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  • Season 5 Episode 12: There's Only One Sydney B...

  • Sydney's daughter's name is Isabelle.

  • The entire 'train' set, as well as the exterior CGI shots of the train were recycled from the fourth season opener, "Authorized Personnel Only (Part 1)".

  • More Dutch being spoken in Moscow. In the scene where Rachel and Thomas fight in the club he says to her something like "Waar ben jij mee bezig, jij vieze slet!" ("What do you think you're doing, you dirty tramp!") and Rachel answers "Hou je fikken thuis, Hendrik, je bent mijn baas niet!" which means "Keep your dirty hands off, Hendrik, you're not my boss!".

  • When Rebecca's hand is scanned when entering the club during the mission to Moscow, we can clearly see Dutch writing on the monitor (like Het Gewicht 125 Amerikaanse ponden). The guy at the entrance to the club says 'prima' which is Dutch for 'Everything ok'. It would be absolutely nonsense to assume that Dutch ID verifications and a Dutch speaking door guardian could be found at a club entrance in Moscow. So it seems likely the scene was originally shot to take place in Amsterdam and then they later changed it to Moscow (but did not reshoot the scene).

  • Goof: When Anna enters Will's house and asks if he is alone, a towel starts off being on Will's shoulder, then not seen, then in his hands when he is shot, and when on the ground it is no longer visible again.

  • This is the first episode with Bradley Cooper (Will Tippin) since the episode "Remnants" (3-10) in which he kills the evil Francie.

  • Season 5 Episode 11: Maternal Instinct

  • Goof: When Tom Grace is talking to Sloane and Devlin at APO the wrong eyebrow is scarred. It is usually over his right eye, but in this scene the scar appears on his left eyebrow.

  • Number 47: the cypher Sydney gives to her captors is LEO 47 NORTE.

  • Of all the unconvincing things to occur during the birth scene, the thing that struck me most was Irina catching, swaddling, and handing the baby to Sydney all in one very quick fluid motion. What happened to the umbilical cord?

  • When Jack and Irina break into the safety deposit box at Queens Bank in Vancouver to recover the Horizon, Jack uses a spray solvent to disable the locking mechanism of the box. He then carefully opens the door from the bottom and removes the drawer avoiding the sizzling and steaming area he sprayed. However, in the same scene seconds later, Jack closes the front door of the box revealing it looking completely unmarred and not harming Jack in any way when he touches it.

  • With both her parents present Sydney gives birth to a baby girl.

  • It's in this episode that Sydney realises it was Irina Derevko her mother who was holding her captive on the boat in the episode 'The Horizon'.

  • Season 5 Episode 10: S.O.S.

  • Number 47: (hidden) Allen Korman, the man whose profile is uploaded by Tom, was born in February 1959 which makes him, at the time this episode aired, 47 years old.

  • When the APO team arrives on the tanker to rescue Sydney they slowly approach the ship and land, instead of rappelling, or boarding the ship with speedboats, this made them excellent targets for any of the ship's security detail.

  • The shot of Irina behind the glass is actually recycled from season 2's "Trust Me", when Irina was seen in her glass cell.

  • Goof: When Sydney is communicating with Langley in the ship, she has this small crash where she pauses , and then restarts talking. However, when Marshall is hearing it, the pause is really smaller than the actual one on the ship, like there was no pause at all.

  • Goof: When Tom Grace uses Marshall's program to decrypt the data on his memory stick, they use the same footage to show the cracked encryption key, 132007479, as they used when the team was hacking into the hard drive stolen from Langley. It's highly unlikely that the encryption keys would be exactly the same in both cases.

  • Season 5 Episode 9: The Horizon

  • This episode shows Sydney's date of birth, when Sydney confronts Peyton, on board the ship she stumbles across a folder that reads: BRISTOW, S. DOB: 4/17/75.

  • While Sydney's under hypnosis she visits several locations, that were previously seen on the show

    - Sydney and Vaughn about to jump into Sovogda, when Vaughn proposes to Sydney (Season 4, Episode 21, "Search and Rescue")
    - Sydney at Vaughn's bedside where he dies (Season 5, Episode 1, "Prophet Five")
    - Sydney and Vaughn when they were captured in North Korea (Season 3, Episode 12 "Crossings")
    - Sydney and Vaughn at the pier, after Sydney's SD-6 mission in Morocco goes bad (Season 1, Episode 4, "Broken Heart")
    - Sydney and Vaughn's briefings in the mesh cage (Throughout Seasons 1 and 2)
    - Sydney and Vaughn in the "LA County Blood Drive" van, where Vaughn shows her the whole SD-6 map (Season 1, Episode 2, "So it Begins")

  • Season 5 Episode 8: Bob

  • There are NO beaches in Sao Paulo CITY. There are ocean cities in the Sao Paulo STATE, Santos for example. But the city is not on the ocean.

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