Season 1 Episode 20

The Solution

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2002 on ABC
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In order to catch Khasinau and get closer to finding her mother, Sydney and Vaughn set up an undercover transaction for a Rambaldi artifact with Khasinau's representative, Mr. Sark. But Sydney's cover may be compromised when a SD-6 agent is sent in to thwart the sale. Meanwhile, Will is enticed to continue his investigation of SD-6 when he learns the identity of one of his kidnappers. Emily tells Sydney that she knows about SD-6, which forces Sloane to make the most difficult decision of his life.moreless

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  • Review

    I didnt think that this episode was all that amazing. I thought the drama scenes were poorly done with Sloane and his wife. I liked the scene where Sloane and the man who made the final decision about the matter talked, but Sloane and his wife talking in general were some pretty boring scenes. I thought that the ending was decent, with Dixon looking into the eyes of Sydney and possibly learning of her double agent status. The next episode is sure to start off with some fireworks, with Sydney not able to make the switch before Dixon got to the scene. The mystery man making his return was pretty big I though, I was waiting for Wills storyline to come back around as he and Francie making random scenes about Sydney not being home were getting old. Hopefully this episode is the turn around episode for the final two episodes of the season.moreless
  • good..

    This one was good.. and exciting.. The multiply storylines.. and I specially liked that Will's article was again picked up as that added the excitement.

    Ok.. Syndey.. trying to get over Noah and trying to deal with finding her mother.. sounds quite much and she is really down but with rat problem at home she figures out a genial plan and she with Vaughn are out to fill it but the way this episoded ended, it does look like not all went fine.

    I did like the char interaction in this episode and Will meeting Sydney's father while knowing he kidnapped him..moreless
  • About SD-6

    Will sabe de SD-6, la mujer de Sloane sabe de SD-6 y su (sus) vidas corren peligro (por qué se me hace que la de ella más que la de él?).

    Repito, repido: que Will sea parte de alguna de esas organizaciones por favor! Y que no muera tan pronto!

    Bueno, que más? Me quedé sin internet un tiempo largo (una semana) así que muchos de mis reviews van a ser fríos como el inalterable paso del tiempo y sin mucho contenido como muchas de mis poesías y muchos de mis días. Ah! también me quedé sin trabajo. El alma rebalza de paz.moreless
  • Review

    In this episode of Alias In order to find her mother and catch Khasinau Sydney and Vaughan go undercover a make a transaction for a Rambaldi artifact but when SD-6 and Dixon show up her cover might be blown Sloane's wife Emily tells Sydney she knows about SD-6 and know Sloane has to make a very big decision meanwhile Will is still investing SD-6 all in all a great episode that has good stories and mixes them well together the undercover CIA mission in this episode is one of the best CIA mission that Sydney goes on while still working at SD-6 the end is one to the best of the first season the endmoreless
  • In order to catch Khasinau,Syd and Vaughn set up a sale of a Rambaldi vial with his representative,Mr.Sark.Sloane is forced to make a difficult decision when his terminally ill wife tells Syd that she knows about SD-6.moreless

    Syd:"The truth is it affects me.Never knowing who to trust,learning to expect betrayal,plotting in secrecy and hatred and anger.It's becoming a part of me.I am becoming what i despise.I tell myself i got into this to bring Danny's killers to justice.The truth is,i'm more interested in revenge."

    A lot of things happened in this episode.Syd decides to continue her job as a double agent.Deep-throat reappeared.Will and spy daddy begin to cooperate to find him.Francie accidently gives Syd an idea on how to catch Khasinau.Emilly is in the hospital knowing that she will have passed until Christmas.We also learn that she knew about SD-6 all this time.Sloane has to face a dilemma:he must give his approval to the Alliance to kill his wife in order to stay wih them.Mr.Sark reappeared,too and Dixon is suspicious about someone...

    Syd and Vaughn went to their next mission together.It is obvious that they like each other.However,Syd is afraid to make a movement and Vaughn is shy by nature,but i'm sure that sooner or later they will do something.Besides,they are a great team.

    Will and Jack are together to trace Deep-throat.Despite his austere and "restrained" character,Jack is a good man who loves his familly(Syd)and cares about the people she loves.Now,he suspects a mole inside CIA and his first suspicion is on Haladki.I would be very happy if he was actually the mole and Jack kicked his ass.

    Syd proofed for one more time what a great agent she is.Firstly,because she thought this brilliant solution on how to catch Khasinau,and secondly,because without having ever used those latajang weapons,she took control of them quite easy and fast and kicked Sark's ass.

    Lastly,we had another big theme in this episode:Sloane's dying wife and his big dilemma.I am really really sorry for this woman.She knew all this time about Sloane and SD-6 and her only feelings about him are love and pride.God,i'm sick of him.I hate him.I don't know what new i'm gonna learn about him.He loves only his wife and himself.Easy to kill other people's familly,but very difficult to kill his wife.This is divine retribution.


    --The scene where Syd desperately tries to escape from the fire seriously cut my breath.

    --That fight with Sark was just awesome.

    --Marshall makes pop-up books to clear his mind.

    --Will to Jack:"There are a few things we need to talk about,and quite frankly,you scare me,so i'd rather talk about them in a public place."

    --Dixon seemed to recognize Syd.Her two worlds begin to collide.

    --This episode's scenery:Algeria,Denpasar

    --This episode's language skills:French(Syd and Vaughn)

    --This episode's aliases:French insurance agents(Syd and Vaughn) and the mataza indonesian girl(Syd)

    --This episode's hot look:Syd was pretty in that Indonesian outfit.

    One of the best episodes of this season!!!

Kevin Weisman

Kevin Weisman

Marshall J. Flinkman

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Sydney Anne Bristow

Merrin Dungey

Merrin Dungey

Francine 'Francie' Calfo

Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

Marcus R. Dixon

Ron Rifkin

Ron Rifkin

Arvin Sloane

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan

Michael C. Vaughn

Nicholas Kadi

Nicholas Kadi


Guest Star

Zuhair Haddad

Zuhair Haddad


Guest Star

Al Faris

Al Faris

Salim Wahid

Guest Star

David Anders

David Anders


Recurring Role

James Handy

James Handy

CIA Director Devlin

Recurring Role

Amy Irving

Amy Irving

Emily Sloane

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • During the fight between Sark and Syd near the end of the episode, there is a situation where Sark is pushing down his weapon onto Sydney who is trying to withstand his pressure. During those shots the position of Sarks upper hand on the weapon changes from holding the stick to flathandedly pushing the stick, back and forth several times.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Vaughn: Now, when you and Sark meet, you will actually be able to test each other's merchandise, which is why we need to give him the real Rambaldi solution. After he confirms that the liquid is authentic, you'll make the deal, then switch the vial with an identical one containing colored water and a radioactive isotope we can track via satellite.

    • Will: This is an article that I wrote. Abby, you've got to do this for me. Make sure you keep it sealed, and don't mention this to anyone. And you got to promise me you're not going to open it, unless something happens to me. If something happens to me, you got to publish it.

    • Emily: When you look back ... family, your friends. That's what matters. Work, your job. It won't seem that important. (Sydney nods a little.) Even your job. Even working for SD-6.

    • Devlin: Are you suggesting that I approve the theft of priceless works of art?
      Vaughn: You see, sir, we would just be borrowing them.

    • Sydney: Say there was a break-in at that museum this week. It would be widely publicized. Khasinau would start to hear rumors of what was taken.
      Vaughn: Including rumors of an existing second ampule.

    • Francie: See, the thing about rats is they're clever. You have to outthink them. You can't really just leave out cheese. You have to leave the good stuff. The heavy-duty stuff. The stuff that they want. It's the only way they're going to come out. Otherwise, you're just wasting your time.

    • Will: I was kidnapped! The lives of the people I care about were threatened!
      Voice on Phone: It's a bluff to scare you off the story.
      Will: Well, you know what? It worked. I'm off it.

    • Sydney: But the truth is, it affects me. Never knowing who to trust, learning to expect betrayal, plotting in secrecy and hatred and anger. It's becoming a part of me. I am becoming what I despise.

    • Voice on Phone: Mr. Tippin... it was Jack Bristow.

    • Francie: I'm gonna send flowers to Will for thanking for babysitting our rodents. What do you think the card should say?
      Sydney: I had sex with someone.
      Francie: (laughs) Seriously.

  • NOTES (2)

    • When Vaughn and Sydney set up the exchange with Khasinau's representative, Vaughn is accompanied by an operative who had a custom made Remington 700 sniper rifle.

    • Music from this episode includes:
      "Coming Down" by Trickside
      "I'm Gone" by Alison Krauss & Union Station


    • James Bond

      Edward Poole is referred to as "a former operative of MI6." Edward Poole is played by Roger Moore, who also played another MI6 operative, James Bond.