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  • Season 2 Episode 12: The Getaway

  • Look closely: When Jack enters the SD-6-Building to access the bank account, the standard Credit-Dauphine entrance is shown. However, there is no dot on the second i, whereas every other time we see a screen similar to that, its there...

  • Marshall demonstrates a ring with a concealed blade, which he says, "will cut through anything". He accidentally cuts his tie, but the ring isn't near the tear, and you can actually see Marshall pull down the other half of the tie as he "cuts" it.

  • Sodium pentothal, a.k.a. the "Truth Serum," is commonly used to extract information form prisoners in this kind of shows. However, while under the influence of the drug, the subject may lose his inhibitions, but he does not lose self-control, which means that Jack would not have told the truth if he chose not to.

  • Twice during the show, characters say the Boy Scout Motto is "Always Be Prepared". In actuality, the motto is simply "Be Prepared".

  • Goof:
    When Jack is reading Sloane's e-mail, the voice over says "Jack, I'm sending this via a secure server. I'm sorry..." but the text on the computer screen just reads "Jack, I'm sorry..."

  • Shouldn't Vaughn's cover be a little more cover-y than "Department of State"? Even most of the audience knows that's a pretty common cover for CIA agents.

  • You can see the skidmarks from Sydney's car on the pavement from previous takes of them skidding the car around the corner and into the truck.

  • Goof: Sydney is called into SD-6 while with her father at the CIA headquarters. The bottom of her hair is curled. Sydney heads straight to SD-6. She walks through the identification room at SD-6 and her hair is now straight. Moments later she is in Sloane's office and Marshall gives her roses. Her hair is now curled again.

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Phase One

  • Goof: Sloane's entire original email is actually visible on the computer screen for a brief moment while McCullough sits down in order to recover what was written. It reads as follows:


    It is with serious concern that I must admit several leadership lapses at SD-6. The cause of which I can only attribute to my moral failings. My own sense of familiarity with two agents in particular has blinded me to some obvious leaks that are responsible for the lack of progress within this cell. Time and again, I have promised success, only to see it falter due to my own blind spot. And even though, many agents within SD-6 have cautioned me regarding the identity of these leaks, I refused to pay attention. But the recent tragedy regarding my wife has caused me to put my responsibilities in order. And I must admit, the blinders are now off, and my hubris will no longer intervene with my abilities to perform as the head of this agency. I have learned that Jack and Sydney Bristow are double agents, working against SD-6. Their true allegiances at this point are unknown. But I intend to make it my top priority to find the truth behind this and root out the threat - and I believe that one Bristow might be able to work against the other. At this point, it would be unfair to reveal the identity of the suspected leaks while I am still gathering intel. However, be assured that once I have incontrovertible evidence, the guilty parties will be made to pay for their transgressions against the Alliance."

    Of course, it doesn't make much sense in this form - the last two sentences contradict the rest.

  • Sydney mentions the time Dixon had suspicions about her being a double agent in "The Enemy Walks In."

  • Number 47: This episode has music by AC/DC in it. A = letter #1, C = letter #3.
    A+C = 4.
    And seeing how D is letter # 4,
    D+C = 7
    AC/DC equals 47.

  • Number 47: When Sydney accesses server 47, you can see several 47s in the scrolling numbers.

  • Sydney tells Dixon the truth about SD-6 on the same place she told Danny about her job in the first episode.

  • This episode marks the destruction of all SD cells, including SD-6.

  • Number 47: The Alliance purchased a 747 to keep the server airborne.

  • Number 47: Sydney is to track and hack server 47, which is thought to be a network that links all the SD cells.

  • At the console connected to server 47, Sydney connects a Palm Pilot via a USB-connector, but the command she types would've sent the data to the COM(1)-port, not the USB.

  • Kendall says that they found seven SD cells, and there is a screen behind him that beeps as it changes spots on the map. You don't get to see all seven places because the camera goes into a close-up of Kendall's face, but you should hear the beeps. But you only hear five beeps, not seven.

  • Season 2 Episode 14: Double Agent

  • When Sydney is speaking with Agent Lennox, she says: "I lost my fiance, last year". However, in the next episode ("Free Agent"), when Dixon asks Sydney how long she's known the truth about SD-6 Sydney says: "Two years". This is a serious time-line issue, because Danny was killed 3 months before Sydney found out the truth about SD-6... meaning that it would have been over 2 years since he was killed.

  • Number 47: Agent Lennox was being held in room 47.

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