well, I guess the network did it for him since this is the last season of Alias.) The producers of Alias said that the show was going to go out with a bang but I haven't seen anything to support that. Have you?
  • This was one of the best ever!

    Ett av det bästa alias avsnitten någonsin utan tvekan om det! Hoppas som sagt att alias fårdet slut den förtjänar. Lena Olin var en mycket trevlig överasking så det ska bli kul när alias kommer tillbaka i mars med en fight klar jennifer garner i högform! Så jag kan knappt vänta!
  • OMG! Lena Olin is back!

    Det här var ju en trevlig överaskinng innan uppehållet till mars det var nog det bästa som kunde hända någonsin! jag tror att alias kommer få den avslutning den förtjänar så go lena go lena! hoppas att det blir så också! menmen det koommer nog att bli det bästa någonsin!
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Spy

    I kinda wish that season five just got worse and worse. Seeing things go from strength to strength and knowing that we'll only get 13 more episodes of this show just makes me bawl like a baby. This was the best episode in ages with an engaging storyline, excellent performances and the official Best. Ending. Ever!

    The Horizon sees Sydney abducted by Prophet 5 and placed in a hypnotic state where she relives past moments with Vaughn and is forced to reveal secrets involving SD-6. Meanwhile, Jack and Renee team up to try and find Sydney and the mastermind behind Prophet 5 is revealed to be somebody Sydney knows well...

    I was initially uninterested in this episode. I'm not a Syd/Vaughn shipper and I couldn't care less that Michael Vartan was coming back but, somehow, the writers managed to pull it all together. The flashback scenes were excellent and the re-use of old footage with new stuff added in made for really cool TV. All the nods to the long-time audience and all the subtle references to old events were awesome.

    I love how everything is beginning to come together. The revelation that Prophet 5 and SD-6 are connected was a major shock but I'm happy that Prophet 5 is beginning to get interesting. I had hesitations at the beginning of the season that it was just going to be another boring corporation along the lines of the Covenant but it's completely turned round now. Any reference to SD-6 is good in my book.

    Can I be the first to petition for a Jack/Renee spin-off? Their team-up was the highlight of the episode. Élodie Bouchez has been missing for a while now and her re-appearance was totally awesome. Her use of guns and knives was jaw-dropping and Jack slicing off Desantis' ear was also a memorable scene. Seeing Jack go from caring dad to Mr Blonde in the space of around 30 minutes was amazing!

    But, the best thing about The Horizon was, of course, the shock return of SpyMommy. Throughout the episode we heard the Carver-like voice of the head of Prophet 5. I was puzzling over who it could be all the way through. Could it be Vaughn? Allison? Lauren? I was completely shocked when it turned out to be Irina. I'm a spoiler freak but I had no idea that Lena Olin was coming back. How the hell did the producers manage to keep this under wraps? I knew they were trying to bring her back for the series finale but not in episode 9!! I'm secretly hoping that Irina is still working for the good guys and has infiltrated Prophet 5 but I somewhat doubt it. Irina is somebody who's swapped sides more times than Anne Heche. Who the hell is she working for this week?

    There were so many great things about this episode. Amy Acker rocked, as usual. How many people has she killed so far? Seriously, whenever she pops up she always plugs bullets in about 20 people! Shame she got a syringe in the neck but, y'know, who cares when we have Irina back!?! Jennifer Garner was excellent. She's been massively (but understandably) underused for most of the season but she gave a powerful performance in this episode. Her torture scene was heartbreaking, especially with the tears running down her cheeks. Seeing a pregnant woman getting tortured for information does not make comfortable viewing. I'm a big Grace fan but seeing him go completely psycho with Marshall was a difficult scene to watch. Hey newbie, how DARE you cuss the Flinkman!!??! His mysterious ex gives him some needed character development and I'm hoping it turns out to be somebody we've already seen.

    The Horizon was an absolutely amazing episode which marks a full return to form for Alias. I can't believe we have to wait until March for new episodes. Damn you, Dancing with Z-List Celebrities!
  • Alias: finding new ways to jump the shark

    This episode was worst than the last. No wonder Michael Vartan left the dying show. The writers have completely run out of ideas. People getting into Sydney's head has been done before. The end was stupid. Sydney waking up on a barge in the middle of the ocean was the worst way to end a very bad episode. Sydney's mom the bad guy again? Come on.
  • Best episode in a LONG time.

    Wow, this is an amazing episode. I hope nobody had it spoiled for them. I didn't and it blew me away. This is a good start to an amazing final storyarc. I'm confident now that Alias will come full circle and end on a very high note. Great episode and definitely top ten for this show.
  • Great Episode the best in a long time!

    WOW! This was one of the greatest episodes since season 1&2. It was true Alias style. The twists and turns, and who could have seen that Irina is behind Prophet 5. It was an episode that gave me butterflies in my stomach which I havent felt since the Sydney vs. Evil Francie fight at the end of season 2. I can\'t wait to see how everything unfolds and what the series finale will bring. The preiview from AOL wont cut it until February. This is going to be one great ending season, its making up for it\'s self from a ok season 3 and 4. Great job JJ lets see more episodes like this one!
  • Derevko\'s back.

    Guess who the real head of the evil Prophet 5 is? Irina Derevko. OMFG. And very suddenly, Season 5 ratches up it\'s intensity level by 2 or 3 full levels. Good, cuz they\'ll need it. I\'ll miss this show, because damn, the writing and plot twists are excellent. It looks to set up damn well over the next few epis though.
  • Sydney is put into a hypnotic state in order to revisit Vaughn and their SD6 days, when he showed her the map of what SD6 entailed, in order to retrieve information about The Horizon. After Sydney retrieves the information, Irina Derevko is revealed as th

    Wow! This was one of the best episodes Alias has done in a long while. As the series comes to a close, I\'m beginning to see that they are going to tie the whole series together...let\'s just hope its a knockout. I mean, here we are going back to SD-6...I can\'t wait to see why!
    The scenes with Vaughn and Sydney were excellent. I loved how they not only reviewed previous scenes, but actually recreated them in the context of this episodes plot. The boardwalk scene was always one of my favorites, and they actually improved upon it in this episode: \"Sydney, you just threw your pager in the Pacific...Twice!\". I mean, what a classic!
    And of course, the most unexpected twist: Irina behind the glass. Not only is Irina back, but it was completely unanounced; she wasn\'t even in the credits. I just can\'t wait to see what she is up to.
    Overall, after this episode, I feel that the last episodes of Alias are going to be spectacular. I can\'t wait!!!!
  • I didn't see THAT coming...

    The opening of the episode gave away from the beginning that Syd would be hallucinating about Vaughn... so that wasn't a big surprise, I liked how they re-did some previous scenes in the hallucination (especially the proposal: "Vaughn, we already did that"!!)
    The biggest surprise was discovering who was behind the kidnapping and the interrogation : Irina's back!!
    Has Jack guessed that she's behind all this? What will happen to Sydney now that she's in the middle of nowhere?
    The preview of next eps raised other questions... I just hope the show won't let us down for the last episodes!!