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  • Season 1 Episode 3: Parity

  • When Ineni Hassan was holding a gun to Sydney's head while she was holding the ball of plutonium, he says in Arabic "nazzel ha shwaya shwaya", which means "put it down slowly." However since in Arabic language males and females are spoken to differently, he should've said "nazlee ha..." because "nazzel" is for males only.

  • Goof: When Sydney is chasing Anna through the basement after Anna stole the briefcase from the vault, Sydney removes her high heels on a stairway, to run faster. A couple of edits later, we see Sydney round a corner, briefly we can see her wearing RUNNING shoes...a moment later we see her barefoot again. And she is clearly barefoot again when she begins her little brawl with Anna!

  • Number 47: (hidden) When Sloane is talking about the device that Sydney stole in "Truth Be Told," there a serial number on screen: 6867-8795-245-487 8739.

  • Number 47: The model of the car is Quantum 6 27 -110.

  • The car which is unveiled in Madrid is a Vauxhall VX200 (Vauxhall are also know as Opel).

  • At the party Sydney attends, a butler at the door compliments her necklace, he says: "Que collar tan encantador", in English it means: "What a lovely necklace".

  • Goof: When Sydney is trapped outside the vault chasing Anna, during the lockdown, the vault's key pad reads "BLOQUEO ABAJO". This however doesn't mean lockdown in Spanish, at best it could mean, "blocked down below".

  • Goof: While Anna is escaping from the party she walks out the front door, and a guard asks her to show him her bag, the guard however didn't have a Spanish accent, it was more like an Argentinean one. Also the way he asks her to show it "Sra. Dejame chekar su bolsa", the line is full of verb inconsistencies and wrong words.

  • The corridor with the u-turn in the basement of the building where the party was at, where Sydney chases Anna, is the same one, where in Episode "Pandora" in Season 4, Vaughn to maintain a cover, shoots Dixon.

  • Two things about the ball of plutonium:
    First, wouldn't the CIA be worried about Sydney's health if she is directly exposed to plutonium? Even if a couple of minutes can't do serious damage they should still be cautious.
    Second, why is Sydney scared of dropping the plutonium? There's not going to be a nuclear explosion if it hits the floor.

  • Plutonium is very heavy. A ball that size should be a visible strain to hold up.

  • When Syd tracks down her Dad to talk to him, he gets out of his car without anything in his hands. He and Syd talk and he walks away from her with a briefcase in his left hand.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: A Broken Heart

  • Anna Espinosa has been Sydney's enemy for three years.

  • Goof:
    The picture from Malaga, Spain is actually from Stockholm, Sweden. The building with the clock tower is The City Hall, where the Nobel Prize Banquet takes place.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Doppelgänger

  • Badenweiler, the place in Germany where the plant is located and the inhaler kept, is a very small (and highly unknown village even in Germany) with less than 4.000 inhabitants. No clue why it was chosen as location for an American tv show.

  • When Dixon enters the building to find Patel, he tells to Sydney that the explosive device will be remotely detonated.

    Since both Sydney and Dixon would know that to trigger a remote detonator, the remote would have to be in a certain proximity to the bomb; it is unbelievable that they would not have driven Patel directly away from the building after kidnapping him.

  • The Brazilian kid tells Sydney: "Miss, don't worry, you are not dead" and when she asks for the time he replies "I don't know." Later on, Sydney tells the ambulance driver "a doctor... a doctor, please."

  • If the "terrorists" were planning to detonate the bomb in the middle of
    an important meeting, why do they try to detonate it when the bomb is
    nowhere near the meeting? Seems if they wanted to kill the bomb-carrier,
    they would have done it already, instead of implanting a bomb into his body.

  • In the scene in Berlin with Sydney walking, we see a blacked out building (Lower Right Hand Corner), and an American flag.

  • Goof: When the car with the bad guys blows up, there is no engine.

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