Season 1 Episode 1

Truth Be Told

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2001 on ABC

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  • "People can't be spies forever"

    Wow. Just wow. An amazing pilot episode from start to finish.

    The structure was brilliant – how at the beginning we see red-haired Sydney in the middle of something we know nothing about, and then bit by bit the story gets revealed (albeit in a slightly confusing manner!). I've always liked episodes which start at the end and there was a general non-linear way of how this episode played out, which was a nice touch.

    I loved how all the characters were introduced, and developed so well in such a short amount of time – there was a great first Jack scene with the phone call to Danny, and a bumbling Marshall with his gadgets.

    The action sequence in the car park was great, I love when Jack comes to the rescue and Sydney just points the gun at him and goes "Daddy?" It's so innocent and such a contrast to the huge fight scene five seconds earlier.

    Overall the episode was well acted and well directed, a sign of (hopefully) good things to come. I know I'm hooked!
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