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  • Season 3 Episode 16: Taken

  • Number 47: When looking for artifact 45, Sydney passes by artifact 47.

  • Number 47: The FAA server log 004 that Marshall pulls up shows "Results Log 001247XY4545."

  • Erin runs after Dixon to offer him his 'hard copy' and offers him a CD. Hard Copy means a printed version, a copy on CD would be a 'soft copy.'

  • Goof: During the kiss between Sloane and Dr. Barnett, Sloane uses his left hand to kiss her but in a couple shots his hand is not there.

  • Season 3 Episode 15: Façade

  • Goof: When the bomb squad are trying to disarm the bomb in the first few minutes of the episode, the counter on the bomb clearly counts down past one and shows zero for the next few shots.

  • We learn the identity of the "unimportant man" Sydney killed in the flashback of "Full Disclosure."

  • Number 47: The deactivation code for the bomb aboard the plane that Daniel Ryan gives Dixon is 594-477-459-1124.

  • Weiss mentions the time he was shot in "The Enemy Walks In."

  • In the bar scene between Daniel Ryan and Agent Weiss, the extras' accents are in the wrong dialect. Their accents are clearly southern, and if you listen closely, one man mentions Cork.

  • The license/registration plate on the SUV that pulls up behind the Belfast bar, is a white and blue European Union issue plate that is only found in the Republic of Ireland. If it was registered in Belfast, the plates would be yellow, but would not display a year, which is also only seen in Southern Ireland.

  • The scene in which a landscape view of Belfast is shown is actually stock footage of Cork City, located in the Republic of Ireland. This is clear from the quay (wharf) and Cathedral in the background.

  • The bomb on the plane is in the pressurized cargo area. If not, they would not have been able to reach it whilst flying at 19,000 feet. Commercial aircraft are pressurized to the equivalent of 8,000 feet, yet the bomb was set to detonate at 18,000 feet. The only way that the bomb could have worked with a barometric fuse is with it set to trigger below 8,000 feet.

  • Goof: On the plane before takeoff, a stewardess asks Mr. Sark if he would like a glass of wine. The wine in the bottle is at that time red, but 3 seconds later, it is white.

  • Season 3 Episode 14: Blowback

  • When Lauren and Sark are leaving the parking garage in Vancouver a yellow garbage or recycling truck is shown. Vancouver garbage trucks are actually white; recycling trucks are green.

  • The plates on the cars that are supposed to be BC (British Columbia) plates are wrong in multiple ways. First, BC plates are royal blue and white, not black and white as shown. Second, the flag shown in the middle of the plate (a largely orange sun) was not not the BC flag (a yellow sun rising over blue and white waves with the Union Jack above it). And third, the car Lauren and Sark hit was shown to have the license 85E APL but only commercial vehicles have mixed numbers and letters in a single grouping of three; until 2007 all privately owned vehicles had a series of three letters followed by three numbers, since 2007 three numbers followed by three letters have been used to account for the number of vehicles on the road.

  • The skyline shown for Vancouver, BC, was not Vancouver. Not only were none of the landmark buildings there, the North Shore mountains (Cypress, Whistler, Grouse, and the Lions) were nowhere in sight.

  • Marshall officially has a son named Mitchell.

  • Goof:
    Right after the debriefing session Syd and Lauren walk out and talk together and Weiss and Vaughn talk together. When from the perspective of Vaughn he watched Lauren walk away when she was done talking with Sydney. When from the perspective of Lauren she finished talking with Sydney and then turned to look over were Weiss and Vaughn where but only Weiss is there.

  • Goof:
    In the second take of Lauren and Sark speeding away, the back windscreen has already been shot at long before Sydney fires a shot, then when she does actually fire the shot the windscreen is perfect again.

  • Some of the dialogue between Lauren and Vaughn changes between the two different "perspectives" - there's a couple of missing lines of dialogue the second time around.

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