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  • Season 3 Episode 12: Crossings

  • The pictures from the city of Zurich in this episode (and in 3x06, 3x13) are actually showing a Hungarian square from Budapest, Hungary, called Astoria. By the way this square (with the house that has the big advertisement on the top) was the one where Brad Pitt and Robert Redford were talking in the movie Spy Game, in that movie Budapest was used instead of Berlin.

  • Jack and Irina were married for ten years, as established in several episodes. But Katya talks about how Jack was married to Irina for five years and never figured out she was a spy.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: Full Disclosure

  • Lazarey mentions "The Passenger." We will learn more about it by the end of this season.

  • Irina appears in the flashbacks from "The Telling."

  • We learn that Sydney can't be brainwashed due to Project Christmas.

  • Kendall was the first person Sydney speak to after waking up without her memory at the very end of Season 2. A little gift of irony for the viewer since he is the one who knows all about Sydney's past.

  • The Rambaldi symbol < O > is on the side of the mountain that Sydney and Lazarey go to to find the cube. Also, the same symbol was flashed on Victor Garber's credit in the opening credits.

  • In the final scene, Reed snipes Lazarey from the roof of a building. This is the ABC Riverside building on the Disney Studio Lot in Burbank, CA.

  • When the CIA operatives jump off a C-130 airplane they are in pairs. That is the one thing a skydiver never does due to the extreme danger of the parachutes tangling from two persons diving one next to another. Also in the next scene where we see the parachutes open (which is stock footage, according to the commentary), it is clear that they did not jump in pairs since every one of them is at a different altitude.

  • According to Kendall, he got the video of Sydney saying she was going to have her memories wiped two days before she turned up in Hong Kong. On the video she has very short hair but when she was found in Hong Kong her hair was practically down to her waist - how'd it grow so fast, even if she made the video a week or two before Kendall got it and she was found?

  • If one of the Covenant members at Sydney's brainwashing test was McKenas Cole, wouldn't she mention that to Kendall before she had her memories wiped? Seems like a pretty important piece of information to know Cole is around and a big-wig in the Covenant.

  • It's night time and Sydney's at her home studying papers on Rambaldi. Then she gets drugged and the show cuts to a shot of a plane lifting off into the sunset....which would have happened an hour or two earlier at the very least.

  • The ambulance Lazarey travels in parks yards away from the bay and offers the sniper a shot, surely it would've parked up tight denying this. Further, the security guards are hanging about out of sight of their charge to the side of the vehicle, instead of offering realistic cover. Finally, it's common protocol for some form of body amour to be worn by a potential gunshot victim and Lazarey had none. Some may argue he was receiving medical care but he wasn't in need of vital extraordinary means (i.e rib spreader!) and so a jacket c/should've been laid in place at least.

  • Goof:
    In the scene where Sydney is struck with the dart, she is walking right to left. When we see the dart, it is squarely in her back and we see the apparent shooter at the rear of the scene. However, Sydney never turned her back in that direction.

  • Season 3 Episode 10: Remnants

  • Will Tippin's (Bradley Cooper) witness protection name is Jonah.

  • The Hotel in which deposited the Rambaldi-Box is called "Verlustzeit". It's a nonsense mix of two German words - "Verlust" ("loss") and "Zeit" ("time"). "Verlorene Zeit" would be the accurate translation for "lost time" - even though a hotel would never be named like that.

  • Sark's first name is Julian while Sydney's fake name for two years was Julia.

  • Goof: When Sark sits to interrogate his father, he crosses his left arm over his right, however in the next shot, it is his right over his left.

  • In this episode and the previous, the protagonists talk about exchanging Sydney for "the Rambaldi device". What Rambaldi device? All they say is "the Rambaldi device". Are they talking about "the Telling"? Why don't they just call it "the MacGuffin"?

  • The Hotel Verlustzeit is mentioned by Sydney and Sark, and each has trouble with the pronunciation. She says something like "Verluszit" and he says "Verlusteit."

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