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  • Season 1 Episode 22: Almost Thirty Years

  • In the recap for the episode "Rendezvous" we see Sydney telling Will "If you need anything there are agents behind that mirror" but in the actual episode of "Rendezvous" we never saw this scene.

  • Number 47: Haladki reveals that the battery is in the room 47 of an underground lab of Pang Pharmaceuticals in Taipei.

  • Sydney is once again chained to a chair, in a Taipei storeroom, like in the first episode. In the latter she dyed her hair red, in this one it's blue.

  • Will injects "Suit and Glasses" with a toxin with a one-in-five chance of causing paralysis. We learn about the consequences of this action in one of the later episodes.

  • April Webster, who plays Irina Derevko but is uncredited, is a casting director for Alias, as well as for two of J.J. Abram's other projects, Lost and Mission: Impossible III.

  • When the water "ballon" bursts the water it contained is enough to fill the entire corridor to the roof in addition to at least that high in the warehouse. Compressed water?

  • Goof: When Sydney is talking to Jack on the docks about the page and the liquid, she mistakenly reverses who has each. She states that the CIA has the page and that SD-6 has the liquid. However, Sydney as a character would've never made this mistake (she knew what was where) - one of the writers must've gotten the dialogue wrong.

  • Goof: Emily's wine glass goes from half full to 3/4 full from the point Arvin gives it to her, and the point at which she drinks it.

  • Season 1 Episode 21: Rendezvous

  • When Will is undercover in Paris, CIA gave him the name Patrice Laffont. In France it's actually the name of a famous presenter.

  • Sodium pentothal, a.k.a. the "Truth Serum," is commonly used to extract information form prisoners in these kind of shows. However, while under the effect of the drug, the patient may lose his inhibitions, but he does not lose self-control, which means that Will would not have told anything he did not want to.

  • Sloane says Sark is "on a trans-Atlantic flight" after escaping from the nightclub with Khasinau. So, Sark flew from Paris, to the Americas... then back to Geneva? Wouldn't it have been easier to just fly from Paris to Geneva?

  • Season 1 Episode 20: The Solution

  • During the fight between Sark and Syd near the end of the episode, there is a situation where Sark is pushing down his weapon onto Sydney who is trying to withstand his pressure. During those shots the position of Sarks upper hand on the weapon changes from holding the stick to flathandedly pushing the stick, back and forth several times.

  • Season 1 Episode 19: Snowman

  • Number 47: McCullough asks Noah about the 47 million dollars that was transferred and then withdrawn to an untraceable account.

  • Jack's full name is Jonathan Donahue Bristow.

  • Vaughn's dog is named Donovan.

  • Goof: Noah Hicks is left handed. When Noah and Sydney go to retrieve the "data core" in "Masquerade", Noah fires the AK-47 with his left hand. Then when they go in this episode, to Capetown, Noah uses his right hand to stun the guards with the sniper rifle, once inside however when he fires the magnetic grappling hook he again uses his left hand again.

    Perhaps Noah is ambidextrous and able to use both hands effectively.

  • Irina is not played by Lena Olin in this episode. Another actress plays her, in a video supposedly shot during a KGB briefing in the 1980's.

  • When the SD-6 team is in Australia to pick up Calder, they are briefed outside his house in a van. Agent Dixon is sitting in the driver's seat (left front) talking over his shoulder to Sydney. This is a blooper as in Australia they drive on the left side of the road, therefore the driver's seat would have been the right front seat.

  • Both Sloane and Vaughn mispronounce Mackay, the town in Queensland, Australia where Sydney is sent to find Calder. They pronounce it "Mack-ay", the end rhyming with the letter A, when it's actually pronounced "Mack-ye", rhyming with the letter I.

  • Season 1 Episode 18: Masquerade

  • When Sydney does a search for her mother at Khasinau's computer complex, she first types the name Laura Bristow. This results in a "file not found" message. Sydney then tries again, this time using her mother's true name: Irina Derevko. That entry provides results: various sets of numbers showing on the computer's screen.

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