Season 2 Episode 18

Truth Takes Time

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2003 on ABC

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  • Truth takes time....but how long?

    Irina is cool. I think what makes her so cool, is the fact that nobody really gets her. Sloane doesn't, Sydney doesn't and Jack doesn't either. Irina loves Sydney that's clear. But was she overwhelmed by it, or did she turn herself in to the CIA so she could talk with her? It doesn't really matter but I was just wondering.

    Sydney said she wished Irina got shot, wich is not true. She has come to care for her mother, and she knew all along that it wasn't the best person on the whole world. Irina did change, only she's also still working with the bad guys. Bad guys Sydney hates with all her guts. Hmm, difficult relationship :P

    Jack has charge over the mission, and Kendall doesn't like it. He shouldn't be worried though, because Jack clearly doesn't want the job. Very smart, btw that he implanted that thing in Irina. Seems like he knew what she was doing all along.

    Sloane is a mystery too. Was he really willing to give everything up for Emily? It certainly seemed so. They did love each other, only Sloane has been lying to Emily for years. And when she thought it was over he just went on. If he really wanted to be with her, he would've stopped after SD-6 was destoyed. But he didn't, and now she's dead. The evil-guy is getting a littl pay-back. Only Sydney suffers too. That's a really big down side:(

    Sydney was seriously doubting Francie. You could see her looking like: "Something's wrong with you". It's not very smart to buy a tie, anyway. I guess it will have a microphone in it. Let's hope Vaughn won't wear it!

    I adored to ending. "Truth takes time" is so fitting for Sydney and Irina's relationship. Someday she'll all know. She'll know if Irina realy is bad, that she did love Syndey and perhaps they'll maybe start over again (That's one thing I doubt though). But that time isn't yet. Sydney will have to wait, and so will we.