Alice - Season 7

CBS (ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • Jolene Lets the Cat Out of the Bag
    Jolene's hair is standing on end when a cat burglar begins prowling her neighborhood and she has befriended a real nice guy in her building but when he goes away on a business trip Jolene has Vera and Mel to keep her company but even with two friends over, the burglar strikes.moreless
  • Tommy Hyatt, Business Consultant
    Tommy comes home for a visit from college and is all excited about his marketing class. Meanwhile, Mel has been down in the dumps business wise and he starts using Tommy's marketing advice and Mel begins to increase his business but also learns he's heading for bankruptcy and must make a decision, one of the waitress must go.moreless
  • Sweet Erasable Mel
    Sweet Erasable Mel
    Episode 21
    Vera's on again off again boyfriend, Steve Marsh shows up in Phoenix and with him brings his computer knowledge and he encourages Mel to get a computer installed in the store room for recording keeping and bank transactions. However, Mel's experiment with a computer goes well until Vera enters a transaction and erases every trace of Mel's financial existence.moreless
  • Mel's Cousin Wendy?
    Mel's Cousin Wendy?
    Episode 20
    Mel's business has gone down the tubes and he blames Barney's Burger Barn for taking away all of his customers and Mel dreams of getting a hold of Barney's secret sauce recipe. Meanwhile, Mel's cousin Wendell shows up for a visit and Mel persuades him to pose as a woman and apply for a job as a Burger Baby in an attempt to steal the sauce recipe.moreless
  • Vera on the Lam
    Vera on the Lam
    Episode 19
    Mel learns that a competitor had a waitress who made off with the profits and he becomes worried about internal theft. At Earl's suggestion, Mel decides to have the waitresses bonded and hearing that her past may come to the surface, Vera decides to take it on the lam and run away to avoid facing her criminal past.moreless
  • Tommy Fouls Out
    Tommy Fouls Out
    Episode 18
    The entire staff of Mel's Diner is excited about going to the first basketball game of the season of Tommy's college basketball team. A fight begins when Alice shows up with only two tickets and the staff tries to decide who gets to go. However, no one may end up going when Tommy shows up and reveals he may quit the team because he is afraid that he's lost the 'right stuff'.moreless
  • The Grass is Always Greener
    Mel is over the moon with excitement when he is offered a job as an executive position with a catering firm but before accepting it he needs to figure out what to do with the diner. That's when Alice, Vera and Jolene decide to go in as partners and decide to buy the diner from Mel. However, the girls' dreams of big money soon fall flat.moreless
  • Vera, the Torch
    Vera, the Torch
    Episode 16
    Vera is furious when she gets a notice from her mean old landlady, Mrs. Walden evicting all of her pets. Vera finds them a new home living with Mel but she wishes her landlady the worst and then feels responsible when the old crank's apartment catches on fire prompting Vera to show her some kindness and invites Mrs. Walden to move in with her.moreless
  • Come Back Little Sharples
    Mel has a day from hell: the waitresses hit him up for a raise, Henry sends his food back, Marie hounds him to marry her and Carrie stops by all depressed that Mel has never married and given her grandchildren. Mel has had it with the way things are going so he absconds to his apartment for a beer and pizza binge.moreless
  • Mel's Dream Car
    Mel's Dream Car
    Episode 14
    Mel is sky high when he comes in one day with the exciting news that he has just bought a new car, a jazzy new Porsche worth $40,000 and he got it for a really good deal, a measly $20. Mel soon becomes obsessed with his car and he's in for a let down when Jolene forgets to turn the alarm on and the car is stolen from the back alley.moreless
  • Jolene and the Night Watchman
    Jolene is almost run down by a car but is saved at the last minute by Artie, a muscle bound police guard who also happens to be a Mel's Diner regular who promptly falls head over heels for Jolene. Artie works up the nerve to ask her out and she agrees to go out on a date with him but she can't bring herself to bruise Artie's tender feelings when she wants to break off the romance.moreless
  • Tommy, the Jailbird
    Tommy, the Jailbird
    Episode 12
    Tommy comes home from college for a visit and brings his pal, Rudy along. It quickly becomes apparent Rudy seems to be a bad influence on Tommy who suddenly taken an interest in being hip. Alice fears that freshman Tommy is abusing his new freedom away from home by majoring in extracurricular activities and she may be right when Tommy and Rudy land in jail.moreless
  • Alice Faces the Music
    Henry stops by the diner with news that he recently attended the taping of a game show Go for It, where a set of three people in the same profession test their music knowledge. Vera thinks Alice, Jolene and herself would be perfect for the game show so they pit their musical knowledge against that of three plumbers in hopes of winning big.moreless
  • Vera the Virtuoso
    Vera the Virtuoso
    Episode 10
    Alice's dream of being a singer starts to come true for her when she lands a 10-day gig, which prompts Vera to realize that her dream may never come true. Vera has always dreamed of playing the cello with a string quartet and Jolene encourages her to try to make her dream come true, however, her instructor has a hard time breaking the news that she's not very good.moreless
  • Alice Sees the Light
    Alice has what she thinks a close encounter of the third kind when she is startled a brilliant bright light while in the storeroom and she rushes out the backdoor and apparently sees a UFO. However, Alice has a hard time convincing people of what she saw while Mel does his best to try to capitalize when Alice becomes a local celebrity.moreless
  • Jolene's Brother Jonas
    Jolene's brother Jonas comes to Phoenix for a surprise visit, but the surprise is on him when he gets an icy reception from his sister. Apparently, Jonas is a professional con man who insists that he's changed but Jolene refuses to give him a chance. Meanwhile, Mel is excited about paying off the mortgage on the diner.moreless
  • Carrie on the Rebound
    Carrie arrives in Phoenix with news that she has just come back from a beautiful trip to Mexico and that while there she got a quickie divorce in Tijuana. Heartbroken, Carrie begins crying on everyone's shoulder everyone gets fed up except for Earl, whose listening ear leads to Carrie falling head over heels for him.moreless
  • Alice's Turkey of a Thanksgiving
    Alice's meddlesome mother knocks the stuffing out of her daughter's Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Joel Grey Saves the Day
    Mel finally agrees to cast Joel Grey as the leading man in the musical revue after Mel's first choice sprains his ankle. However, soon after thing start to get out of hand and Joel Grey walks out after producer Mel turns a revue about New York into a desert musical with tunes like "Two Tootsies from Tucson" and "Ramona from Arizona."moreless
  • Alice at the Palace
    Alice is ecstatic to be cast as the lead in a musical revue and has been busy practicing but she soon gets bad news when the producer comes up short on cash and Mel is brought on as producer. Later, when the leading man drops out, Joel Grey offers his services gratis as the leading man but Mel has never heard of Grey and gives the role to his bookie.moreless
  • The Secret of Mel's Diner
    Mel and the girls are taken by a story published in the local newspaper where an eccentric old man had stuffed thousands of dollars in the walls of his home. Coincidentally, it just so happens the man is the same person who built and sold Mel the diner. There's gold in them there walls, or so Mel reckons and him and girls promptly begin tearing the place apart.moreless
  • Do You Take . . . ?
    Mel is not so excited about a visit from his old buddy from Brooklyn, mostly because he feels that he hasn't accomplished anything and doesn't have anyone special in his life. Mel tries to outdo his old buddy who shows up boasting a track record of fast living and sporting a blonde on his arm as proof, so Mel tries to get a blonde on his arm too ... Jolene.moreless
  • Sorry, Wrong Lips
    Sorry, Wrong Lips
    Episode 1
    Vera is addicted to a new book a memoir written by a famous author, Felicia Blake. In her book, Felicia refers to a boy name Mel she once knew back in Brooklyn and who happened to be the greatest kisser of her life. Mel is certain that he is the Mel she is referring too, however, Mel is in for a surprise when Felicia stops by the diner and has no idea who he is.moreless