Season 2 Episode 18

Truth Takes Time

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2003 on ABC

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  • One of the best episodes so far.

    Jack actually outsmarted Irena. I thought that she had his complete trust in the last episode, but as it turns out he was never fooled by her, because when he took out the tracking device he somehow injected her with an inactive one. It looks like he had a feeling that she was going to betray him & run away with Sloan.

    Irena saved Sydney & Vaughns life. It is obvious that she loves her daughter, I have no doubt about that at all, and I never had since she first showed up. That was a pretty smart move calling Sydney and getting out of the building so that Syd could follow her. And Just in time too.

    Emily is shocked to find out that *Laura* is alive. She asks to see Syd & wants to help turn Sloan in, but she changes her mind right at the end & runs away with him. Dixon Shoots her by accident. Sloan really does love Emily. he was willing to sacrifice 30 years of collecting Rambaldi artifacts just so he can be with Emily. We actually got to see him shed real tears after she was shot. When he finds out it was Dixon who shot her he's going to get his sweet revenge.

    Syd finally realised that Francie has been acting wierd but it seems that she didn't take the whole tie issue seriously.

    ANd of course the end was the best. Irena giving he earings to Syd, and then sending her a message in morse code "Truth Takes Time" I wonder what she meant by that & what is Irena *really* up to.
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