Season 4 Episode 12

The Orphan

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2005 on ABC

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    I really liked all of the flashbacks in this episode, you could tell that they were inspired from JJ Abrams other show, "Lost". It showed Nadias past from when she was an Orphan right up until the day that she killed Roberto and really makes me look at her character in a new way then how I had before.

    The flashbacks of her stealing and being the "bad girl" on the block was an interesting choice to take her character. I always thought she was just the good little orphan girl that was never choosen by a family to go home, I liked how she somewhat lied about what kind of secret past she had.

    The flashbacks of her on a couple of her missions were also fun to watch. I liked the scene where Roberto gives her a necklace, followed by the scene where she shoots him five times to make sure she killed him.

    All of her flashbacks connected very well to the "real-life" what was going on right then. The fight scene with Cesar years earlier followed by the fight scene years later - she lost years ago and won this time around. Really liked this episode, I dont think Ill like it as much on a re-watch, but it was a good episode on first impressions.
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