Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2004 on ABC
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Sydney and Jack warn a disbelieving Vaughn about their suspicions of Lauren being the Covenant mole inside the CIA. Meanwhile, Bomani and Sark take possession of the Rambaldi machine, Sydney and Vaughn must stop a Covenant virus that's crippling medical facilities around the world, Sloane's secret is revealed to Jack, and Bomani begins to lose faith in Lauren's ability to carry out her Covenant missions.moreless

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  • Vaughn to Jack:"Lauren is not Irina and I'm definitely not you."

    Vaughn to Jack:"Lauren is not Irina and I'm definitely not you."

    This episode focuses on Vaughn's growing suspicions of Lauren and her desperate attempts to regain the Covenant's trust while being extremely careful not to blow her cover as the CIA mole.

    From the moment Lauren was revealed to be a Covenant agent,we couldn't help but notice that her marriage with Vaughn resembled that of Jack and Irina's.However,it is now that this resemblance becomes clear as Jack comes face to face with Vaughn.The scene where he reveals his suspicions about Lauren to him is a powerful one which makes us feel sympathy for Vaughn.His line to Jack that Lauren's not Irina and he's certainly not him is full of dramatic irony.But now that he knows this is exactly the case,what is he planning on doing to his beloved wife?

    Although I have many times expressed my feelings for Lauren,here she gained my deepest respect.Not only because she managed to do some incredible things on her own under Syd and Vaughn's noses(literally),but also because her fear reminded me how difficult being a double agent is.Yeah,Lauren is a b***h,yet a clever,cunning one.So,I'm glad she didn't die here.Oh,and by the way,does Sark really love her?Hell,yeah.Otherwise,he wouldn't dare kill a high-ranking member of the Covenant if she was nothing but something to kill his time with.

    The other part of the episode revolved around Jack trying to stay Sloane's execution and his learning about Irina and Sloane's affair.He was really hurt when Dixon told him about this,as we could tell by the look in his eyes.Now,it seems Sloane's last chance to be saved is gone.But,is he really that helpless?Even now,I can hardly believe that, because Sloane can't die.It would be a huge mistake if they killed him off.

    Meanwhile,the Rambaldi mystery continues.We learnt that the Passenger is a person and this person is a "she".We also got a lame explanation as to what was inside the "Irina" box.Come on..Sloane had opened it?And he had placed the "Di Regno" heart inside? learnt that the box could open only with the four disks which were hidden in that underwater cave.To find that cave,three crystal maps had to be found.However,Sloane had only two while the third one was at the CIA.So,how was he able to open the box?Oh..and how did the Covenant manage to construct "Il Dire"?Weren't the artefacts supposed to be at "Project Blackhole"?

    Although a little bit disappointing as far as the Rambaldi plot is concerned,this episode was full of suspense,unexpected plot twists and great feels like Alias again.

    Notable Quotes:

    Cypher:"Nice trick.Looks like I'll have to readjust my firewall settings."

    Sydney:"I could still get through."

    Lauren to Vaughn:"You have no idea what it's like to think you know someone,to love them and then figure out it was nothing but lies."(yeah..right...)

    Weiss to Sydney:"Do you think she's the mole or do you just want her to be the mole?"


    --Why did Lauren keep her wig,passport and gun instead of disposing them?And why did she turn to look at Syd in that club?It was like she wanted to mock her.

    --At last,our prayers were heard and they decided to make a fight scene after a long,long time.It was worth the waiting,though.Syd kicking that globe is among my favourite scenes on Alias.

    --We have another top-secret,government organization interested in Rambaldi's work.Why the name "Trust"?

    --"Good!We have some privacy".Loved the torture scenes.I know..I'm a little sadist.

    --This episode's locations:Florence,Italy;Berlin,Germany and Italy again,this time in Milan.

    --This episode's gorgeous looks:Syd,Vaughn and Lauren,all in "goth" make-up.If I had to choose someone,that would definitely be Lauren.She was extremely hot.

    --This episode's gadgets:Marshall's glasses which contain an electronic sniffer that can hack into computers and send them a message.

  • The jig is up, Ms Reed!

    What a corker! Probably one of my favourite episodes from the 3rd season, 'Unveiled' does exactly what it says on the tin and unveils all. Lauren's little charade is up and the next few episodes will hopefully concentrate on exploiting her apparent allegiance to the Covenant. There's plenty to lap up in this one – Lauren has become quite the villain as of late, eclipsing even the likes of Sark. And how hot did she look in that black wig with red streaks? She was giving Garner a run for her money, that's for sure! And it's always good seeing Vaughn play dress up as well. Lauren's desperation makes for compelling viewing and there were times where I didn't want her to get caught out, I seriously dig her character. Oooh, and did anyone else notice that the scene where Syd catches Lauren in the club mirrors the scene where Syd dreams Lauren's treachery in 'Conscious'? A taut script, top-notch acting, a great pace and a satisfyingly action packed climax make this a must-see Alias episode. Vaughn has finally connected the dots and it's about bloody time!moreless
  • Review

    The last fifteen minutes turned what was about to be the lowest rated Alias of all time in my book to one of the bottom twenty. The entire pacing of the episode just seemed slow, though it picked up once Vaughn started tracking Lauren. I think the main goal of crushing the Covenent has taken a short misstep as most of what we see now is Lauren trying to avert being caught by her husband and the rest of the CIA. We don't see too many Covenant bad guys anymore, just Lauren dangerously trying to stop the CIA from getting what they need to obtain. Sark killing the other player in the game was huge. People like to talk down to him and I love the way he responds – killing them and making sure he makes a statement that he is the greatest villain to ever live. Vaughn learning that his wife is the mole should be huge for the next episode, as things should start coming together as we get ready for the finale episode. The scenes with Sydney and Vaughn at the mansion were really cool – lots of strange happenings there with the one man recognizing Sydney from the Prophecy. Other then that though – the scenes with Arvin were slow and drawn out, and the scenes with Jack and Sydney trying to talk sense into Vaughn weren't that entertaining either. Mis-step for season three right here.moreless
  • I was a little confused about which episode I was watching. On ABC in GA, they don't ever have the description right in the episode guide so i had to come on here and look for it based on the two episodes I saw last week. Dishnetwork isn't all that great.moreless

    I could quote alot of things from this episode b/c i've seen it alot but i'm not gonna do that. I hate how Vaughn just dismissed Sydney like that. I can understand why he did but he didn't have to yell at her like that. If i didn't know they got back together later, i'd be mad about it. I actually didn't like Vaughn in this episode period which kinda ties into the episode before this. What he said to Jack, he was wrong for it. He was just trying to help him b/c he's been there with Irina. Its not like he was wrong about Lauren because she was a lyin, cheatin spy for the covenant & i never like her. Vaughn did find that out and the end that Sydney was right and I was thinking I hope you thought about those other convos from b4 b/c you should feel kinda stupid or a little guilty. If he just believed what Jack and Sydney said in the first place, most of the stuff wouldn't happen. If it didn't there wouldn't be an episode and that would be pretty pointless. This is my first review on here & I don't think I did a good job on it.moreless
Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg

Eric Weiss

Kevin Weisman

Kevin Weisman

Marshall J. Flinkman

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Sydney Anne Bristow

Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

Marcus R. Dixon

Ron Rifkin

Ron Rifkin

Arvin Sloane

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan

Michael C. Vaughn

Djimon Hounsou

Djimon Hounsou

Kazari Bomani

Guest Star

Geno Silva

Geno Silva

Diego Machuca

Guest Star

Vincent Riotta

Vincent Riotta

Dr. Viadro

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Sloane mentions taking a bullet for Jack in "Breaking Point."

    • Lauren dropped a piece of note into a garbage can is very much like how Sydney and the real CIA communicate during the first season. Of course, Vaughn took the note out of the trash and found that it was simply a to-do list.

      Only one item on the list was checked, and it was to "pay the bills". Vaughn being the intelligent officer that he is should have kept the list for himself - in case it was some coded message for someone from the Covenant to obtain. He should know.

      Besides, why would Lauren discard a list that still had items unchecked? Logically, she still needs to do them, cause almost all were unchecked.

    • Flash drives (such as the USB memory stick that the data was on) are not vulnerable to magnetic fields, and an EMP strong enough to wipe the drive would also have fried the computer in a very obvious way. A strong enough X-ray beam could mess up the data, but probably also given the wearer of the ring cancer in short order. The explanation of solar flare activity is just nonsense (unless of course you were in a high earth orbit).

    • Goof:
      When Vaughn discovers the safe room door in Dr. Viadro's house, the keypad LEDs show it to be unlocked (one green LED). But when he approaches the keypad to to attempt a circumvent of the electronics, the LEDs indicate it is in a locked state again (two red LEDs).

    • Goof: When Marshall gives Sydney and Vaughn the sun glasses he presses the button on the left side. When Sydney sends the hacker a message she presses on the right side.

    • Why did Lauren tell Vaughn she got a call from her mother blaming her for what happened to her father? That obviously didn't happen, and unless she knew that Vaughn was hearing her conversation with Sark, her excuse is a little too convenient to cover that up.

      She probably figured that she had been spotted wandering around the mall suspiciously while on her cellphone and came up with an excuse that would cover her actions. She got lucky in coming up with an excuse which also explained the outraged tone Vaughn heard her use.

    • Goof:
      Initially in the Operations Center, and during the virus briefing, Sydney has no bangs. Then she and Vaughn go into Marshall's office and she has bangs. Apparently she stopped off at the bathroom with a curler to get them just right in the space of a minute or two.

    • Goof: When Dixon visited Sloane earlier, Sloane was chained up for security. But when Jack visits him, Sloane is unchained.

    • When Dr. Viadro shoves the coat aside to reveal the code panel, the actor inadvertently knocks the loosely-fastened prop loose, then shoves it back into place before entering the code.

    • Dixon specifically says that the notes from Dr. Barnett's sessions with Sloane reveal that Sloane was sleeping with Irina. But...the only time Sloane and Barnett discussed that was when they were on a date, not in a session.

    • Does Barnett as a psychologist have patient-doctor confidentiality? She promised Sloane she did. And she's had Sydney and Jack tell her deep dark secrets by promising it. But here, Dixon just goes through her notes and finds out everything about her sessions with Sloane. No wonder Jack doesn't want to talk to her.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Cypher: Nice trick. Looks like I'll have to readjust my firewall settings.
      Sydney: I could still get through.

    • Bomani: This girl, her work for us of late has been uneven.
      Sark: The Il Dire machine is in our possession because she managed to steal it from the CIA. She is a considerable asset.
      Bomani: An asset for you in ways that do not interest me.

    • Lauren: (On the phone) What else did Bomani tell you? Did he instruct you on the quietest way to murder me?
      Sark: Absolutely not.
      Lauren: You pathetic little errand boy. Tell Bomani he'll get proof of my worth the next time he sees me, when I deliver the Passenger.

    • Dixon: You recall that I requested Dr. Barnett's notes from her sessions with Sloane?
      Jack: Yes. Did they reveal anything?
      Dixon: Yes. There is something in the notes that concerns you. In one of the sessions with Barnett, Sloane admitted having an affair with Irina while you were married.

    • Jack: I don't regret having married her. I have Sydney because of our time together. What I do regret is once I saw signs of her duplicity, once I sensed her betrayal, I chose to ignore it. All I'm asking is that you be responsive to the signs if and when they present themselves.
      Vaughn: You never respected me. Never thought I was worthy of your daughter. So I'm not surprised you're so quick to think Lauren is betraying me. But whether or not you or Sydney believe me, I know the life I'm living, and I know the woman I am married to. Lauren is not Irina, and I'm definitely not you.

    • Vaughn: What, are you suggesting Lauren framed her own father?
      Sydney: I know it's hard for you to consider.
      Vaughn: Hard for me!? My wife just found out her father was betraying her, not to mention our country.
      Sydney: But if I saw her --
      Vaughn: You didn't.

    • Lauren: You have no idea what it's like to think you know someone, to love them, and then figure out it was nothing but lies.

    • Sydney: Are we sure he'll have his computer with him?
      Marshall: Does a cowboy leave his gun at home when he goes to the saloon? Trust me, he'll have it.

    • Weiss: You know, Syd, no one would blame you if you hated him for going back to her.
      Sydney: He's not the one I hate. How horrible does that sound?
      Weiss: Well I'm mad at her, and I don't even think he's that cute.

    • Sydney: My dad thinks Lauren's leaking information to the Covenant.
      Eric : I don't understand... didn't Senator Reed confess to being the leak before he died?
      Sydney : Yes, and his confessions answered all the questions my father had raised. But I can't help it, I still have doubts.
      Weiss: Alright, just let me ask you a question. Do you think she's the mole, or do you just want her to be the mole?

    • Marshall: Don't worry because lucky for you, I kind of have a name in the hacker community myself... 'Black Kitty'.

  • NOTES (5)