Alice - Season 5

CBS (ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • Baby Makes Five
    Baby Makes Five
    Episode 20
    Vera makes an interesting discovery at the laundromat, she finds an abandoned baby and she brings it home with her. Everyone at the diner loves the baby especially Vera who begins to get a little too attached and soon refuses to give the baby girl up and even looks into possibly adopting her.moreless
  • Who's Kissing the Great Chef of Phoenix?
    Mel and Marie get into an argument and break up. Meanwhile, Vera is going through a breakup of her own and Alice talks Mel into taking Vera out to the movies to cheer her up. However, when Marie shows up Mel makes it seem that him and Vera are a romantic item and Vera takes him seriously but she doesn't realize that it's just a ploy to make Marie, jealous.moreless
  • Alice Strikes Up the Band
    A banquet is being thrown and it has a 1940's theme and when the lead singer falls ill a new singer is needed and Alice thinks she is perfect for the job. Later, Alice is overjoyed with glowing reviews and which leads to her being offered a job singing for an influential audience of restaurant owners but that would mean picking up living over the road and away from Phoenix.moreless
  • The Great Escape
    The Great Escape
    Episode 17
    With Belle out of town, Alice and Vera pick up the slack at the diner. Meanwhile, a male trucker, Burt and his female partner, Jolene stop by Mel's Diner and it is there where Jolene decides to take a stand when she gets fed up with Burt constantly making passes at her which ultimately leads to the entire Mel's Diner staff getting locked in the women's bathroom.moreless
  • Macho, Macho Mel
    Macho, Macho Mel
    Episode 16
    While taking out the garbage, Mel has an encounter with a little old lady who catches him by surprise when she mugs him and dumps in the trash bin. However, when Mel recounts the story of the little old lady, she suddenly becomes four thugs and Mel quickly eats his words and suffers ridicule when the mugger is captured and brought to the diner to be identified.moreless
  • Carrie Chickens Out
    Carrie Chickens Out
    Episode 15
    Mel comes to work one day and is surprised to find his mother Carrie has come to town for another visit. She quickly takes over the diner and starts running the kitchen herself. However, Mel quickly gets fed up and kicks her out which prompts her to get a job cooking at one of Mel's competitors.moreless
  • Alice's Son, the Drop-Out
    Alice is proud when Tommy gets an after school job singing at a juice saloon. However, she is not proud when she discovers his working has prompted him to begin skipping school and when confronted he announces that he has decided to drop out. A desperate Alice tries to work with Tommy's employer on negotiating a schedule but ends up stealing his job.moreless
  • Bye Bye, Birdie
    Bye Bye, Birdie
    Episode 13
    Vera is excited when she gets paid this means she can finally pay off the cost of her pet parrot, Birdie. The pet store delivers the bird to the diner where an angry Mel loses temper when the Birdie begins to imitate everything he says and the nose-to-beak yelling match quickly results in Birdie dropping dead.moreless
  • The Jerry Reed Fish Story
    Mel, Charlie and Jerry Reed return to Phoenix having gone on a fishing trip and Jerry was the lucky one, he caught a huge opened mouth bass and has plans to have it stuffed. Later, the waitresses cut up the fish that they find in the refrigerator, not aware of whose it is. Soon they find themselves trying to make amends but the girls soon find themselves scaling the side of Jerry's hotel.moreless
  • Vera Goes Out On a Limb
    Construction crews have been working to widen the street in front of Mel's Diner and Mel is fed up with the construction and can't wait for it to be over. However, Vera is anything but happy when she goes out on a limb to save a century old tree in front of the diner from being cut down. She soon takes drastic steps and chains herself to the tree.moreless
  • Alice Locks Belle Out
    Alice comes to work with great news, she's been named the new manager of her apartment building and she is most excited about not having to pay rent. However, she soon finds her job is not so easy when she finds herself with the unenviable task of locking out a delinquent fellow tenant, Belle.moreless
  • Henry's Bitter Half
    Henry has been in a good mood lately on account of his wife, Chloe has been extra nice to him lately. Originally, Henry thinks its because their 20th wedding anniversary is coming up, but soon he becomes convinced she may be having an affair so to get back at her, he tells her he's having one too, with Alice.moreless
  • Carrie Sings the Blues
    Mel's mother Carrie makes yet another visit to Phoenix but this time she is singing the blues because her husband of six months has left her. This prompts Carrie to throw herself into work and soon Mel's Diner is booming with business due to her pie sales and Mel doesn't quite have the heart to tell her, her husband wants her back.moreless
  • The New Improved Mel
    Mel is none to pleased to have to attend the funeral of an old navy buddy, who had a reputation for being mean, and Mel has a wakeup call when he notices that not too many people came to pay their respects. This persuades Mel to become Mr. Nice Guy to ensure a decent turnout at his own burial, which may come sooner than planned when Mel suddenly lands in the hospital.moreless
  • Tommy's T.K.O.
    Tommy's T.K.O.
    Episode 6
    Tommy has been having some trouble at school with a bully and when Alice learns of this she is concerned but when Mel suggests that Tommy stand up for himself, Alice demands that he not fight. Later, against Alice's expressed wishes, Mel secretly teaches Tommy how to take care of a school bully but this leads to Tommy being expelled.moreless
  • Vera's Aunt Agatha
    Vera's Aunt Agatha
    Episode 5
    Vera's Aunt Agatha, a freewheeling sexagenarian, makes a pit stop in Phoenix while motorcycling to Mexico. Vera watches her with awe and this prompts Vera to make a life altering decision, she suddenly up and quits working at Mel's Diner and now must decide whether or not to ride off into the sunset with her aunt.moreless
  • Too Many Robert Goulets (2)
    Mel is down in the dumps after losing the diner during his gambling streak. However, Mel may get his diner back if Belle can get Robert Goulet to perform for a Las Vegas casino owner but when she reveals she actually doesn't known Goulet, Alice steps in and impersonates him and now the trick is to make sure no one realizes she is not Robert Goulet.moreless
  • Hello Vegas, Goodbye Diner (1)
    Vera participates in a phone in radio contest and she wins a trip for two to Las Vegas. Vera quickly must decide whom she will take but Tommy saves the day and suggests they trade in the plane tickets for bus tickets so everyone can go. Later, at the casino, everyone tries their luck but Mel catches gambling fever and gambles away the diner.moreless
  • Dog Day Evening
    Dog Day Evening
    Episode 2
    Mel is furious when he finds that someone came into the storeroom and made off with his safe. Mel decides he has had it and decides to rent the services of two very efficient guard dogs. However, one evening when everyone has plans to go out on the town, the dogs trap everyone in the diner with no way to escape.moreless
  • Mel and the Green Machine
    Mel has been having a hard time with running the diner and finds that he's not getting enough profits and it seems that his competition is beating him down. However, things start to turn around for Mel when an automated bank teller accidentally spews out $24,675 to an astonished but delighted Mel. Now Mel has one problem, how to keep his new found wealth looking suspicious.moreless