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  • Season 1 Episode 18: Masquerade

  • Sydney's codename in this episode is White Rabbit.

  • When Sydney retrieves the 'slightly chilled' data core, she falls, and the glass in her helmet starts to crack. Few seconds later, Noah Hicks carries her out to safety, but now there are no cracks in the glass anymore.

  • Season 1 Episode 17: Q & A

  • First appearance of F.B.I. Assistant Director Kendall (played by Terry O'Quinn).

  • Number 47: Haladki says that they have decoded 47 Rambaldi predictions.

  • SD in SD-6 stands for Section Disparu (the section that doesn't exist).

  • The payphone scene is supposed to take place during 1992, but a flyer for the 2000 movie Requiem for a Dream can be seen.

  • In order to suck air through a tire nozzle, Sydney would have to push in the pin with her tongue. No one has a tongue strong or flexible enough to do that. The DVD commentary for season 1 acknowledges that the tire was indeed modified by the stunt coordinators.

  • Goof:
    Just before the car goes over the dock, you can see that the front wheels of the car are at a 45 degree angle as if you were turning left, in other words would technically not be able to go straight. Also, if you look carefully at almost any camera view, you can see a cord guiding the car into the water.

  • In "Truth Be Told" the SD-6 set appears different. When she returns 3 months later in "So It Begins," the SD-6 set is different. But in this episode, when Sydney flashes back to when she first started working for SD-6, the set appears as it did in "So It Begins," not "Truth Be Told".

  • The flashback to "Spirit" uses an alternate scene than in the original episode (Sydney doesn't accentuate the "Thank" in this episode).

  • Goof: When the car first begins to sink in the first underwater shot, you can see the green tank walls.

  • The first time Sydney mention Rambaldi's name to Kendall, she pronounces it "Meelo", then in the next scene she says is correctly "Milo."

  • Sydney is brought in a hearing room where the FBI team will be asking her questions. A man walks in and offers her a vanilla milkshake placing it right in front of her. When the FBI staff enters the room, we get a straight shot at Sydney and notice that the milkshake has been moved to the left of the screen (Sydney's right arm). Then after one or two shots (approx. 1-2 seconds total) to the FBI committee and back we can see that the milkshake is now located in front of Sydney's left arm (to the right side of the screen) in front of the microphone. Given that she has been cuffed to the chair all this time, how could she possibly have moved it?

  • In "Truth Be Told" Sydney tells Danny she worked for SD-6 for 1 month before being upgraded to agent. In this episode, she says she worked for the bank for 6 months before being working for SD-6.

  • Season 1 Episode 16: The Prophecy

  • (The French conversation when Sloane meets Briault is, translated to English)
    Briault: My friend!
    Sloane: How are you my friend?
    Briault: Very, very well. I became a grandfather last week.
    Sloane: Oh, you are a grandfather. (The two then begin speaking in English.)

  • Number 47: The box where Sydney and Vaughn find the code key is labeled 14547.

  • After Poole open the laptop on Sloane's desk you can see it closed when Sloane is looking at the picture, but in the next scene it is still open.

  • Season 1 Episode 15: Page 47

  • Number 47: When a black-hooded Jack Bristow and a few other hooded men kidnap Will and threaten his family and friends in order to make him stop researching SD-6, Jack lists Sydney's address as 4250 Cochran Street. 4 and (2+5)= 7 (and 0) is her house number. Also, 42+5=47.

  • Number 47: According to Vaughn the page 47 is always significant in a Rambaldi manuscript.

  • When Sydney is talking to the man on the boat, she actually speaks Swedish, but the subtitle says [Speaking Russian]. What Sydney says in Swedish is: "Excuse me, can you help me? My boat...I have no gasoline left. Can you loan me some gasoline? ...Thank you very much.

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