Alice - Season 1

CBS (ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • Mel's Happy Burger
    Mel's Happy Burger
    Episode 24
    With profits dwindling and competition moving into the area, taking away customers, Mel is worried he may have to go out of business. Alice suggests that Mel try advertising to boost business and Alice is thrilled when she gets cast in "Mel's Happy Burger" commercial. However, her hopes for stardom may be dashed when she discovers she will have to don a hamburger costume.moreless
  • The Bundle
    The Bundle
    Episode 23
    Alice finds herself pinching pennies after she realizes she must dig up $600 to put braces on Tommy. Meanwhile, Mel is also having a hard time coming up with extra money for a new refrigerator. Later, it appears that both of their worries are over when Flo finds a bag full of money totaling over $40,000 under one of the tables in the diner. Everyone is excited except for Alice who is the only one who wants to find the owner.moreless
  • Mel's Cup
    Mel's Cup
    Episode 22
    Tommy needs something to donate to the church rummage sale and being the last minute Alice and Flo try to find something around the diner that wouldn't be missed. This leads them to unknowingly donate Mel's old Navy Trophy. When Mel discovers it is missing he believes it was stolen. Meanwhile, Alice gets it back but trying to put it back in its place without Mel noticing proves to be tricky.moreless
  • A Night to Remember
    A Night to Remember
    Episode 21
    Vera becomes depressed with her birthday approaching and with the fact that she doesn't have a man in her life. Alice and Flo decide the best thing to do to cheer Vera up is to play matchmaker and they set her up on a date with a diner regular, Travis. However, both Alice and Flo's plan works a little too well, as Vera announces that she and Travis are eloping to Las Vegas.moreless
  • The Odd Couple
    The Odd Couple
    Episode 20
    Flo's trailer is stolen and she soon finds herself without a roof over her head. Alice has the heart to let her stay at her apartment for a spell, however, the spell is broken when Alice finds out that Flo is an all-out slob and has unwelcome visitors coming over at all hours of the night. Soon, Alice must find the words to tell Flo she needs to move out.moreless
  • The Pain of No Return
    Alice gets an unexpected visit from Uncle Sam who in the form of an IRS agent shows up at Mel's Diner with the unpleasant news that Alice's deceased husband never paid his back taxes and now Alice must cough up $6000 in a week. Meanwhile, Alice finds yet another unexpected visitor in the diner, when the agent's jealous wife shows up and accuses Alice of having an affair with her husband.moreless
  • The Hex
    The Hex
    Episode 18
    Alice has a secret admirer who showers her with flowers and when the man reveals himself, Alice is all excited to go out with him. Meanwhile, a fake Gypsy has been stealing silverware and when Alice confronts her, she puts a hex on her. Alice laughs off the idea of a hex but on her date with her admirer, Alice realizes that maybe there just may be something to it. Meanwhile, Tommy is having troubles studying for a history exam.moreless
  • The Failure
    The Failure
    Episode 17
    A robbery heist goes awry for a clumsy inept robber who must contend with a pregnant woman going into labor in the diner, a stuck cash register and a police stakeout. With everyone held hostage, and Vera ruining Mel and Alice's attempts to get out of the situation, the robber seems to have one chance to redeem himself when he decides to help deliver the baby in the diner.moreless
  • The Accident
    The Accident
    Episode 16
    Mel leaves for a trip to Las Vegas and leaves his set of car keys with Alice. Flo snatches the keys to run an errand but on the way she gets into a car accident and totals the car. The girls are shocked when the repair estimate comes in at $600 but just as Flo finds someone to repair the car for cheap, Mel returns unexpectedly and the girls try to hide the truth from Mel.moreless
  • Mel's in Love
    Mel's in Love
    Episode 15
    Alice gets a visit from her friend's teenage daughter who hitchhikes to Phoenix and Mel falls head over heels in love with her. However, when she decides to move on to California, Mel is left with a broken heart and promptly gets drunk and cries on Alice's shoulder. Soon Alice has a problem on her hands when it seems Mel has moved on and has fallen for Alice.moreless
  • Vera's Mortician
    Vera's Mortician
    Episode 14
    Vera seems to have been swept off her feet by a man who just happens to be a mortician. Alice and Flo have a bad feeling about the guy especially when Alice discovers that he is married and has a kid. However, before Alice can do anything, Vera announces that the guy has proposed marriage. Meanwhile, Tommy gears up to play in a football game.moreless
  • Mother-in-Law (2)
    Mother-in-Law (2)
    Episode 13
    Alice is fed up with her mother-in-law, Rose as her houseguest and starts looking for apartments for her to move into. When Rose refuses to look at apartments, Alice calls in her father-in-law, Charlie who has recently left Rose and Alice begs him to take Rose off her hands, but Charlie is enjoying the single life and after 36 years of marriage to Rose he decides he would like to be single for awhile.moreless
  • Mother-in-Law (1)
    Mother-in-Law (1)
    Episode 12
    Alice is not too happy when she gets a letter from her mother-in-law, Rose Hyatt, saying that she is coming to Phoenix for a visit. Alice soon gets fed up with Rose's constant insults and trying to get Tommy to move back home with her. However, when Alice learns that Rose's husband has left her, Rose drops a bomb, she's decided to permanently move to Phoenix.moreless
  • Who Killed Bugs Bunny?
    Tommy is disappointed that he can't participate in a father-son camping trip but he is thrilled and so is Alice when Mel agrees to take Tommy. However, when Alice finds out that there will be hunting involved, she refuses to let Tommy go. Following a big argument with Alice, Tommy sneaks out with Mel in the middle of the night but soon discovers hunting is not all that it's cracked up to be.moreless
  • The Dilemma
    The Dilemma
    Episode 10
    Alice has found that money is becoming tighter and tighter and she asks Mel for a raise which he promptly refuses. Later, a wealthy old boyfriend of Alice's comes to town for a visit and proposes marriage. Alice begins entertaining the idea of the possibility of living with a loveless marriage and living without having to worry about money.moreless
  • Good Night, Sweet Vera
    Vera has a falling out with her latest boyfriend Calvin and she decides to end it all by swallowing a bottle of sleeping pills. When Flo discovers that Vera has tried to kill herself, her and Alice must come up with different ways to keep Vera awake until the paramedics arrive. To compound matters, a heavy rainstorm hits Phoenix, impeding the paramedics' arrival.moreless
  • Big Daddy Dawson's Coming
    Flo's first husband, L.W., is in town and he has been spending all of his time with Flo and she is convinced that his 'ladies man' ways are behind him. Flo talks Alice into helping her get back with L.W., however, he mistakes Alice's intentions and makes a play for her, but when she turns him down, he causes a rift in Alice and Flo's friendship.moreless
  • Sex Education
    Sex Education
    Episode 7
    Alice is stunned when she discovers a picture in Tommy's wallet of a naked woman. Later, when she discovers that Tommy is studying with a female classmate who may be pregnant, Alice decides that it is time that she has a talk with Tommy about the birds and the bees. However, she soon learns that Tommy has been taking a sex education class and becomes curious as to just what it is he has been learning.moreless
  • The Last Review
    The Last Review
    Episode 6
    Mel leaves Alice in charge when he goes away on a fishing trip and Alice has a secret plan to boost business. She gets Mr. James, a famous food critic, to stop by and try out Mel's famous chili. However, her plan goes awry when after one bite of the chili, Mr. James drops dead and the medical report comes back listing the cause of his death as food poisoning.moreless
  • A Call to Arms
    A Call to Arms
    Episode 5
    Alice is fed up with the obscene caller who has been harassing her and keeping her up all night with heavy breathing. Things begin to get out of hand when Alice borrows Vera's answering machine and gets a message that threatens her life. This prompts her to take Flo's advice, which is to get a gun.moreless
  • Pay the Fifty Dollars
    Alice is thrilled to fill in as a nightclub singer in a neighboring town even though the establishment is a known dive. However, she is not so thrilled when the police mistakenly pick her up and accuse her of prostitution. Soon Alice is torn between standing up for herself and pleading not guilty or pleading guilty and getting off with a small fine.moreless
  • A Piece of the Rock
    Alice gets a surprise in the mail when she gets a bill from her deceased husband's insurance company. It seems that he had taken out a life insurance policy that she did not know about, but Alice is in for a shock when she learns that he did not list her as the beneficiary, but instead left it to another woman, named Bubbles. Curious, Alice takes a trip to Flagstaff to see just who else tripped her husband's fancy.moreless
  • Alice Gets a Pass
    Alice Gets a Pass
    Episode 2
    Mel's old college buddy, Jack Newhouse is coming to Phoenix for a visit and to go on a fishing trip with Mel. When Jack arrives and meets everyone, Flo senses an attraction between Alice and Jack, and she pushes the two to go out on a date together. Alice is hopeful for romance when the night goes right, however, Alice's romantic evening comes to a screeching halt when she discovers that Jack is gay.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Alice Hyatt and her son Tommy have settled in to their new home in Phoenix and Alice has been working at a grubby little cafe called Mel's Diner for a little over five weeks. Working at the diner with fellow waitresses, Flo and Vera and her grumpy boss, Mel, Alice has already met her share of characters. However, the latest character visiting the diner claims to be a Hollywood agent, giving Alice hopes of making it big and leaving Phoenix once and for all.moreless
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