Season 2 Episode 18

Truth Takes Time

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2003 on ABC

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    I always think that the beginning is going to ruin the episode for me until I see what the writers actually come up with that make me question why I always continue to doubt them. I loved the beginning - end of the episode connection, with Arvins wife dying and not Irina like we all seemed to think. I liked the "Truth Takes Time" note that Sydney was able to piece together at the end, I thought it was the best episode title reference to an epiosde so far this series. Overall however the episode was very well done. I like how Emily is gone for good now - as Arvin has no reason to leave the job behind. There is no more sympathy in his life and looks like he is going to be with the job for as long as the show will keep him on. I dont know where the show goes from here, as a lot of episodes this season tend to end without a big cliffhanger as they were in season 1. The writing however continues to get stronger.