Alice - Season 4

CBS (ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • Here Comes Alice Cottontail
    Tommy is upset with Alice when she refuses to let him go to Mexico with some friends for spring break. Fed up, Mel allows Tommy to move in with him and Alice allows Tommy to stay with him, prompting a wager between Alice and Mel, she bets that he will kick Tommy out and Mel bets that Alice will snoop on her son.moreless
  • Cook's Tour
    Cook's Tour
    Episode 23
    Vera goes on a city tour when she learns that her best friend Bobbi is the tour guide. When Bobbi stops by the diner she falls head over heels for Mel and quickly starts bringing business his way when Mel's Diner becomes a stop on her city tour and her hopes for romance grow, Mel just can't find a way to let her down.moreless
  • Profit Without Honor
    Mel's been going through his books and realizes that for the next two months he must cut costs in order to stay in business and he announces he will have either fire one waitress or they would have to have a 20% cut in wages. Alice comes up with an idea of a profit-sharing agreement which Mel agrees to but this is just before learning he'll get a tidy sum for letting the city condemn his property.moreless
  • Vera, the Vamp
    Vera, the Vamp
    Episode 21
    Vera has been down because her boyfriend Brian has been giving her the cold shoulder and because of his sudden lack of attention, Vera begs Belle to transform her into a sex goddess so she can attract men. Soon Mel finds Belle and a very "different" Vera showing up to his poker game but Vera really gets to try out her new look at work but things soon go awry.moreless
  • One Too Many Girls
    One Too Many Girls
    Episode 20
    Mel has hired Belle as the third waitress at the diner but Alice and Vera and the customers wouldn't know it with Belle always coming in late and Mel not batting an eye to her tardiness. It seems she is making big points with her old boss Mel, but she's scoring zero with Alice and Vera and both get especially angry when both of their boyfriends take a liking in the flirtatious Belle.moreless
  • For Whom the Belle Toils
    Alice and Vera have become burned out at the diner and insist that Mel hire another waitress to replace Flo. So he brings in his girlfriend Marie but when he tries to get away with not paying her she quits in a huff. Meanwhile, Mel gets a visit from Belle a Mississippi belle who rings Mel's chimes as "one of the best waitresses I've ever had." However, Belle is aiming for nicer pastures as a country-music writer.moreless
  • Flo's Farewell
    Flo's Farewell
    Episode 18
    Flo arrives to work one day driving a fancy convertible and she has an announcement, it seems a wealthy Houston restaurateur has offered Flo a job being a hostess. Flo quickly must make up her mind but finds it hard to leave Alice and Vera and has a hard time breaking the news to a seemingly uncaring Mel.moreless
  • Auld Acquaintances Should Be Forgot
    Mel is surprised by a visit from an old Navy buddy, Rocky Rockwell who has come to Pheonix to get away from his life as a cab driver in New York and he down and out because his wife of 25 years has just left him. Mel decides to let him stay in the store room at the diner but soon Rocky has a hard time fitting in when Flo agrees to take him out on the town but promptly rejects him.moreless
  • My Funny Valentine Tux
    Valentine's Day has everyone getting valentines and finds Tommy without a date for a Valentine's dance. He has his eye on a popular girl and when she accepts he finds himself with another dilemma, he must get a tuxedo. Short on cash, Alice and the girl try to come up with ways to get Tommy a tuxedo.moreless
  • Carrie's Wedding
    Carrie's Wedding
    Episode 15
    Mel is delighted to learn that his mother Carrie is planning on re-marrying. However, when Mel meets his prospective stepfather he has second thoughts due to the fact that the man is his age. As the girls prepare a wedding ceremony at Alice's apartment, Mel stubbornly refuses to attend the wedding.moreless
  • Alice Beats the Clock
    Mel gets fed up with the waitresses abusing their time and he decides to install a time clock in the storeroom. The girls object at first but are afraid to lose their jobs but decide to catch Mel on a technicality when they demand overtime for the Sunday cleanup they used to do for nothing. When Mel refuses, the girls promptly go on strike.moreless
  • Alice in TV Land
    Alice in TV Land
    Episode 13
    A TV talk show host, Martha MacIntire, visits Tommy's school looking for volunteers to appear on her talk show to discuss their elders. Tommy happily volunteers and Alice is excited for him, that is until he shows up and calls Mel a cheap skate, calls his mother a nag and says Flo is the person he most admires, leaving Vera left out in the cold when she isn't mentioned.moreless
  • Good Buddy Flo
    Good Buddy Flo
    Episode 12
    Flo gets a call from Sy, a trucker boyfriend of hers, telling her that he will be in town and Flo is excited to meet up with him and his partner Tony. Flo is in for a shock when she learns Tony is a Toni, a female partner. Feeling that she may lose Sy, she decides to become a trucker herself and talks Alice into giving her some tips.moreless
  • Mel, the Magi
    Mel, the Magi
    Episode 11
    The girls worry about having enough money to buy gifts for everyone for Christmas and Flo proposes that each one just buys one gift for someone. However, each person's sacrifice of something dear to them to buy a gift for another turns sour (a la O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi"). Meanwhile, a power outage at the diner leads to an unexpected visitor ... Santa Claus.moreless
  • My Cousin, Art Carney
    While going through her family tree, Vera discovers that her sixth cousin on her father's side of the family is none other than Art Carney. Meanwhile, Mel is trying to come up with ways to market his chili and gets an idea to have Art Carney endorse it and market it under Chili con Carney. Now, the only problem is getting Art Carney to do it.moreless
  • Cabin Fever
    Cabin Fever
    Episode 9
    Flo is disappointed when a planned getaway with her boyfriend to a remote cabin in New Mexico gets cancelled. Overhearing this, Mel thinks it would be a great idea to take his girlfriend Marie there for a romantic outing but finds himself not alone when Flo decided to go on her vacation after all with Alice and Vera in tow.moreless
  • Mel's in the Kitchen With Dinah
    Mel gets an unexpected visitor in the diner, a food critic who begins testing various Mel's Diner specialties. The critic is most impressed with Mel's chili and he reveals that he works for Dinah Shore's television show and he invites Mel and one other person to appear on her show. However things go awry when the waitresses fight over who will accompany Mel on television.moreless
  • Carrie Sharples Strikes Again
    Mel is not happy when his domineering mother, Carrie arrives in town for another visit. Mel quickly gets fed up with her but when his back goes out Carrie is left to take over as chef at Mel's Diner. Mel is not pleased when he learns that his mother's home cooking is bringing in the business and Alice tries her best to try to smooth things over between the two.moreless
  • Little Alice Bluenose
    Vera has been taking an art class and Mel is shocked to learn that part of the class involves sketching nude male models. Even more shocked is Vera's boyfriend Brian who insists that she quit the class but Alice takes Vera's side but has a problem when she discovers that her new boyfriend is one of the nude models.moreless
  • Flo's Chili Reception
    Mel is excited when a food critic names his chili "the best in the west" in a restaurant magazine but his happiness is short lived when business doesn't pick. Meanwhile, Mel is convinced that his chief competitor Barney from Barney's Burger Barn is romancing Flo just to get the recipe for Mel's Texas-style chili. When Flo refuses to stop seeing Barney Mel fires her and she gets a job at the Burger Barn.moreless
  • Vera Robs the Cradle
    Tommy's recent relationship with a girl has ended and he is down in the dumps so he happily accepts an invitation by Vera to go out the movies. Later, Vera gives Tommy a dance lesson and at that instant Tommy becomes smitten and falls head over heels for Vera. Now Vera must try her best to let Tommy down without hurting his feelings.moreless
  • Mel Loves Marie
    Mel Loves Marie
    Episode 3
    Mel and his girlfriend Marie have been getting serious, so serious that Mel proposes marriage and Marie happily accepts. Later, Mel becomes worried about what would happen if the marriage didn't work and he decides to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up, but when Marie refuses to sign it, the engagement is called off and Mel begs Alice to help get them back together.moreless
  • Mona Lisa Alice
    Mona Lisa Alice
    Episode 2
    Alice has been dating Greg Stemple for a while and they have really hit it off and Tommy really likes him and quickly sets into motion matchmaking efforts in hopes of his mother remarrying. However, Alice's sour reaction to Tommy's pushy efforts threatens Mel's new promotional gimmick, which is free meals to customers if his waitresses don't smile.moreless
  • Has Anyone Here Seen Telly?
    The Mel's diner staff becomes fed up with Vera who has been playing a game, "The Waitress Who Cried Wolf" claiming that she has seen celebrities around town who aren't really there. So when Telly Savalas gives star-struck Vera a thrill when he stops by the diner while she's working there alone, no one believes her story and she promptly quits in a huff.moreless