Season 5 Episode 12

There's Only One Sydney Bristow

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on ABC

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    After the death of Ana Espinoza, who had disguised herself as Sydney Bristow thru Project Helix, Syd takes a chance to learn more about Arvin Sloane. She accepts to work with Sloane as Ana Espinoza saying she had killed Sydney Bristow and she leaks Sloane's plans to APO and Sloane is brought down once again.

    I like the intelligence in this movie
  • Will's back and Vaughn lives

    This episode offered some major surprises:
    Anne is back and is now trying to get back at Sydney through Will - who we saw for first time in I don't know how long. It was great that he appeared once more in this final season!
    And then we find out that Vaughn is alive, that his death was orchestrated by Sydney and Jack. When I first heard it, I didn't really get it, because it all sounded so casual... well, but I guess it makes sense. Sydney seemed so calm all the time and she didn't seem to be mourning much. I always wondered about that, but I thought she was just being strong, doing it the Sydney-way, you know. Of course I find it terrific that Vaughn is still alive, I was completely disappointed about the way things ended in the season 5 premiere.
    This season is getting stronger, I really liked this episode! It's great how all the old characters are having their last hurrah in this season, it's a great way to bring the storylines to an end and give all the great actors the credit they deserve!
  • The 100th episode of 'Alias' is finally upon us! And while it may not be as good as episode 99 (you just can't beat Lena Olin) it certainly did a good job of keeping me entertained for the hour.

    The 100th episode of 'Alias' is finally upon us! And while it may not be as good as episode 99 (you just can't beat Lena Olin) it certainly did a good job of keeping me entertained for the hour.

    Having Will and Anna Espinosa back was very fun. I have to admit I've missed both of those characters and it seemed like the producers are really trying to go back to the good old days (Ana kissing the glass with lipstick on, which she used to always do in season one). They really are making these last few episodes just for the fans and it doesn't go unnoticed. Also Will got to prove himself worthy this episode, he saved Sydney's life not only once, but twice. It was fun seeing Will able to fend for himself and fighting the bad guys along with Sydney. He would have made a good agent.

    Rimbaldi came back in this episode and once again ASS got to prove her lack of knowledge. "Uhh..guys, what's Rimbaldi?" Okay I'm being a little too harsh on her, after all it was nice to get a recap on who Rimbaldi really is as we go into, what will probably be, Rimbaldi's ultimate end game.

    And Sydney got doubled! It wasn't really a huge shock like it was back in season 2 with Francie but I still think the producers made a good choice. They couldn't end Alias without bringing up that doubling protocol again and what better way to end it all then by having Sydney herself be cloned. I look forward to seeing Jennifer Garner's dark side.

    All-in-all it was a fun episode but I look forward to seeing some good drama and action next week.

    Final Quotes and Notes:

    - We finally got to see the 12 leaders of Prophet 5 in this episode. It looks like Joseph doesn't go too high up in the ranking though. He wasn't allowed in the same room as Sloane.

    - The bit with the super-trained C.I.A. babysiters was amusing. In fact the whole episode seemed to have a lighter tone to it.

    - Sydney: "Delicate porcelain lily?" Will: "Leave me alone. I was on a roll."
    - We finally got a glimpse of how the process of doubling works. Intersting method except how do they hold their breathe under water for so long?

    - Will (to Sydney):"...There's only one Sydney Bristow." Not anymore.

    - Did you see all the extra pictures I had for this review? Only for Alias.

    Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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  • Review

    Seeing Will return was a nice surprise, and it was also weird that Sydney seems to know that Vaughn is alive somewhere. I would have thought that Jack would have done this himself and that Sydney would not really know - though I guess it all makes sense now as to why Sydney had no emotion at the funeral in "P5"

    The only thing that confused me was the entire episode of "The Horizon". I guess because of the machine that they used in the episode it was never revealed that Vaughn was dead - all they said was that Sydney missed him. I dont know - was hoping for more answers in this epsiode, but good to know that Vaughn is alive somewhere.

    I thought the rest of the episode was pretty well done, with Anna and Will coming back and giving us some of that "Season 1 - Season 2" Alias that I would say was the strongest Alias episodes ever. The ending of another "Helix" type of surgery to Anna actually lost the episode points instead of gaining it any. The ending was pretty easily seeable from a mile away and Im not sure I like the wrtiers continuing to go back to this Helix thing. Either way - it was a pretty decent episode.
  • Sydney's back.

    This episode really showed off Sydney and how good at her job she is. Meanwhile Slone meets with the leaders of Prophet Five in order to bargin for Nadia's recovery. Sydney is sent to rescue Will from Prophet Five member Anna Espinoza. By the end of the episode, Anna goesm into a bath of some liquid and after a process she appears as Sydney Bristow! This episode was a great 100th episode, at parts it was fun, at others it was tense and intresting. Shame Alais from here on in is all about closing off the series. Season 5 didn't have enough episodes like this.
  • Will my man! He is back and he is in action, you have to love this episode, oh and Sydney was good too.

    Alright, so some of you may have noticed, I love Alias. But I really did miss Will Tippin, He returned for his one episode, which I don't really care, because it was an awesome episode. The explosive planted into the back of his head, genius... reminds me of M:I:III. Kudos to J.J. on that one. Also alright, Anna is back, every body seems to be back this season. Anna is back and she is worse than ever. Her mission was to take Sydneys DNA. None of us knew why of course, unless you made a guess to the Episode title. Then, there she was, Anna Espinosa as Evil Sydney Bristow...gotta love it.
  • Painful to watch since it will go off asap!

    I can't believe the show will go off in about
    A week or two and it will give us only time to watch
    The next few week's shows. As indeed there is only
    One Sydney Bristow. Would love for it to come back
    By the big screen so that the show would tie up all loose ends. Will miss the show when it goes!
  • When syd, camr back from maternity leave to help a friend, kiddnapped by her nemesis, shenis oblivious to the ultimate plan ti clone her.whe realize how the bring back vaughn not to mention the whole tom thing is bugging me. but this eppi is classic sydne

    I was on the edge of my seat i mean i had been waiting for jen to get back to the butkicking. i mean loive to see her kick ass, and Gina as he nemesis i mean i was in heaven. i loved this eppi classic alias. could not of enjoyed it more. I mean wow when she did, and the gina did, i mean i was all over the place i love this show. This eppi is exactly why i watch this show i mean realy, Jenifer Garner rocks, i love Gina Torres she has made this show much better.
  • Everything is building towards the end!!

    Wow what an amazing 100th episode (can I say Wow again?).

    From what I've read on other websites, forums and blogs there are many varying views on Alias' milestone 100th episode. It seems quite a few people were disappointed in the plot but I say how can that be?

    For one the writers on this show are genius although in the past that statement has held the glue but many things came together in this episode that were brought up in previous seasons.

    There were so many call backs in this episode I would have to write a novel to list them all.

    I don't want to give anything way but the ending has been done before though it does set up for an amazing ending and perfectly ties in with the Rambaldi prophecy.

    I have to say that I love Alias and will be really sad after the Series Finale airs.
  • thank god sydney gave birth already! it's about time. it seemed like she was pregnant forever! oh.. and btw, congratulations, Jennifer Garner!

    well, it has been too long since we last saw sydney kick ass. and i must admit, i miss that too much! watching her take back seat to all the adventures and fights is no fun. after all, sydney IS Alias, right? and now, we get not one but two sydney bristow! it will be so much fun watching Sydney fight An-Ney.

    amy ecker now in the opening credits? yay! elodie bouchez is now special guest star which is a good idea actually. the casting of amy ecker as kelly peyton was genius. she looks like an angel but we all know what she is. good acting, good facial gestures and not too over-the-top. love her!

    i understand Will took up some martial arts class during his 2 years away from Sydney but since when he could work on computer surveilance as well? that's a bit weird.

  • After months of being on the sideline, due to her pregnancy, Sydney returns to her roots.........kickin sum ass. After all, there is only one Sydney Bristow.

    I thought this episode was one of the best of the final series but it can\'t touch The Horizon, because that episode was one of the best ever, in Alias history. However, this episode hit all the right buttons and Hardcore Alias fans, like me, will love this 100th edition. It has everything and also some returning faces. Just watch it. It could have been better to get the 10 out of 10 rating BUT..........................only 4 episodes left..........make the most of it because I know I will.
  • Been done before

    Hello the whole bomb in the head was done years ago on Dark Angel. I like Will and was glad to see him back but come on! Anna would have killed the skinny white girl without blinking an eye back in the day. Wake me when Vaughn shows back up.
  • This episode sees Sydney return from her maturnity leave early when Will is abducted. It also shows the return of Anna. Definitely one of the better episodes this season. However the promos for the show made the ending a little predictable.

    Awesome episode! I loved watching Will in Seasons 1 and 2. It was so much fun having him work with Sydney again. Definitely an edge of your seat episode. One of the best scenes was when Will calmly announced that his head was beeping.

    I've definitely enjoyed watching Bradley Cooper in his recent movies, but it's always nice to see actors return to the shows that helped them start out to begin with. Especially when so many actors/actresses today trash the shows that made them famous in the first place.

    I can't wait to see what's in store for the last few episodes. Hopefully they will be as exciting as this one.
  • I'm late to this show but from what I saw in this one, it was good!

    My first episode...yep, I've tuned in late to another prime time TV show and I must say, for a 100th episode, this is pretty good. My roommate really got into it during the Sydney and Anna fight. To him, there's nothing like a girl fight and I agree, this was pretty well done. A bomb inside someone's (particular Will's) head was a weird but hard driven move and was able to work out in the end. Anna also made an impression on me as a really evil character. A nice plot-thickening ending to the episode although they may have done it before. I'll go back and watch the Alias DVD's and get caught up now.
  • Stealing from his own ideas.

    Good episode. Happy that Sid is finally back to working her fighting magic.. the big reason to watch the show. And all the \\\"bringing back of character\\\" is completely expected for the final episodes of a series.

    BUT!!... planting a bomb inside Will\\\'s head. Isn\\\'t that part of the plot of JJ\\\'s MI-III movie?? .. Is this a reference to that.. or is he running out of cool ideas. If Sid crash lands on a wierd island next week, I guess we\\\'ll get the answer.

    All around, good episode as it sets up for the final sequence. Hopefully everthing (or most everything) gets explained before final credits. A second Sidney is mixing up the pot enough to make me tune in next week.
  • Amazing episode! Will Tippin was one of my favorite characters, he\'s back and out in the field with Syd.Uncle Will Reporting for duty!

    A lot of people are saying this was a sloppy episode. This was one of my favorite so far this year. One thing, it is the return of Will, whom we have not seen in a year! And it was great to see him and Syd in the field together! I was shocked how we had a double guest star episode. No Will, do not open the door!! Ana-Espinosa is going to shoot you! And how great was it to see Amy Acker work with Gina Torres again, after working as Fred and Jasmine on Angel! I loved when Will held the baby and was \\\"Uncle Will\\\" and how he asked Syd to be his best man. We\'ll assume he does get married in the future and that Syd is there. And he\\\'s marrying the painter he was going to ask out back in season 3! I enjoyed it when Will was sitting with all the Agents and with Sloane who tried to have him murdered back then! Poor Will with the bomb,\"Syd, my head is beeping!\" I was at the edge of my seat during Syd and Ana\\\'s fight with Will\\\'s head as a timebomb! But it was the shocker how Ana became a Sydney double, that\\\'ll explain the dream she had back in season 3- Fighting herself. And What a mess Ana is going to make. But Will had a great ending, walking with Syd with the baby. He got to see her before Vaughn! By the way where is he! He needs to go home or at least guest star for the rest of the series. But Awesome episode! Good to see you again Will Tippin....
  • There you go girl.. kick some butt!!!

    I must admit .. there is only ONE Sydney Bristow ;).. coool episode, cool butt kicking, cool action.. We are back on track this time and with a bomb ;).. That Sloane must tell them what he diiiid... these APO people are like pippets now :s and another Sydney on the way.. they need an eye opener.. All in all, this is way too far from monotony!! Excellent!! the thing is I wonder how come does Jenn look 100% fit after the baby, I neeed to know her secret!!! hehe she looks amazing for someone recently delivered, don't you think so??
  • A return of some forgotten faces, mixed with a revelation that there is more than one Sydney Bristow, unlike what the title suggests. A great episode!

    The producers of the show claimed they would give Alias an ending fitting for such a great show and thus far they are delivering.

    This episode marks the return of some long missed classic characters. I felt the show was at its strongest when Sydney had a more personal life as well as her secret Government work. The re-introduction of Sydney’s old college friend; Will brings back the more personal element of the show, which I felt made the show so unique and intriguing to begin with.

    Sydney is dramatically forced back into action following the abduction of Will; obviously she makes this personal and refuses anything less than a “front row” seat in his rescue.

    Anna Espinosa also returns as Sydney’s opposite or her double (literally.) Anna seeks a vendetta against Sydney and is more than obliging to Prophet 5 who seek her recruitment. Her inclusion can only make the remaining episodes more interesting as it puts Sydney in real danger, making her even more vulnerable.

    My one criticism of this episode would be the regurgitation of a used storyline, namely cloning Anna Espinosa. Cloning has been used extensively throughout Alias and although turning Anna into Sydney creates a lot of interesting possibilities, I thought the producers might come up with something more original.

    Since its return Alias has been top class and I’m quite confident this standard can continue throughout the shows remaining episodes.

    It’s a real shame Alias has to end; it appears to have picked up the pace, from what I thought was a mediocre 4th season and has introduced some new characters that, ideally I would like to know more about.
  • good show.. enough said..

    Okay.. a good episode overall with Syd getting back to butt kicking... but I have one question.. How does Syd know that Vaughn is alive? There hasn\'t been any mention of him since the monk told him he had a baby daughter and even so Syd was not the one who told him. It isn\'t realistic for Syd to know that Vaughn is alive and sometimes I think that the show is very unrealistic because how in the world could Vaughn have survived getting shot like 50 bazillion times? Non one in real life would have been able to survive. I do wish however Vaughn will come back to Syd because they are so cute together and Isabella needs a daddy!
  • (Not my favorite storyline for where its going, not the storyline of this ep cause I thought the bomb in the brain plot was good...) Omg I love Will, but not the evil clone thing...

    Well first off, I absolutly love Will and it was great having Bradley Cooper back (still really wishing Vaughn was in it though). He was hilarious and I loved the whole best man scene along with his comments in the briefing room. Didn\'t realize how much I missed him till now...

    With that said, where this whole plotline is going is really bugging me. We\'ve now got another Syd out there and I\'ve always hated it when shows have doubled a character who\'s running around pretending to be that person and tricking everybody, its just a plot thats always bugged me and I\'ve never really gotten into it. This is Alias\'s third time now if you count that guy who thought he was Sloane last season. It was also finally confirmed that Syd and Jack knew that Vaughn was alive. Didn\'t really like that part, I felt cheaped out of a really good \"omg, hes alive!\" moment from Syd, I was really hoping Irina was behind it, maybe Syd would have finally gone all out and killed her...

    Its bugging me that now everythings wrapping up into an extremely obvious bubble of making sense (although that didnt really make sense...) in that now EspinoSyd can fulfill the Rimbaldi prophecy and Vaughn can come back without an episode of discovering hes alive and kicking butt to get him back. It seems unAliaslike in that it was all very predictable, the only other time everything has worked out so conveniently was when Lauren turned out to be evil so that it\'d be easy to get Syd and Vaughn back together (but I didn\'t complain about that because I love Syd and Vaughn together). I\'m hoping things wont turn out like this and the writers\'ll throw in something nobody\'s predicted that just completly changes everything

    Cant wait till next week...
  • Overall, this episode felt like the beginning of the end, but in a very good way. A number of strong elements from past seasons thread through this episode, and there’s finally a return to the Rambaldi mythology after far too long.

    Now that the writing has been on the wall for a while, it’s clear that the producers have imposed their own mandate: find a way to make sense of the mythology, tie up loose ends, and integrate the fifth season into the larger tapestry. This episode gives that process a little more progress, as the focus shifts to one of the oldest dangling plot threads of the series.

    While the fourth season took the “Page 47” prophecy and attached a few new elements to it, primarily in terms of Nadia’s role in the story, the underlying question of Sydney as Rambaldi’s “Chosen One” was never fully explored. The Rambaldi endgame described in the fourth season did make a certain amount of sense: a means of pacifying the world’s population with a select few, possibly a reborn Rambaldi himself, ruling over the sheep.

    So the implication was relatively clear. The Mueller device was designed as something of a control mechanism, but one that could be abused by the wrong people. Yelena Derevko was the wrong person, and thus the true goal of the Rambaldi endgame was never achieved. And since the fourth season arc never addressed what the “greatest power” was supposed to be, beyond some vague possibility that “peace” might be the answer (as per the third season), there’s plenty of room to maneuver.

    This episode raises an interesting possibility. The interpretation of the Rambaldi prophecy up to this point has been that Sydney or some relative thereof is the woman in the prophecy. However, as the writers now point out, there’s been a history of individuals modified on the genetic level to “become” someone else. Alison Doran is the most obvious example. It’s the equivalent of a personality transplant; the body is replicated, while the mind remains intact.

    The result is a neat extension of one of the series’ first true examples of symmetry. Anna Espinosa was first introduced as Sydney’s equal but opposite. There was every reason to believe that Anna would become a recurring thorn in Sydney’s side, and once Anna was connected to the Magnific Order of Rambaldi, the connections were there to be exploited. For various reasons, that never happened, but now it feels completely natural that Anna become Sydney’s true dark reflection.

    By the end of this episode, Sydney’s equal but opposite has all the hallmarks (or so we would assume) of Rambaldi’s prophecy. Thus the question is raised: is Sydney really the Chosen One? Or if she is, is it possible for the Chosen One status to be pre-empted? One is reminded of the question raised on “Angel” when Spike also became ensouled; when a vague term is used to describe the key player in a prophecy, it’s easy to make assumptions.

    Whatever the case, there’s now someone with all the right stuff and every reason to render “the greatest power unto utter desolation”. And conveniently, this brings up a very good point. Why would Prophet Five (now firmly established, in the most natural way, to be connected to the ongoing Rambaldi movement) need the actual manuscript page? That implies that the information itself is not the most important thing; something unique to the page is necessary for the final endgame.

    This episode also strongly suggests that Isabelle (or however Sydney spells it) doesn’t have much to do with Rambaldi’s endgame. There something that the Horizon and this latest gambit with Anna must relate to, but Sydney’s daughter doesn’t seem to be included. That may change in the near future, since there’s not a lot of time to play things out, but that would suggest that the Covenant’s goals in the third season (specifically, the plan to resurrect Rambaldi) isn’t coming back into play through Isabelle.

    Beyond the exciting connections to the larger mythology, there were other highlights to the episode. For one thing, Will Tippin returns in a relatively logical way, and it feels like he never left. Will wasn’t always the best character in the world, but he was an important part of Sydney’s support system. Many feel that the series took a bad turn when Will and Francie were out of the picture, and Will’s return in this episode (which feels like a solid final farewell, without the usual tragedy) demonstrates that there is some truth to that.

    Also, Drew Goddard delivers some great comedic moments in a script that could have been bogged down by the dramatic elements. Goddard understands that dynamic very well, thanks to his time under Joss Whedon on “Buffy” and “Angel”, and his writing continues to excel. The result is a versatile script that covers a lot of ground without stretching it too far. This was easily one of the best episodes of the season for that very reason.

    Gina Torres is always good as Anna, and as usual, respect must be given to Amy Acker for her disturbing turn as Peyton. She plays amoral very well, but more importantly, she looks incredibly hot in the process (check her out when she’s holding Will or in that jacket at the end!) For that matter, it was great to see both Sydney and Rachel in the sexy outfits, and Rachel actually demonstrated competence. It’s about time!

    Not everything was on the mark, but most of the problems were the result of the network’s moronic interference earlier in the season. Sloane’s involvement with Prophet Five was dictated by how it was treated previously, and that didn’t include Rambaldi. Yet now it is revealed (as one had to expect) that P5 is directly related to the Rambaldi endgame. (Indeed, those connections have always been assumed by this reviewer.)

    But that brings up a bit of a logic problem. It’s one thing for everyone at APO to assume that the Rambaldi business is over and done with, though they should have recognized the similarities between previous situations and the P5 activities. But that can be ignored easily enough. What’s a lot harder to understand is P5’s decision not to consult or discuss Rambaldi with Sloane.

    After all, if P5 is the evolution of the elements that comprised the Covenant, Yelena’s organization, the Alliance of 12, and so many other groups over the past 30 years, they would have a vested interest in knowing exactly what Sloane’s organization had done during the same time period. Even if they knew the details already, why wouldn’t Rambaldi come up even once? Especially since the cure for Nadia would logically come from a Rambaldi source?

    Even so, this was an episode filled with all the classic “Alias” elements, mixed with the best aspects of the recent seasons. Sure, the shot of the P5 leaders was strongly reminiscent of the Syndicate from “X-Files”, but since the series’ mythology borrows generously from “X-Files” anyway, it fits thematically. It’s about as close to “old school” as this series is likely to get, and it’s all the better for it.
  • Sloppy Episode

    I\'m with the other guy in here. I think the writers made a big mistake and cut out a scene of Sidney finding out Vaughn was alive. Sidney can\'t keep a secret about anything and certainly wouldn\'t have been moping around in her private time for the last number of episodes.

    Also, if her dad knew about Vaughn as well... why did she tell her dad that she knew it was a mind game that was being played with her when she was in that room about 3 episodes ago.

    This episode was very lazy. I also like how Will twice is able to stop Maria by fighting with her but Sidney can\'t.

  • Great to see Sydney kicking butt again.

    It\\\'s a shame we only have 4 more episodes left. I wish there were 10 episodes left so we could see more of what made the show great during its first couple seasons - Sydney running around and beating up the bad guys. It was also awesome to see Will again and I hope that he sticks around through the final few episodes.

    I\\\'m also very curious about what Sloane is up to and what Prophet Five\\\'s end game is exactly. And just what do they plan on doing with turning Anna into a Sydney doppleganger??? Is that how they plan on finding out Vaughn is still alive?

    Speaking of Vaughn, I\\\'m surprised in reading over a few comments as to why people are surprised to know that Sydney and Jack know Vaughn is alive. Think about some of those flashbacks in \\\"The Horizon.\\\" When Sydney flashed to seeing Vaughn in his hospital bed she said the last thing she did was let him drink from that cup and then he had a heart attack. Throughout her flashbacks it was hardly a secret that Sydney was part of a plan to fake Vaughn\\\'s death so Prophet Five would forget about him. It was for Vaughn\\\'s safety his death was faked and would only rejoin Sydney and the rest of APO after Prophet Five was defeated. If you watch the funeral in \\\"Prophet Five\\\" and watch everyone\\\'s faces there isn\\\'t the deep sadness that Sydney had back after Danny died. I suspected right there that they all faked Vaughn\\\'s death, but who exactly was part of the plan wasn\\\'t quite clear.

    Anyways, it\\\'s great to see Alias back, and I hope J.J. Abrams will be involved in some fashion in the final episode. I also hope there will be some mix of techno music mixed in like throughout the first three seasons.
  • Nice to see people comming back...

    In the last episode we saw devlin back, and also vaughn (who we all thought may be alive, but it was nice to wait so long, that way our hopes faded, and it was a surprise), and now we\'ve got anna and will, and that\'s nice, but they really aren\'t amongst my favorite characters. The one I really miss is Sark, that\'s one hell of a character, he is a very very likeable bad guy, plus a very dignified one, even Sloane used to address him as Mr Sark.

    About this episode, the whole cloning issue is getting a little old, and that sydney knew about vaughn all along seems a little inconsistent to me, well...
  • wtf, they know vaughn\'s alive??!!??

    can somebody please tell me why syd said that they know vaughn\'s alive?? is that mistake or am i going crazy - and im pretty sure im not going crazy cause i rewinded it and made sure she said that - in case your wondering which part its the part where they find out Will has a bomb in his head back at the headquarters and Syd\'s telling Jack how bad she feels lying to Will. Man that\'s messed up. Other than that ok episode, obvious ending w/ the chemicals and the dna and that crap. overall pretty bad for the 100th episode, 4 more left? wondering how J.J. Abram\'s gonna finish it!!
  • Anna Espenosa is taken from jail & hired by Prophet Five to capture Will Tipin. Sydney saves will, but Sydney and him go into the field to deactivate a bomb planted by Prophet Five. The bomb is deactivated, but at the end we see Anna turned into Sydney!!!

    This was the best episode of the entire series. I really can't say how good this episode was. Sydney with her baby that was really cut. Also we get to see Will again which is awesome and I so happy that his head didn't explode from the bomb. That just would have destroyed the good episode. I can't believe Anna Espenosa is back I hate her she is the most evil person ever. When she kissed the glass that was just priceless though, really a blast from the past. I hope we get to see Nadia again she was a great character and I want her to wake up and Sydney would be like congratulations you’re an aunt. The funniest part of the whole episode was when Rachel said, "Wait a minute whose Remabaldi?" that was so funny because practically the whole series has revolved around Sydney and her life & Miloh Remabaldi and his history. For someone to ask who he is weird because almost every single person on the show knows who he is.

    This was such a good episode when it ended i was like "no!!!!!" I really wanted it to go on forever it was so good. This was such a good episode I’m going to give it a 6/5 (******/*****) I'm giving one over the highest point because it was really the best episode ever.
  • And then there were two.

    Wow this was such a great episode. Drew Goddard did such a great job and I know he is so honored that he was chosen to write this episode. Will and Anna Espinosa is back and it seemed like things were going to be tense from the previews but wow! the previews didn't do it justice.

    Sloane, still the lackie for Prophet Five is heartbroken for what he is doing, though he wants to save his daughter. I feel bad for him. This whole Prophet Five deal is going down because of him. He wants to turn over a new leaf but Karma is coming back to get him. The Ex-Manipulator is now being manipulated.

    Wow, I knew Anna Episonsa wanted to get back at Sydney for everything that was happened over the past 4 1/2 years, but Wow! She even went as far as becoming her? That wasn't a shock, I kinda figured it would happen but wow!

    It was nice to see Will again. He's getting married and theres alot that we still don't know. Too bad he's only back for this episode. He did good in the field and I really miss him. I am so glad that he reassured Sydney that she saves the world everyday and that his world has been a little shaky but he's happy because he has her.

    Wow! Page 47! It's back and it's going to bring Hell on Earth. I hope that Nadia plays apart in this as she is "The Passenger".

    I loved it when Anna kissed the glass! It was classic, just like the old days.

    Before, there was only One Sydney Bristow.

    Now there are two.
  • That allusion about \\\"One Tree Hill\\\" is really stretching it. Oh, and it makes no sense...

    Can someone please explain to me what the hell that comment by Sydney was? She knows Vaughn\\\'s alive? Since when?? First I thought I misheard, then I thought I might have missed an episode. It would make absolutely no sense for her to have known all along, but when would she have found out? It would have had to have been after that really lame brain-washing episode.

    Has she been watching the show?
  • Will gets abducted (again) and it\'s Sydney to the rescue!

    All I have to say is WoW! Ok, so I am notreally happy that they are cloning people again. How long is it going to be before they realize Syd has been cloned and how to tell them apart? I had enough of the cloning stuff when they did it to Frannie. With that being said, it was still great to have Will back. He and Syd are awesome together, in like a brother and sister kind of way. It was so cool that Will can now kick Anna's butt too and then he could save Syd like she had done for him soo many times. Was it just me, or did the red chemical remind anyone of when Vaughn got caught by the red ball exploding at the end of season 1? The final scene with them walking in the park was so sweet. Sydney needs a rock in her life, and it's so great that Will was it. Oh and now we know that Sydney knew the entire time Vaughn was alive, not just after she had the baby. Overall, I liked that Will was back, but not really a blow out like you would expect for a 100th episode, in my opinion.

    by the way, loved Will's freaking out when they figured out it was bomb in his head and his reactions in the briefing room when apo kept saying they weren't giving Anna what she wanted.

    Yay Syd is his best man! (I am really done now.. promise)