Season 4 Episode 12

The Orphan

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2005 on ABC

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  • Flashbacks aplenty!

    As an example of Alias without its leading star, Jennifer Garner, this is a rather impressive offering from the show. It could easily serve as a pilot for a spin-off featuring Nadia, a show I'd happily watch. What is Mia doing nowadays, anyway? The episode is mostly in Spanish and I have to give props to the execs for allowing 80% of the hour to be in a different language. A risky move, but they certainly pull it off with an extremely compelling performance from the always gorgeous Mia Maestro, and a strong script that gives Nadia a wholly different background than to Sydney, and yet there are a few similarities, too, which feels right.

    This episode also offers up a strong case for the Rambaldi prophecy. It is clear Nadia has a trigger-happy temper that has been evident from the beginning of the season – she riddled Martin Bishop with a full clip when she thought he killed Irina, and now here, we see her kill her boss after discovering he was lying to her about her affiliation with Spanish Intelligence. Syd has been in a similar situation, if not worse, but she didn't unload a clip into Sloane. It's this pivotal difference that makes Nadia a wild card with regards to her vision and murdering Syd in cold blood.

    Loved the flashbacks, loved the acting, loved the directing – loved it all! There's also a bit of a cliff-hanger as well. This is an 8, but Mia's amazing performance boosts it to a 9.
  • Review

    I really liked all of the flashbacks in this episode, you could tell that they were inspired from JJ Abrams other show, "Lost". It showed Nadias past from when she was an Orphan right up until the day that she killed Roberto and really makes me look at her character in a new way then how I had before.

    The flashbacks of her stealing and being the "bad girl" on the block was an interesting choice to take her character. I always thought she was just the good little orphan girl that was never choosen by a family to go home, I liked how she somewhat lied about what kind of secret past she had.

    The flashbacks of her on a couple of her missions were also fun to watch. I liked the scene where Roberto gives her a necklace, followed by the scene where she shoots him five times to make sure she killed him.

    All of her flashbacks connected very well to the "real-life" what was going on right then. The fight scene with Cesar years earlier followed by the fight scene years later - she lost years ago and won this time around. Really liked this episode, I dont think Ill like it as much on a re-watch, but it was a good episode on first impressions.
  • Im not a fan of Nadia but this was a very good episode for her character. She finally had something to do.

    I personally do not like Nadia, theres just something about her that I dislike.

    Throughout most of season 4 she has had very little to do. She goes on missions but it basically just in the background, like Weiss and Dixon. She doesnt get alot of screen time but they play her off as an important character, seeing as she is Sydney's sister.

    This episode finally gave her something to do. It revolved around her and made her alot more interesting. While I still am not a fan of hers I was happy to see Nadia be important to the show. She carried this episode and it was entertaining to watch.

    I love how all the characters have the same horrible things happen in their lives. Sydney and Nadia were both betrayed and told that they were working for the government but they were actually working against it. Jack and Vaughn both had wives that were actually spies sent to marry them and get into the CIA. There are more but I just find this to be great plot development in the Alias world.
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