Season 2 Episode 2

Trust Me

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2002 on ABC

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  • Matter of trust

    Sydney's mother gave herself in last episode and now she is refusing to tell anything expect for Sydney and she refuses to see her - the emotions really run this episode and the way we see development from not seeing her at all until the end, when she makes one thing clear - she is not her mother. Her mother died in the car accident. That was a stunning development and the only way shew could cope with it all.

    And the missions - pulling that alarm or not.. the matter how she did not trust her.. but she was considering it. Her father did not do even that..
  • Agent Bristow's mother

    Qué pasa cuando una persona que te cag* la vida y te mintió toda esta de repente se vuelve alguien de confiar? Le creemos por el sólo hecho de que sea nuestra madre? No... creo... sería lo inteligente pero bueno uno tiene sentimientos aunque no lo parezca y no es tan fácil cuando viene y te dice que te quiere simplemente darle vuelta la cara y con pasos de granito irse quién sabe dónde.
    Las decisiones difíciles de la vida cuando uno opta por no entregar el corazón y andar sólo y dejar atrás todo. No es fácil, no, aunque pretendamos que lo sea.
  • Review

    I liked this episode a lot because there was a lot of information and there was a lack of the "filler scenes" that every television show uses every now and again in order to fill in the remaining minutes. Frnace opening her restaurant could be considered a filler scene, but with Sydneys dad and Sydney there to talk about the opening of the restaurant it doesnt seem all that bad. Will being in court was very short, so I think the writers are doing a good job keeping the focu where the focus is needed with this show - with Sydney. Overall I thought the episode was very good, with a very nice smile at the end of the episode by Sydneys mother which makes us believe that there is in fact something more going on with her then what we can see on the surface.
  • The relationship between Sydney and Irina takes center stage.

    This episode is based largely around Sydney’s relationship with her mother and everything that happens in this episode is largely done to facilitate their interactions with each other. What are love about this show are the little touches, one being Sydney tucking her hair behind her ear. It’s her mark as Dixon says; she’s done it since the very begging of the series. They made it a point at the end of the 1st episode and in this one as well to show that both Sydney and Irina do the hair tuck, just a little sign that says they are related and while one may be good and another bad they have things in common.

    The action is pretty standard a few short fight scenes that are well choreographed as usual. The scene worth notice is Sydney’s descent to the 14th floor from the top of the building, I don’t know if its computer generated or if it was actually done but it looked real to me.

    The acting is great as usual and Lena Olin continues to do a great job with her immensely complicated character. Every time Lena has a scene with Vartan or Jennifer they seem to be at the top of their game especially Jennifer. Her scenes with Lena bring out the best in both of them.

    Not much ground is covered in terms of story but the ground is set for Sydney’s relationship with her mother. She understandably does not want to see her mother however her mother does the clever move of only talking to Sydney. Eventually after a botched mission Sydney agrees to go see her mother for information. Irina is obviously trying to gain Sydney’s trust in order to get close to her. It’s unclear yet if she is doing it because she wants to get to know her daughter or if she needs her for something else. Perhaps it is a combination of the two? However Sydney realizes what she is doing and clearly establishes a boundary and a working relationship with her mother, if she can keep it up will remain to be seen. My guess is that eventually she will give into her hopes for who her mother is. The writing is also solid, again at its greatest with the scenes involving Irina and Vaughn or Sydney.

    Overall the episode may be just another mission but it is made great because of the relationships between Irina and the people around her whose lives she has ruined.

    Special Effects: 8 Acting: 9
    Direction: 8
    Writing: 8
    Style: 9

    Final Rating: 8.4
  • Irina:"Trust me" Syd:"Why should i do that?" Irina:"Because i'm your mother."

    Irina:"Trust me"
    Syd:"Why should i do that?"
    Irina:"Because i'm your mother."

    Totally awesome episode!

    Totally awesome episode.Yes,it may started to develop a little bit slowly and the beginning was kinda boring,but after Will's trial it became very very interesting and every minute had a lot of tense.Especially in the second Syd's mission where she had to steal the T-Wave camera under Sloane's presence.

    So,Rabat's mission didn't go well for the CIA and SD-6 managed to take the disk,due to Syd's not listening to Irina.You cannot blame her.I mean,first,she shoots her and then she wants to believe her?And why all that interest in wanting to know how is her shoulder?She's definitely up to something.

    Now,Sloane is a full member of the Alliance.Yes,he killed his wife,now i'm totally sure.But,why he had to inject himself?The Alliance asked him if he was aware of the actions should be taken in order to become a full member and he said "yes".Probably we'll learn it in later episodes.

    We also saw a little bit of Will.He has to serve 100 hours doing community service.We saw him picking up the trash from a park.His life has completely changed since he learned about Syd.He has a really hard time but his friends are there for him.Speaking of Will's friends,Francie does everything she can for her restaurant and that includes something illegal.

    What i didn't understand in this episode is why Kendall was in charge of the CIA.Where's Devlin?


    --Vaughn:"Killing his wife wouldn't surprise me" "Eating his wife wouldn't surprise me"

    --Irina and Syd have the same thing.I mean that they "hide" their hair behind their ear.When Syd saw her mother doing that,she bursted into tears.

    --We had the introduction of a new character here;Vicki.She's CIA.Well,she doesn't play an important role,but i like her.

    --Francie:"Let me ask you a question.Let's say you're hanging around at your favourite restaurant,with your friends--or whatever.You like to go there,you like the food,what colour are the walls?"
    Jack:"I'm...not really into interior decorating".

    --Francie:"You know what i wanna do to the guy who introduced Will to heroin?I want to kill him.With my hands.I just want to kill him."
    Jack:"I can imagine."

    --We haven't seen Jack and Irina in the same room yet.I'm dying to see that.Definitely,things will get on top of him.

    --Nice song near at the end of the episode.

    --This episode's scenery:London,Rabat,Helsinki

    --This episode's aliases:We had two aliases here!Firstly,Syd posed as Beatrice Cunelli,with her own hair pilled up,in order to steal the disk and then we saw her in a club wearing a flippy black wig in order to steal the T-Wave camera.

    --This episode's language skills:very impressive Italian(Syd)

    ***the coolest moment here was Syd's leap from the balcony before Sloane saw her***


  • A great episode, it started off a little boring but got more interesting after the first 15-20 minutes.

    A great episode, it started off a little boring but got more interesting after the first 15-20 minutes.

    Sloan is now a full-fledged member of the Alliance after killing his wife. But I'm wondering what was that thing they injected in his neck, some sort of device so that they can track him down if anything goes wrong?

    Assistant Director Kendall is back. And he's trying to blackmail Vaughn into convincing Sydney to talk to her mother.

    Sydney's misson with Vaughn was an interesting one especially after Sloan showed up.

    Now to the evil Irena Derevko. There was some developments between her & Syd. Vaughn went to see her & she worked out right away that he cares for Sydney & who his father was.

    She is definately up to something, she is definately evil and she's right where she wants to be.

    I can't wait to see Jack & Irena togehter in the same room for the first time.

  • Mommy has an agenda

    Irina Derevko is just creepy. All my kudos to Lena Olin who plays it just perfectly. It's so clear that Mom's exactly where she wants to be, and that everything that happens is part of her plan.

    I love the fact that she has so much effect on everyone surrounding her:
    - Jack can't think straight when it's about Irina ( I do think Vaughn was right with that ). He clearly has some unresolved issues there. ( I loved the way he reacted to Vaughn's call. Kept me laughing for 5 minutes :) )
    - I think it's great that Vaughn went to Irina instead of Sydney, even though he has some problems with her. He couldn't hide though. Irina knew immediatly how he feels about Sydney and who his father was. * shudder*
    - And then Sydney. She acts as though she doesn't care about her mother, but I think she does. Loved the scene with the fire-alarm. I don't think I would have pulled it either. And the last scene shows Sydney on top of thinks, only to see that ( with her smile ) Irina saw it probably all coming. God is she evil! I love it!

    So Francie is starting a restaurant? Guess Will is going to help her, wich is fun 'cause there are fun together :). Also cool that she listened to jack's advice.

    Weiss is ok. I consider that a good. I hope he gets back later, to be a more regular cast-member.

    Good episode. Cool action, great emotional things, and Vaughn and Sydney forever! :P