Season 2 Episode 18

Truth Takes Time

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2003 on ABC

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  • For the 50th time, CIA fails... SD6 was better.

    Alias has been better than everything else, because it operated with the element of surprise flawlessly.

    The plot kept changing, altering, twists, turns along the road making this even somewhat linear story incredibly intriguing.

    This episode, however, most of the attempts from the writers fail.

    The episode's biggest flaw is that, in my opinion, they showed the outcome of the episode in the first minute.

    A few episodes the same technic was used - show something first, then explain later - however, in that episode, it was handled much better, plus it didn't spoil the ending.

    I love Jack. He's a very strong character. But in this episode, I hated him. Actually I was agreeing with Kendall.

    The first attempt to catch Sloane, in the bank, was poor. I just can't believe that the CIA couldn't capture Sark and Irina. Of course, what's worse, is the 'endgame'. Sloane has escaped too many times.... the episode reminded me of 24. 35 mins of success destroyed by a 5-minute ending. Basically: one step forward, 2 steps back.

    This is unfortunate, as Syd has more problems than plot twists right now...

    Overally OK episode, very enjoyable, but predictable ending, and mediocre writing at places. Alias can do better.
    Funnily, ever since SD6 is finished, CIA has been really amatuer. They rarely succeed nowadays.