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  • a dark dark time

    the seventies were a dark, dark time for television. you had some good shows and a thousand absolutly horrible ones. alice is an example of the latter. the theme song made you want to shoot the tv. the writers had to be smoking crack to come up with some of the episodes, and seemed to remake them over and over and over again.
  • I wish this was on DVD.

    During its run, I always considered Alice to be "must see TV". The cast of characters ran from the level-headed Alice, to the gruff but loveable Mel, to the zany Vera, to the smart-mouthed Southern belle, "Kiss My Grits" Flo. The acting was wonderful, and the series itself was on that new cusp of acknowledging the struggles of single parenthood as Alice tried her best, and did a wonderful job, of raising her son (played by Phillip McKeon). Despite most of the series taking place inside Mel's Diner, the storylines were continually changing and always very funny. I hope plans are to release this series on DVD in the near future.
  • kiss my grits.

    i used to wake up every morning so i at 5 am so i could watch 2 episodes of this show before sci fi showed land of the lost re reuns. i like this show very much and it always made me happy. i only have one question. why did they need three waitresses in a diner with 7 tables?
  • One of the best sitcoms of all time!

    Many people have a tendency to say that this show was very realistic, but I don't know if I'd go that far with that; I mean, Alice worked as a waitress (making $2.35 a hour or slightly more as time passed) and it was said that she attended college for a period of time (how could she pay for that with the money she made at a crappy place like Mel's Diner, let alone pay rent?!). Although I must say that the phrase "Kiss my grits!" did have a tendency to get monotonous, the show itself was absolutely hilarious! All of the characters were funny in their own unique ways and almost everybody in America could identify with them. All of the plots were extremely hysterical (like the time Flo became Alice's roommate after her trailer was stolen or when Flo tried to prove that driving a semi was not just for men and ended up crashing into the front of the diner!) and would keep you at the end of your seat. This show was released to DVD as a TV-favorite collection, but it deserves a hell of a lot better than that! This show is completely underrated (it hasn't been rerun since TNN took it off in January of 2001!) and it MUST be released to DVD in the season formats! To all of you who've never seen this show, buy the DVD set. You won't regret it!
  • One of the few shows I can recall

    ' Alice ' was one of the few shows I enjoyed during the 70's and can recall just about all the episodes that were ever made. Growing up in Southern Arizona, I was kind of put off though that the producers moved Mel's Diner from Tucson to Phoenix but aside from state rivalaries, the show was one of the 70's best sitcoms. I don't think it hurt that I kind of had a thing for Vera. My favorite character though was not one of the major stars but rather ' Henry ' from the Telephone Company.
    While I do not miss it enough to purchase it on DVD it is one of the few shows that I would not turn off if I saw reruns on TV today and might even find it's way on to my Tivo..
  • A show about a diner it kept me in tune

    the show had three waitresses who worked there and aone of them was called alice and she had a teenage son another one was called flo and she chewed gum all the time and had big hair and wore really weird clothes and the cook owned the diner and made awful food but the regulars kept coming back and they discussed all their problems while working
  • This show took place in a Diner, and focused on the waitresses, cook/owner, and customers.

    I will never forget the sassy red head who didnt hesitate to tell her boss"kiss my grits" each week. That catchy theme song, that explained what Alice was doing working at Mels diner, sticks in my head every once in awhile. I miss this show. Mel Sharples, the owner/cook at the restaraunt barked his orders from the kitchen, while the ladies chatted away. Friendships formed, as we watched Alice, a single mother who was new to town, try to start a new life. She moved to the desert town with her teenage son, Tommy. Flo, was the wise-cracking, gum chewing, siren of the group. Part southern bell, part truck driver, she had a very active social life. Vera was a ditzy, naive women, with a heart of gold. Friendships forged, and although Flo was replaced by Jolene, the group dynamic was still tight. Mel eventually dropped his crusty exterior, and revealed his heartfelt friendship for his waitress-friends. Never a letdown, this weekly sitcom is missed.
  • A recent widower sets out to fulfill her pursue a career in singing but ends up as a waitress at Mel's Diner to provide for herself and her son.

    My memory of this show is dim and scarce. But all in still for the bits that I do remember I can recall having a fondness for the show that launched the signature phrase, “Kiss My Grits.”

    Alice was nice half-hour of entertainment. The onscreen chemistry or lack thereof between the Mel and his waitresses seemed genuine and believable.

    A strong cast of veteran actors made pulling off clever one-lines seem as easy as pouring a glass of water. Rarely did the viewer find themselves wondering, “Was that line supposed to be funny?”

    Alice was a clever series perhaps ahead of its time, in an era that still held onto the notion of – Mama, Papa, and Kids – Alice debuted during the slow breakthrough of America’s launch of single-parent sitcoms.

    To those that might not have had the opportunity to catch an episode of Alice, I say check it out – you might find yourself hooked…and if you don’t – then I’m sure Flo has three words that might change your mind.
  • I don't know why they don't put Alice back on the air!

    I watched this show when I was little, and loved the way the three waitresses and Mel worked together. I loved Mel's temper when Vera (Dingy) got on his last frayed nerve in a chaotic, hot, greasy kitchen. Alice was strong and wise, and was able to be a mom to everyone, even with all of Tommy's growing up issues. I'd love to see this again.
  • Some of the best one liners on a tevevision show.

    I used to watch this show when I was a kid growing up and my mom and sister would watch too and we would always laugh when Flo told Mel, "KISS MY GRITS!!!!". If I was asked about my favorite of the cast, I wouldn't be able to choose. I think Vera is lovable and sweet but then Flo is also wild and lots of fun while Alice is level-headed, smart and has a great singing voice. There are several episodes that I love. For example the one where Alice tries out for a night club act at Disney World and Vera comes to the audition and while Alice is warming up her vocal chords Vera is accidentally mistaken for Alice and does her own audition. Alice then sings "Paper Moon" while the talent scout is yelling at someone on the phone and he somehow is still able to concentrate on her and gives her the contract. After she leaves we can hear Alice telling Vera in an excited screaming voice that she got it and the two of them start screaming joyously in the hall. It was funny but the best episode was the last of the series when they had a montage of the best episodes, and all the celebrity appearances. It was sad to see it go but I'll always remember it as one of the best shows on tv.
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