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  • Season 3 Episode 18: Unveiled

  • Goof: When Marshall gives Sydney and Vaughn the sun glasses he presses the button on the left side. When Sydney sends the hacker a message she presses on the right side.

  • Why did Lauren tell Vaughn she got a call from her mother blaming her for what happened to her father? That obviously didn't happen, and unless she knew that Vaughn was hearing her conversation with Sark, her excuse is a little too convenient to cover that up.

    She probably figured that she had been spotted wandering around the mall suspiciously while on her cellphone and came up with an excuse that would cover her actions. She got lucky in coming up with an excuse which also explained the outraged tone Vaughn heard her use.

  • Goof:
    Initially in the Operations Center, and during the virus briefing, Sydney has no bangs. Then she and Vaughn go into Marshall's office and she has bangs. Apparently she stopped off at the bathroom with a curler to get them just right in the space of a minute or two.

  • Goof: When Dixon visited Sloane earlier, Sloane was chained up for security. But when Jack visits him, Sloane is unchained.

  • When Dr. Viadro shoves the coat aside to reveal the code panel, the actor inadvertently knocks the loosely-fastened prop loose, then shoves it back into place before entering the code.

  • Dixon specifically says that the notes from Dr. Barnett's sessions with Sloane reveal that Sloane was sleeping with Irina. But...the only time Sloane and Barnett discussed that was when they were on a date, not in a session.

  • Does Barnett as a psychologist have patient-doctor confidentiality? She promised Sloane she did. And she's had Sydney and Jack tell her deep dark secrets by promising it. But here, Dixon just goes through her notes and finds out everything about her sessions with Sloane. No wonder Jack doesn't want to talk to her.

  • Season 3 Episode 17: The Frame

  • The official cause of Senator Reed's death was suicide. However, judging by the angle of the gun pointed at him, it looks like he was shot either in the forehead (if he was kneeling), or the chest (if he was stood up). In either case, it is pretty obvious that he didn't commit suicide.

  • Lauren pointed a gun at Senator Reed and told him to put his hand behind his head is a lot like when Derevko did it to Sydney in the season 2 premiere. In both situation someone ended up dead, but the shooter and the person getting shot is not who we expected.

  • Number 47: (hidden) When Marshall monitors the helicopter and the four divers, its frequency shown onscreen is 14375.298.

  • Alice was mentioned for the first time since the fall of SD-6 in "Phase One."

  • Number 47: When Vaughn and Sydney go underwater, her monitor shows 434 meters of profundity (4 (3+4=) 7).

  • Number 47: Jack's user account's reference number is 024785.

  • When Jack accesses Lauren's e-mail, the subject of one of the messages is "FW: Photos for Alias Ep. #315".

  • Goof: Lauren's last access date into her computer was in 3/26/04, but if the show jumped forward two years, this year should be 2006.

  • Season 3 Episode 16: Taken

  • The plane transporting Sark is painted in KLM livery. Why would the CIA use a used passenger airliner painted in such recognisable colours? Moreover, while the Autopilot can keep a plane on a course and glideslope towards a runway, it needs an ILS localizer and thus a runway for this; moreover, it cannot reduce its own thrust, set its flaps, lower its landing gear, arm its speedbreaks or perform other actions necessary for landing without pilot input. It seems unlikely a Boeing 747 could land in the middle of the desert with the entire crew on board dead.

  • Dixon staring at an exploding building in horror and Syd trying to get Dixon away is a lot like when Dixon blew up a couple of CIA agents by accident in "Doppelgänger." Sydney stared at an exploding building in shock and Dixon try to get Sydney away.

  • This is not the first time Jack and Sark meet face to face. It's also not the first time Jack and Sark trade an object for a human life. Jack had to get Will back from Sark during season 1 in almost the same way.

  • This is not the first time Dixon almost killed an innocent person (of the particular crime) during interrogation. The first time was Will in the first part of Season 2 season finale.

  • Number 47: (inverted) Artifact 45 is being kept in room 74.

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