Alice - Season 2

CBS (ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • The Bus
    The Bus
    Episode 24
    Alice, Flo and Vera begin to consider joining a union after they get fed up with Mel's treatment. Meanwhile, Mel is all excited when a tour bus drops off a load of customers including an AWOL Navy man and his spoiled girlfriend, a blind woman, a woman plagued by motion sickness and a older Jewish couple. When the diner stays open late, the girls decide a union is the best way to go especially when Mel orders them to work late with no overtime.moreless
  • The Reporter
    The Reporter
    Episode 23
    Mel and the girls have been busy preparing meals for the jury of a sensational rape trial and the trial brings out passion and intrigue in Alice who has religiously been following it in the newspapers. When an investigative reporter stops in Mel's Diner, Alice discovers that he is hiding out and afraid someone is out to kill him to prevent him from printing a news article and Alice decides to help him.moreless
  • Earthquake
    Episode 22
    Vera is convinced that a Native American's prediction that an earthquake will rock Phoenix will come true and everyone is rattled, particularly Alice who having come from New Jersey has never experienced an earthquake before. Meanwhile, as everyone prepares for a quake, Flo discovers that someone has been skimming from the tip jar and becomes convinced that Mel is the culprit.moreless
  • Mel's Recession
    Mel's Recession
    Episode 21
    The girls wonder what has gotten into Mel one day when he is grouchier than he normally is. Mel quickly announces that after meeting with his accountant, Mel's Diner had lost money over the past year and Mel's accountant recommends that, to cut costs, he should let one of the waitresses go. Soon, it becomes a competition between the waitresses to see who won't get fired.moreless
  • The Star in the Storeroom
    Alice tries her best to get tickets for a Jerry Reed concert for Tommy but comes up empty handed. However, there may be a chance when Flo admits that she once babysat for Jerry Reed when he was a youngster. Jerry doesn't remember her at first but one step into Mel's Diner turns out be a big mistake when he gets held up in the storeroom after Flo douses him with ketchup.moreless
  • Don't Lock Now
    Don't Lock Now
    Episode 19
    Mel quickly realizes that someone has been stealing food out of the storeroom and also has been making long distance phone calls from the storeroom phone. When each one of the girls denies knowing anything about it, Mel installs locks on everything resulting in Mel and the waitresses becoming locked in the storeroom and facing a long weekend trapped in close quarters together.moreless
  • Mel's Big Five-0
    Mel's Big Five-0
    Episode 18
    Mel is in an unusually good mood and the girls quickly discover the reason, it happens to be his 50th birthday. When the girls ask him what he would like, Mel insists that he doesn't want anything, but secretly he hopes for a big shindig. However, to Mel's disappointment, the girls take him at his word when he says he doesn't want a 50th-birthday party.moreless
  • The Cuban Connection
    Alice is thrilled to have her old singing teacher, Ruth come to Phoenix for a visit. Ruth is a little down in the dumps because she just left Paco, her womanizing photographer of a husband. However, when Paco shows up at Mel's Diner, Alice has no choice but to try to mediate the couple's constant squabbling and try to bring them back together, but that is no easy task, especially since Ruth believes Paco and Alice may be fooling around.moreless
  • Florence of Arabia
    Florence of Arabia
    Episode 16
    Flo is excited about her latest boyfriend, Ben, because he has been wining and dining her and has begun lavishing her with expensive gifts. First she gets a fur coat and then he presents her with a diamond ring. Alice is excited for Flo but she is in for a shock when she meets Ben, who turns out to be a rich Arab who admits to her that he intends to make Flo his fourth wife and have her join his harem.moreless
  • Love Me, Love My Horse
    Flo is looking forward to a visit from her bronco-busting baby brother, Jimmie Joe Castleberry. To welcome him to town, Flo sets him up on a blind date with Alice. However, Alice has no idea what she is getting herself into when their first date winds up over a campfire searing steaks and the night ends with a marriage proposal and Alice soon realizes she is dealing with someone who won't take no for an answer.moreless
  • The Pharmacist
    The Pharmacist
    Episode 14
    A pharmacist whose wife just left him and whose dog just died comes into the diner and tries to make a call to President Carter to protest food additives. However, when that doesn't work he tries another tactic, he threatens to take his life by swallowing a Cyanide pill until someone starts taking him seriously. Meanwhile, Flo orders sexy lingerie from a catalog but has a hard time giving it away when it comes in the wrong size.moreless
  • Close Encounters of the Worst Kind
    Alice has been taking a psychology course and one day she tells the gang that she has been studying repression. However, her explanation of what repression is soon brings forth petty grievances that each Mel's Diner employee has been repressing from one another. However, this leads to a major blowout and soon everyone is fighting with one another and Alice calls for an intervention at her apartment to work through it.moreless
  • Love is a Free Throw
    Tommy has made friends with a senior basketball player and invites him over for dinner. During the meal, the young man quickly falls head over heals for Alice and she soon begins finding him at every which way she turns. Things turn serious after she refuses to go with him to the senior prom and he slips into a depression and begins neglecting his classes and basketball.moreless
  • The Eyes of Texas
    The Eyes of Texas
    Episode 11
    Flo has been acting strange, first she writes an order up wrong and then she is late for a date. Alice tries to gently break the news that she may need glasses. However, Flo's vanity keeps her from getting the eyeglasses she obviously needs. When she does finally agree to a pair, her confidence is shattered and she is thrown into a depression when her boyfriend J.W. announces he is married, but she can only believe his breakup is due to her glasses.moreless
  • Oh! George Burns
    Oh! George Burns
    Episode 10
    Vera comes to work one day, upset over a character on one her soap operas that is on death's doorstep. It soon becomes apparent to everyone that Vera believes movie and television characters are real. So when George Burns stops by Mel's Diner for lunch, Vera believes that he's actually the Deity he played in the movie Oh, God! She promptly quits her job at the diner and decides to devote the rest of life to do George Burns' bidding and it is up to Alice to bring her back to reality.moreless
  • A Semi-Merry Christmas
    Alice is excited when she plans to take Tommy away for a trip to Colorado Springs to visit her cousin over the Christmas holiday. But her plans seem to be dashed when Mel announces that there will be no Christmas bonuses, which Alice was depending on for bus fair. However, by a strange twist of fate the entire gang ends up on a semi bound for Colorado Springs, but a nasty snowstorm quickly strands them in the middle of the Rocky Mountains.moreless
  • Love is Sweeping the Counter
    Flo has plans to go to a big football game in Tucson with a boyfriend of hers, however; first she must get Mel to let her off of work. When Mel agrees to let her leave work early, she discovers her boyfriend cannot take her and she asks Mel to come with her instead. Later, Alice and Vera are both stunned when it seems that Mel and Flo have suddenly become more than just friends, but neither one of them wants to be the one to break the new found relationship off, so they each turn to Alice to play the middle man.moreless
  • That Old Back Magic
    Alice invites Mel, Flo and Vera over to her apartment for brunch and when Mel has an accident, his back goes out. Soon Alice finds herself with a most unwelcome houseguest in Mel, who camps out in her living room while his back heals. Meanwhile, Alice is dating a schoolteacher and having Mel at the apartment makes it hard for any romance and for Mel it makes him frustrated when he misses his poker game, so the girls decide to bring him one.moreless
  • The Sixty Minutes Man
    After watching a segment on 60 Minutes, Alice is convinced she recognized the picture of a suspected mobster who has been on the run for 30 years and is wanted by the FBI to testify against a mob boss who now has a contract out on his life. Alice soon realizes that indeed one of the diner regulars is just that man. With the FBI closing in, the staff must do their best to keep him from being caught.moreless
  • Single Belles
    Single Belles
    Episode 5
    Alice, Flo and Vera each find themselves on a Friday night with nothing to do and Alice suggests that they go out on the town. Flo and Alice talk Vera into going to a singles bar and as soon as they walk through the door, Flo finds herself in heaven and Alice and Vera find themselves getting passes. The evening goes well for Alice and Flo each ending the night with a man that has potential, that is until they discover that they are each after the same man.moreless
  • Alice by Moonlight
    Alice by Moonlight
    Episode 4
    Alice has been showing up late for work at the diner and Mel becomes suspicious but lets it slide. Meanwhile, Alice secretly confides in Vera and Flo that she has been moonlighting as a nightclub singer, however, her night job begins to interfere with her day job and she begins walking around like a zombie due to lack of sleep. When Mel learns the truth, he forces her to decide between jobs and without hesitation she quits in a huff.moreless
  • 86 the Waitresses
    86 the Waitresses
    Episode 3
    With business on the upswing, Mel decides to get additional help and he hires a waiter. Alice is thrilled, that is until she learns that Mel is paying him $0.25 more, strictly because he is a man. When Alice breaks the news to Flo and Vera, they decide that Alice would be the best person to go to Mel and act as a negotiator, however her attempts don't go quite as she planned. When Mel refuses to match the pay, Alice quits and brings Flo and Vera with her.moreless
  • The Indian Taker
    The Indian Taker
    Episode 2
    Mel's Diner gets an unexpected visit from a Native American who claims the diner was built on his tribe's sacred burial ground and refuses to leave claiming he has come there to die. Mel refuses to take the man seriously but the Native American agrees to leave, that is if Mel were to pay him $200. Meanwhile, working at a diner doubles Alice's pain as she is having a hard time with a crash diet and Flo is feeling no pain when a customer makes a pass.moreless
  • The Second Time 'Round
    Flo gets an unexpected visit from her third ex-husband who stops by Mel's Diner with shocking news, it seems the man who gave him and Flo their divorce was a fraud and technically him and Flo are still married. Learning this, Flo becomes surprisingly overjoyed by the fact that she is still married. Meanwhile, Alice encounters a flasher while on her way to work and is stunned when he has the gall to make a second appearance, this time in Mel's Diner.moreless