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  • Season 1 Episode 5: Doppelgänger

  • Goof: When Sydney steals the ambulance, the original driver is visible through the passenger side window. As Sydney pulls away, the driver remains visible while the van moves off frame. Instead of Garner driving the vehicle out of the shot, the camera crew just rolled right to get the appearance of the van taking off and the foley artists inserted a peal-out sound.

  • Sydney and Dixon find out that the bomb inside Patel is controlled by a remote detonator whose range is about 15 meters judging by the distance between the cars during the chase before Jacqnoud can trigger it. As the bomb also equals 300 pounds of TNT how did he plan to survive the UCO bombing if he has to be that close to detonate it and the bomb is that powerful?

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Reckoning

  • Goof: When the mental institution guards taze the guy strangling Sydney, she should have been electrocuted too as he was holding on to her.

  • Number 47: The motion sensor's activation code is 2472.

  • Number 47: When talking about FTL, Jack mentions the T-47s that were moved.

  • Goof:
    When Sydney and Vaughn are discussing her counter-mission at the driving range, she is hitting left-handed, and he is hitting right-handed. In actuality, Vaughn is left-handed, and Sydney is right-handed.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Color-Blind

  • Goof: Will's friend at the DMV calls to tell Will he has Eloise Kurtz's car, but although Will did try to recommend his friend he never got to tell Eloise a name.

  • Jack and Vaughn meet each other for the first time.

  • Goof:
    When Jack and Vaughn meet at the restaurant, Jack picks up his cup to pour himself some tea. When the camera angle changes while he's still pouring, the cup is sitting on the table.

  • Goof:
    When Shepard is having a black and white flashback to when he killed Danny, you can see the shadow of the camera operator on the wall right before the bathroom is entered.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Time Will Tell

  • When Sydney pulls Jack aside to question him about her being followed by SD-6, they go into a conference room and Sydney uses a remote control to shut the doors. However, the doors begin closing slightly before Sydney uses the remote.

  • There are only five agents, including Jack, in SD-6 who know the truth about SD-6.

  • When Sydney has to collect the Rambaldi artifact before Anna Espinosa does, they have to get into a secured room which only security cards have access to. When she is in she escapes out of that severely-secured room through a simple unsecured window.

  • When Sydney is escaping from the building and about to jump off the roof you can clearly see her high heels she is wearing as she attaches the rope. She then jumps with the same shoes on, but at the bottom we see a different pair of shoes on her as she swings to safety. Then at the bottom she runs off in the original pair once again!

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Mea Culpa

  • When Sydney is telling Vaughn what happened after she used the Satellite phone to contact CIA to ask for medical help for Dixon, she says that the helicopter took them to a hospital in Buenos Aires. But then thought about what would Sloane do when he found out about this betrayal to SD-6. And came out saying that she lied to Sloane telling him she drove Dixon all the way to the hospital.

  • Goof:
    After Sydney was shot, you can see has three bullets stuck in her vest, but later after climbing out of the pit and collapsing on the ground, her vest is clean.

  • If Sydney's fall was stopped by her leg catching on the ladder, then the sudden catch from that height and speed would have done some damage to her leg (like her ankle, or calf, etc), but there is no telltale sign or even a reference that she's sustained such an injury.

  • Goof:
    Will takes two beer bottles out of the fridge when he is talking with Francie about half way through the episode. Both beer bottles are most definitely open.

  • Goof:
    In the scene in a patio where she is discussing her situation, each time the camera flashes back to her, a different ear is uncovered or neither ear is uncovered. First right ear, then left ear, then neither ear then right.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Spirit

  • Number 47: Sydney 'mistakes' Severin Driscoll for the man from suite 47.

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