Alice - Season 8

CBS (ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • Be It Ever So Crowded
    Vera and Elliot have been house shopping and they have been having a hard time finding the perfect home. Later, Vera and Elliot buy a charming old house that comes complete with fireplace, furniture and antiques and a border, Rev. Bragg, the forgetful old minister who married them. Vera and Elliot soon must work up the nerve to kick him out.moreless
  • Mel Spins His Wheels
    After being in business for 25 years, Mel is excited about getting a lifetime achievement award at a Restaurant Owners award ceremony and he prepares his speech. Meanwhile, Mel disdains the idea of accommodating the handicapped until two sprained ankles give him a different view, from a wheelchair, which may lead him to miss his big award ceremony.moreless
  • Don't Play It Again, Elliot
    Elliot's parents send him and Vera a gift of a piano and Elliot is soon glued to it, playing it day and night and Vera becomes fed up. Later, Artie, a diner regular, overhears the misery Vera is going through and tries to remedy the situation by using his moving man job as a way to just move the piano out of Vera and Elliot's life.moreless
  • Jolene is Stuck on Mel
    Jolene comes to work late with a surprise, she is engaged and the lucky man is a TV game show host who has plans of whisking her off to California. Jolene's whirlwind romance soon takes a detour when a dab of permanent glue bonds her firmly to Mel and the situation may threaten her impending nuptials and she soon has second thoughts.moreless
  • Vera's Fine Feathered Friends
    Vera has been watching over a nest of baby blue jays that is perched on the Mel's Diner sign. Vera thinks of herself as their mother so she becomes furious when Mel threatens the nest with a broom when he believes they are responsible for an electrical outage. Later, Vera takes a tumble trying to rescue the nest and lands in the hospital.moreless
  • My Dinner with Debbie
    Vera is surprised when her landlady, Mrs. Walden stops by Mel's Diner for a bite to eat and instantly becomes disgusted with Mel's cuisine. Mrs. Walden swears she is a better cook and invites him over for dinner to prove it and she almost instantly falls head over heels for him. Now Mel has to break it to her that he doesn't have the same feelings.moreless
  • Dollars to Donuts
    Dollars to Donuts
    Episode 17
    Mel is out of town and Carrie stops by the diner to help out with the cooking while he's gone. Carrie catches gambling fever and an interested Tommy decides to accompany her to the racetrack where he too catches gambling fever. A concerned Alice worries after Tommy wins big the first day at the track and Tommy bets he'll score in the betting business.moreless
  • Alice's Hot Air Romance
    Mel's pal Zack, who is a hot air balloon operator, stops by the diner and he sets his sights on Alice. However, Alice isn't quite fond of his sexist attitudes toward women and is in no good mood after he corners her in his balloon. Later, the entire gang finds themselves flying high over Phoenix and without an operator in the balloon.moreless
  • Alice and the Devoted Dentist
    Alice gets a craving for a bowl of Mel's chili but she is not prepared when she chips a tooth while eating it. Fearing a lawsuit, Mel sends her to his married dentist, Dr. Gordon who takes one look at Alice's X-rays and falls madly in love with her. Dr. Gordon soon decides to leave his wife for Alice and plans to propose.moreless
  • Lies My Mother Told Me
    Mel's mother Carrie arrives in town after having a near death experience on the flight out to Phoenix. She realizes that when her life flashed before her eyes, Mel's image did not, so she decides to try to become a better mother and Mel learns that over the years she has lied to him but he becomes most upset when she reveals the truth about his dog being a war hero.moreless
  • Jolene Throws a Curve
    Jolene has been happy dating the waiter from Lenny's Deli who also happens to a member of Lenny's softball team. When Mel hears this, he decides to organize a softball team as well and soon is making bets with Lenny over who will win. Mel doesn't seem to have a chance in winning that is if he can get trophy winner Jolene to pitch.moreless
  • Vera, the Horse Thief
    The circus is in town and the Mel's Diner staff gets free tickets to go and while there, Vera is shocked by how a trainer is treating a miniature horse named Sparky. The next day Vera surprises everyone in the diner when she reveals she has kidnapped Sparky and is keeping him in the storeroom. However, her act soon brings the police to Mel's front door.moreless
  • Tommy Goes Overboard
    Tommy comes home from college depressed, it seems he hasn't been doing very well with his classes and to make matters worse his girlfriend just dumped him. Meanwhile, Mel gets a visit from his old Navy buddy Frank and they recall the good old days and Tommy gets an earful about the Navy life, which ends up with Frank recruiting Tommy for the Navy.moreless
  • 'Tis the Season to Be Jealous
    Vera is looking forward to spending her first Christmas with her new husband, Eliot. Meanwhile, Eliot is busy down at the mall working undercover as Santa Claus and he is none to pleased when Vera's ex-fiancé Steve Marsh shows up in town and Eliot is afraid his marriage is in trouble when he spots Vera kissing her former fiancé.moreless
  • The Robot Wore Pink
    Alice, Vera and Jolene all watch a documentary on the working conditions in other countries and soon demand the same from Mel. When Mel refuses to hear them out, Alice quits in a huff so Mel replaces her with a very efficient and popular robot named Blanche. Soon Blanche is all the rage and this prompts Jolene and Vera to also quit.moreless
  • Vera's Wedding
    Vera's Wedding
    Episode 8
    After a whirlwind courtship, Vera is ready to walk down the aisle with Officer Elliot Novak, however, along the way she runs into a stepping stone, it seems the reverend at the wedding rehearsal has married her Mel in error and now must perform a disillusion ceremony. In the meantime, both Vera and Elliot get cold feet and reconsider marriage.moreless
  • Vera Gets Engaged
    Vera Gets Engaged
    Episode 7
    Vera rushes to work one day and on the way runs across the street into the diner with a police officer on her tail. It seems Vera jaywalked and the officer is planning on giving her a ticket, but what Vera isn't expecting is to fall in love at first sight. Within two weeks, Vera finds herself engaged but the wedding rehearsal soon goes awry.moreless
  • The Over-the-Hill Girls
    Carrie has been down in the dumps, it seems she has been depressed with her life and decides she wants to get a job and she applies for a singing position down at Vinnie's House of Veal, the same place Alice sings occasionally. However, Carrie is turned down and even Alice finds herself replaced because the owner thinks they're too old for the job.moreless
  • It Had to Be Mel
    It Had to Be Mel
    Episode 5
    Mel has been getting fed up with the lack of customers so when a famous singer, Sarah James, stops by the diner for directions, Mel and her hit it off. It seems Sarah is in town on a gig and soon Mel is out every night with her, but it comes as a shock when she proposes marriage and Mel accepts and prepares to move to Los Angeles.moreless
  • Alice's Blind Date
    Alice's Blind Date
    Episode 4
    Alice has been lonely and looking for a change, she decides to take the initiative when she learns that an old high school flame is in Phoenix on business and she calls him up and asks him out. Alice is not prepared when she learns he is now blind but it turns into a delightful trip down sensory lane, one that she attempts to share with the diner staff but ends in robbery.moreless
  • Jolene Gets Her Wings
    Jolene comes to work one day with great news, it seems she has been secretly going to flight attendant school and has just graduated. Mel is not pleased at the prospect of Jolene moonlighting but Jolene is the one is the most unsure when she gets her first flight, it seems she has a hidden fear ... of flying.moreless
  • Vera's Secret Lover
    Vera is overjoyed when she finds herself with a secret admirer who showers her with gifts including love poems and balloons. Alice and Jolene begin to speculate who Vera's admirer is and Vera begins doing some detective work herself. Little is anyone aware, Mel knows who it is and does have any plans on telling anyone, until the admirer makes his move.moreless
  • Mel is Hogg-Tied
    Mel is Hogg-Tied
    Episode 1
    Jolene is surprised when she gets a visit from a relative Boss Hogg, a distant cousin who has come to Phoenix with Deputy Enos both of "The Dukes of Hazzard". It seems Boss Hogg is planning on opening a chain of restaurants in the Southwest and he is up to his usual low tricks, Boss makes an offer to lease the diner that Mel can't refuse but should.moreless