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  • Season 2 Episode 10: The Abduction

  • This episode has the longest teaser (the part of the show that airs before the opening credits) of the entire series and runs a whopping 17:39 long. Given that - with out commercials, the average 1 hour show is about 42 minutes, almost half of this episode is shown before we see the opening credits.

  • Goof: The Ewoks are indigenous to the forest moon of Endor. Not the planet Endor.

  • The "leak in SD-9 last year" that Kane plugged is a reference to Edward Poole (guest star Roger Moore) from "The Prophecy".

  • Jack and Irina will probably not be married anymore. Irina's presumptive death, for over 20 years, will have legally terminated their marriage.

  • Irina was 18 when recruited by the KGB.

  • Number 47: Marshall says he memorized the FAA 747 flight ops manual.

  • "Suit and Glasses" is now in a wheelchair. This seems to be a direct result of Will's actions (injecting him with a toxin that has a one-in-five chance of causing paralysis) in "Almost Thirty Years".

  • Goof:
    Marshall is sent into the field with Sydney to help break encryption because Sydney says that she can't do advanced calculus in her head. Encryption has nothing to do with calculus, but is based on algebra, a completely different branch of math.

  • Season 2 Episode 11: A Higher Echelon

  • Very subtle, but when Marshall hugs Dixon near the end the song playing says, "here by my side an angel," and when he hugs Sloane - "here by my side the devil." The actual title of the song is Weapon by Matthew Good.

  • Number 47: The hard drive that Sydney must find is in for repairs on level one, room 147.

  • Number 47: Marshall is being held in the storage room on the 47th floor.

  • An easily recognizable corridor has been used in at least 3 episodes which supposedly occur at different locations:

    2x01 - The Enemy Walks In : Time: 30:56

    2x06 - Salvation : Time: 22:20

    2x11 - A Higher Echelon : Time: 37:59.

  • What's the point of putting Jack's fingerprints on the wheel of the rental car he rented in Taipei? It was months ago that Jack rented the car - it would be more suspicious if there were clean copies of his fingerprints on the wheel - rental companies clean their cars, and rent them out to other people. There should be dozens of other customers' prints on the wheel, assuming there were any prints at all.

  • Season 2 Episode 12: The Getaway

  • This episode marks the first time that Vaughn and Sydney have a dinner date. At one point they contemplate going to a hotel room together...however, the odd thing is that in the previous few episodes and even in the beginning of this one, Vaughn is shown to be back with his girlfriend Alice, yet neither he nor Sydney, who have been shown throughout the show to have strong morals, mentions this.

  • This episode marks the third time Vaughn has asked Sydney to dinner while on a mission (the first time in "The Prophecy", the second time in "The Enemy Walks In") and the first time they actually go to the restaurant.

  • When the members of SD-6 are spying on Sydney and Vaughn's date in Nice, the camera pulls up on the side of the car and looks in from the passenger side window. You can see the picture of Vaughn they just took and his driver's license already displayed on the screen, before they used facial recognition software to find his identity and his license.

  • Ariana Kane mentions the time that Dixon reported Sydney for being a double agent in "The Enemy Walks In".

  • Number 47: While undercover in Nice's airport, Dixon makes 47 Euros.

  • Number 47: Ariana Kane's ID Account in Monaco is 47834795 9993 21.

  • When the Alliance Security Section runs Vaughn's picture on the computer and finds a match, Vaughn's driving license is shown. However, his name is misspelled 'Vaughan'. Then in the next scene, it is back to the correct spelling.

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