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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Truth Be Told

  • When Sydney is taking her lie detector test, the display on the technician's computer screen loops back to the start at one point, revealing that it's actually a pre-recorded sequence.

  • After Sydney confronts Sloan about the death of her fiance, she is made to do a lie detector test. At this point, her heart rate would be high, as she is feeling angry over the death of the person she loved, so doing a lie detector test would prove pointless.

  • Number 47: Marshall expresses a desire to improve a camera design so that it has 47 exposures.

  • Sydney has been working for SD-6 for 7 years.

  • When Vaughn meets Sydney in this episode, it is the day when his father's watch stops working.

  • Goof:
    Errors in geography: A dinner takes place supposedly in Taiwan. However, the attendees speak Cantonese, not Mandarin, indicating Hong Kong instead of Taiwan.

  • Goof:
    Syd leaves her cell phone on the ground in the parking garage as a decoy, but when she fights the agent it disappears from the ground. Immediately following the fight she picks it up again and jumps into the car.

  • Sydney is stopped by a man dubbed "Suit and Glasses". She tells him that she needed to go to the bathroom because her boss 'Ron' would fire her if she was caught drinking. Her SD-6 boss is named Arvin Sloane, and the actor is Ron Rifkin.

  • When Sydney handcuffs Suit & Glasses to the chair and knocks the two guards out, she runs into the lab and is seen by a security guard on the surveillance camera. If you look closely she is holding something wrapped up on her right arm. This shot is in fact the one after she steals the Mueller device and blows up the lab.

  • When Sydney is telling Danny how she came into the CIA, it shows her talking on a pay phone. After she says, "So I met with him," you can see a camera man's reflection in the pay phone on the far left. The camera is not a video camera, but a still photo camera and is pointed down.

  • After Will reads Sydney's note and meets her on the roof he says: "Meet me on the roof" as if he was quoting what was written on the note. However the note just said: "I'm on the roof".

  • When at the track, Sydney is talking to Will and he tells her congratulations, she mouths "Thanks" but her voice comes in on delay.

  • Goof: After Sydney kicks her SD-6 assassin into the car window, he falls down, with his hands down. Jack's car shrieks and when Sydney reaches down to the ground to pick up the gun the assassin's hands are up again, falling.

  • Goof:
    After fighting the SD-6 assassin, Sydney hears Jack's car shrieking and looks to her left and you can see that she is holding something on her right hand and lowers it, however she wasn't holding anything when she kicked the assassin to the car's window. This shot is actually the same one when Sydney is pointing the gun at her father, says "daddy?" and hears another car shrieking and looks to the left.

  • Goof:
    After handcuffing Suit & Glasses to the chair and knocking the two guards out, Sydney picks up one gun, but in the next shot she is holding two.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: So It Begins

  • Number 47: The tombstone where the bomb is hidden gives the birth - and end year of Milovich Ivanov: 1927-1974, this means he died at the age of 47.

  • This episode takes place one week after last episode's events.

  • This is the first episode where we find out about Vaughn's girlfriend, Alice.

  • Sydney and Will have known each other for three years.

  • When Sydney is digging Ivanov's gravesite, you can tell when the shot switches from on-location to lot shooting. If you look at the "dirt walls" you can see the actual hole in the ground has rough walls that stick out a few inches, but when it switches to lot shooting, the walls go to brown, sorta-smooth (i.e. just look at the walls, they're too perfectly square and straight).

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