Season 4 Episode 5

Welcome to Liberty Village

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Sydney and Vaughn are spinning a story about visiting Rome nearly five years earlier, and wanting to go during the millennium but then holding off until the spring and hearing the Pope speak it is possible they were both talking about the time, back when the DSR wanted to know why Syndey's face was in the Rambaldi book, that Sydney and Vaughn broke into the Vatican. Given the two year gap in Sydney's memories between seasons two and three, it would have been five years earlier that that trip the Vatican City happened.

    • Goof: Jack: Russian base housing resemble barracks. Those are single-family homes with lawns and cul-de-sacs. The plural of cul-de-sac is culs-de-sac. Anyone who speaks French as well as Jack is supposed to would not make that mistake (cul-de-sac is, literally, French for dead end street).

    • Number 47: (hidden) 1526 Glenbury Lane...
      Subtract the even digit place from the preceding odd digit place to get 4 (5-1=4; 6-2-4). Add either the outer or inner digits to get 7 (1+6=7; 5+2=7). Arrange to get "47".

    • Number 47: 47, the Number of people killed in the Grozny bombing in 98 according to Sloane.

    • Goof: When Jack comes to Sloane asking to know more about the October Group, his mouth does not move - this section has been dubbed.

    • Goof: Tom's car plates should be in Cyrillic not Latin letters.

  • Quotes

    • Sydney: I happen to like us. Even if we're cold...
      Vaughn: And boring... don't forget the boring.
      Sydney: How could I?

    • (Vaughn and Sydney infiltrate a terrorist training facility)
      Tom: First sight of trouble we sound the alarm, lock down the streets, give the snipers a go ahead to fire at hostiles, it's our version of the "Neighborhood Watch" program.

    • (Weiss is talking about bowling)
      Nadia: It doesn't make any sense.
      Weiss: What is so hard to understand? Take a ball right, you roll it, knock over some pins and everyone cheers you.
      Vaughn: Or in your case everyone laughs.

    • Vaughn: You know, we have operational command of this aircraft. The pilot could take us anywhere we want...
      Sydney: (playfully scolding) Our orders are to proceed with our extraction. If we were divert this aircraft for our personal use, we would get into a lot of trouble.
      Vaughn: Yes.
      Sydney: (looking a bit disappointed) Yeah...
      Vaughn: Wanna have dinner with me in Paris?
      Sydney: (no hesitation at all) Absolutely.

    • Sydney: The story you told at the dealership. We were supposed to go to Santa Barbara three years ago. We never made it.
      Vaughn: Karen and Dave did.

    • Phil: How'd he pop the question?
      Sydney: He took me to...
      Vaughn: Santa Barbara, actually. I had this whole romantic weekend planned. Presidential suite at the Biltmore. Candlelit dinner on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. So we went into town and she wouldn't stop talking about the zoo. So we went to the zoo. I figured I had to get it over with. THen I saw how happy it made her. That made me forget about all my stupid plans. And here we had a personal chef making this unbelievable meal at the hotel and I proposed on one knee in sawdust in front of a giraffe with a crooked neck.

    • (Sydney and and her relationship with Vaughn)
      Sydney: We're fun
      Weiss: Yeah right, you guys are as spontaneous as my grandparents. And they're dead.

    • Marshall: Hey, is that a swing set? That looks like my neighborhood.

    • The Dealer: One couple will get to join our little group and, oh yes, a new convertible, and the other couple, well, will die.

    • Jack: Irina Derevko collected 19th century literature. There was a small bookstore in Prague that stocked rare first editions. Whenever I was in town I would buy one for her as a gift.
      Marshall: Oh, that's sweet.
      Jack: The KGB encoded assassination orders in these pages.
      Marshall: Well, that's not as sweet.

    • Sydney: That's how we live Phil, fast.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Marshall: More importantly, why are they all dressed up like the Cleavers?

      Cleavers are the main family from the American sit-com Leave It to Beaver.

    • Tom: Rise and shine.
      The Prisoner is a show from the 60s in which the main character gets abducted and held prisoner in a secret village that forms it's own miniature society. Prisoners are held under constant video surveillance. Every morning the radios and speakers throughout the village repeat the line: "Good morning! Rise and shine, rise and shine!