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Episode Guide

  • Season 9
    • Here Comes Alice Cottontail
    • Cook's Tour
      Cook's Tour
      Episode 21
    • Profit Without Honor
    • Vera, the Vamp
      Vera, the Vamp
      Episode 19
    • One Too Many Girls
      One Too Many Girls
      Episode 18
    • Do You Take...?
      Do You Take...?
      Episode 17
    • For Whom the Belle Toils
    • Pilot
      Episode 17
    • Th-th-th-that's All, Folks
      Mel is offered a bundle to sell the diner and he decides to jump at the chance even though Mel's Diner will be demolished. Meanwhile, everyone has exciting news; Vera is pregnant, Alice has decided to go on tour with Travis Marsh's band and Jolene's inheritance is allowing her to open up a beauty parlor. On the final day at the diner, Mel closes the blinds and gives away the cow creamers as the gang reminisces about the last nine years via flashback.moreless
    • Vera's Grounded Gumshoe
      Elliot is called to the scene of a domestic spat and while there his gun falls out of the holster and he is accidentally shot. This prompts Elliot to re-examine his career choice and he decides to quit the force. He soon tries different careers but settles on a stay at home husband taking care of the house and in the mean time driving Vera up the wall.moreless
    • One on One
      One on One
      Episode 14
      Jolene admits that her lifelong dream was to be a player on a professional basketball team. So when Vera sees an advertisement in the newspaper for tryouts for the Phoenix Suns, Jolene decides to jump at the chance and finds herself with Mel as her coach. However, things soon start getting serious when their training sessions become intimate.moreless
    • The Night They Raided Debbie's
      Vera and Elliot find owning a home is expensive and to get extra money, they decide to rent out the spare upstairs apartment. After some no-takers, they run into some bad luck when their ex-landlady, Debbie Walden pushes herself and her kitschy furniture into their home and lives practically pushing Vera and Elliot out into the street.moreless
    • Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore (2)
      Alice has been taken by country singer Travis Marsh, quite literally when she discovers that he has "kidnapped" her and is hauling her off with him to go on tour in the Southwest. Alice is grateful for the opportunity but soon finds she has some unfinished business to care of back in Phoenix, including speaking to her boyfriend, her son and her co-workers.moreless
    • Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore (1)
      Vera's ex-fiancé, Steve Marsh has a country singer cousin, Travis Marsh who shows up in town and stops by Mel's Diner for a visit. Travis is immediately taken with Alice. Alice and her latest boyfriend have gotten into a rut so when Travis takes interest in her she is taken back and even more so when he begs her to join his band as a singer and go on the road.moreless
    • Vera, the Nightbird
      Vera is trying to save up enough money for a video camera for Elliot's birthday and her pay at the diner is just not cutting it. Meanwhile, Vera runs an order down to a local radio station where she is "discovered" and she secretly begins moonlighting as a sultry deejay called Nightbird and she's turning on all the males in Phoenix in the process, including Mel.moreless
    • Kiss the Grill Goodbye
      The host of a local talk show, "Working Women" shows up at Mel's Diner and immediately all three waitress throw themselves at him wanting to appear on his show. It is decided that Jolene would appear but she does nothing to boost business at Mel's Diner. Soon, Mel faces the fact that it is time to close the business and auction everything off.moreless
    • Vera's Anniversary Blues
      Vera yearns for a romantic first wedding anniversary and has high hopes that working together her and Elliot would be able to recreate the first time they met. However, their romantic day quickly goes awry when Vera has one disappointment after another. First she gets a jaywalking ticket, then she gets arrested and then to top it all off, Elliot has to work all day and night.moreless
    • Footloose Mel
      Footloose Mel
      Episode 7
      Mel hesitates to become involved with sponsoring local talent for a local performing arts festival but finally agrees to sponsor a boy's break dance troop. Later, Mel has a run-in with them, not realizing who they are; he kicks the group of "hoodlums" out of the diner and now must try to get them to come back to the diner to perform.moreless
    • Undercover Mel
      Undercover Mel
      Episode 6
      Elliot and Officer Maxwell have been working undercover to nab some beef rustlers but they have had no luck. That is until Jolene suggests that they should use a decoy. Soon Mel is chosen as the decoy, motivated by the $5000 reward, however, Alice, Vera and Jolene just may ruin everything when they try to help Mel.moreless
    • Tommy's Lost Weekend
      Tommy has been really enjoying college life, especially the social aspect, so much so that it seems he is out partying all night every night. Alice becomes concerned that Tommy has developed a drinking problem especially when he comes home with a hazy memory and a Mohawk to match. Meanwhile, Alice's beau agrees to lend Tommy his sports car but a drunken Tommy "loses" it.moreless
    • Houseful of Hunnicutts
      Jolene has been enjoying the single life and gets a surprise; her father is coming to Phoenix for a visit. Now, Jolene loves her family but finds it too much of a good thing when her father show up with her five brothers, her grandmother and the family dog. Soon, Jolene finds herself playing the mother in her cramped apartment and turns to Alice for advice in trying to gently kick out her family.moreless
    • Big, Bad Mel
      Big, Bad Mel
      Episode 3
      Mel fears that the parking situation around the diner will ultimately lead to his ruin, especially with Elliot on constant patrol in the area giving parking tickets. So Mel comes up with a solution, he has decided to purchase a nearby day school and then demolish it so he can put in a parking lot. However, Mel soon has an angry group of children at his front door.moreless
    • Space Sharples
      Space Sharples
      Episode 2
      The entire Mel's Diner staff dresses up for Halloween. Alice, Vera and Jolene each dress up as the Marx Brothers while Mel dresses up as Captain Galaxy. Mel shows up at the bank in costume and soon finds himself thwarting a bank robber and he is quickly hailed as a hero. However, Mel soon gets a swelled head and begins dressing like Captain Galaxy everyday.moreless
    • Romancing Mister Stone
      Jolene has put an ad in a magazine's personals column and has found success and has had a date every night of the week. With Jolene's success, Vera and Jolene get an idea to put an ad in the same magazine for a lonely Alice and soon Alice is getting responses, now the trick is trying to get Alice to agree to go out with the guys who are responding.moreless
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