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  • I think this show should have ended about 2 seasons before it did. Once Kate left, the show fell apart. However I did enjoy the seasons before this very much. It is enjoying to watch the reruns evey day on TBS.

    I think this show was underrated when it first premiered. Drew Carey is a very relatable guy, a Cleveland resident, working at a department store, and he has a group of normal, average friends, Oswald, Lewis, and Kate... well normal might be stretching it. But I like the almost improvised comedy on this show. There are often slapstick, breakout laughing moments in the show. Drew's fighting with Mimi is always hilarious, as is the amount of incompetance in Lewis and Oswald. I think that this show held on for too long however, but the other seasons were great. I can't wait for the DVD's to come out.
  • This show debuted as a great show full of 4 wisecracking friends. In later seasons the show mastered the art of the ZING.

    The show debuted as a show with 4 wise cracking friends(similar to a show with 6 wise cracking friends). As the show matured, so did the jokes. The show was almost a direct image of Married With Children, making fun of sex, appearence, and society status. Like Married With Children, each joke, or zing, was obviously set up by a comment of some sort. When you hear a comment that was so blantantly set up, you knew a wise crack was coming. However, what kept you guessing was who was going to say it. With so many characters in the show and each had a unique form of a zinger, like a "professinal" wrestler's finishing move. You knew the joke was coming, but the jokes were so clever you were caught off guard and had to spit out your soda onto the television screen(as I did many times). This show truly defines great written comedy, and wise cracks. I recomemd this show every weekday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm(all time zones) on TBS(Atlanta Braves baseball permitting).
  • this show featured dance numbers, funny skits, lots of twists and more!!!

    i'm only on the middle of season 4, watching it's reruns on star world. i say to myself, "how come i didn't watch this show before?" it's about the life of drew carey, a common, broken-hearted, struggling employee but has his lifelong friends on his side (mostly). who wouldn't get related to his problems to a worker who is down on his luck? what's more, the show has songs, dance numbers (there are plenty on the earlier seasons) and lots of twists and turns you'll keep guessing what would happen next. this show is a lot better than friends. yeah, i said it. BETTER THAN FRIENDS. it's just that they're underappreciated. a definite watch for people who enjoy a good laugh and a hard day's work...
  • The Drew Carey Show was a great show that I started watching in the last few years. It is always very funny and Drew Carey is great in it.

    The Drew Carey Show was a great show that I started watching in the last few years. It is always very funny and Drew Carey is great in it.

    The other actors are also great in it. It is really wroth watching and I would recommend it to everyone who wants a laugh.
  • This show was great.

    This show was so much fun. Drew, Oswald, Lewis and Kate were a very funny and entertaining group of friends. Nothing was better than watching the stupidity of Oswald and Lewis.

    The best part of the show is Mr. Wick. Craig Ferguson plays him to perfection. He's so quirky and hilarious.
  • One of the funniest and most influential sitcoms of the nineties. It started out strong, got stronger, then went a little downhill, but was always underrated.

    The nineties birthed many of what I call "based on the comedy stylings of..." sitcoms, but the one that stands out the most is The Drew Carey Show. The show had everything that counted; the crazy plotlines, the quirky characters, and the amazing gimmicks. The show set important records, being the first American show to film in China and doing live episodes (filmed four times each episode, once for each continental U.S. time zone). The Drew Carey Show gave back to the fans with wacky contests, such as "What's Wrong With This Episode?'s" and "Name Drew's Nephew." Other entertaining gimmicks included the numerous musical numbers and back-to-school variety specials. The show set the theme song bar high with classic songs, hard-rocking songs, and, later, remixes to spice things up each episode. Even if you've never been to Ohio, The Drew Carey Show will have you yelling, "Cleveland Rocks!"
  • Crazy, crazy, crazy.

    Most sitcoms revolve around the fortunate. They feature families or work places where things things always end up okay. Not so for poor Drew. The ultimate everyman, Drew drowns his frustrations with his dead end job and luke warm love life in beer and pizza. Out of his personal mishaps comes the humor. His torturous job yields comical barbs with troll loving Mimi and the cruel boss, Mr. Wick. For all of their cruelty and torture Drew always stops short of complete revenge and shows his sensitive side. He's too nice and too hard working for his own good. The show's strength always came when Drew had many stumbles and always seemed to end up back where he started with nothing gained. Through it all you could laugh at his little problems and failings. Around the time that he married his boss and later two women at once the show lost it's way. Drew's problems were no longer relatable or things you could look back at and laugh: they were disasters. When the show was about a luckless guy with good friends and a love a beer the show was great. So great that it remains a great show to rewatch, which can not be said for all sitcoms. It does however lose points for the repetative laugh track that is blatent because some of the more obnoxious laughs are recognizable.
  • fun and crazy

    I wated The Drew Carey show from the get go. I thought the show was extremely funny. First of all it was supposed to be set in Cleveland, Ohio which is where I live. So the mention of certain places were all real to me. The show and its character were very funny and seemed to work well together. The one liners were extremely clever. The interaction of the character seemed to come so natural.It was great fun to see a show based on a city that gets made fun of so often. I was very sorry to see it go.
  • Drew Carey is comedic lunacy at its finest.

    I can't stand Mimi, but I love Drew Carey's acting so much and the cracks he made to her, that it made her character worthwhile. Those zany outfits are incredible! The comedy in the Drew Carey show is so classic and creative, that it's going to be one of those shows people watch time and time again.
  • The True King of Comidy!

    This show took the place in my mind of the Former Comidy Icon Married With Children.

    It was the prefect combo of cast and jokes.

    The dual between Drew and Mimi was classic!

    The idea of Buzz Beer, mixing Coffine (mostly the Caffine in it) and Alchol was great if only that would happen in real life.
  • A great show. unfortunetly the ending did not do anything for me.

    The Drew Carey Show is about a normal middle aged man who works at a department store. Along with his friends, they get in all sorts of sticky predictaments. I loved this show since it first aired. It was a fresh and an original idea. The actors were great and the writers were even better. The only problem I had was when Kate left. I felt like a piece was missing from the show. Although the replacement was funny, it never really replaced Kate. The ending, unfortunetly, was not one of its best episodes either. I recommend this show to everyone who enjoys comedy.
  • Man oh man what a schweat show

    What! Drew Carey Show canceled. that was my first reaction when i saw the news. i know Mr. Carey wanted to make new projects and stuff, but i bet he could of had some time for this show.

    the reason might be that their wast any more show subject to think aboute or make.

    What I like about this is that Drew Carey is such a normal, C-average underachiever. It\'s such a nice change from all the other comedy shows out right now. I normally don\'t like sitcoms, but I make an exception for this one. The whole cast is made up of comedians, and it shows. Here\'s a guy whose life is one long losing streak, just like most people\'s (you know this is true). I love it.
  • The greatest sitcom on the planet! It never even got a fraction of the credit it deserved!

    The greatest sitcom on the planet! It never even got a fraction of the credit it deserved! This show needs to be released on DVD pronto! It's not fair that terrible shows can be released on DVD, but a great show like this is stuck in television limbo. If they stop showing reruns, I don't know what I'll do!
  • I should have ened with Kate marrrying Drew

    The show was hilariuos! The war or words between Drew and Mimi, goes down in comedic history. Drew's idoitic friends, Lewis and Oswald said some things that made us wonder "Are people this stupid?". But it was past it's prime after Kate left. Sorry for those major Drew Carey fans.
  • It's so funny...

    The Drew Carey show is one of my favorite shows. I love how Mimi and Drew have it out everyday at work. They try to get even, but someone always outdoes the other. The friendships on the show are great. I can relate how they go down to the Warsaw Pub and have a great time. The show is really in touch with the party crowd. I just think that it is a great show and I can't go a day without seeing a re-run. It's like my daily fix of caffeine. I just hope the show won't end anytime soon, as long as they keep it in re-runs or new episodes I'll be happy.
  • What a wonderful show and what a way to die. .

    This was a superb show that ABC had on the air, it was sad that the last few seasons it went downhill. ABC kicked this show to the corner and it disappeared from the airwaves without a final farewell.

    I remember watching the ninth season, and watching ABC cram the whole year of shows into a couple of months over the summer, just because they had a contract.

    That last year scares me. It's like watching an animal slowly die on the side of the road.
  • The greatest sitcom ever, that was sadly burned off.

    The Drew Carey Show is and will always be my favorite show. The characters are all very funny, played by great actors. It is definitely the funniest show I have ever seen. Between Drew and Mimi fighting or Lewis and Oswalds dumb ideas this show is by far the greatest. It did jump the shark in my opinion when Winfred-Louder closed because thats what the show was about: Drew Carey Assistant Manager of Personnel. It's so sad to watch how ABC couldn't care less about a show that was once what kept the network going. The final two seasons were burned off and the finale was nothing special, not advertised or made a huge deal of like Friends or Frasier. The Drew Carey Show is in my mind the best sitcom ever that will always be remembered by me and hopefully anyone who appreciates TV. Dew and Cast, Thanks for 9 great seasons.
  • Greatest comedy ever!!!

    I cant belive that I missed it. Now im forced to watch the reruns on TBS from 3-4. I love that show!!! Drew Carey is a comedic genious. No other show will match that. If you dont laugh at that show you have severe problems. Too funny to not laugh.
  • A great show. ABC should have treated it better.

    The Drew Carey Show is hilarious. My favorite episodes were the [i] different [/i] types, such as the live episodes, where the cast of "Whose Line is it Anyway?" would join in on the fun, or the "What's Wrong with this Episode?" contests, where the show is enshrouded with goofs and viewers have to find them. Even the normal episodes were good. One for example, was the halloween 2001 episode. It was a great performance by the entire cast and guest-star Henry Winkler. But then again, usually all episodes are great. The worst thing that really happened to the series was simply the change in camera-styles in the final season. But the finale, with the great ending and final montage made up for it. You really should see this episode.
  • Drew Careys stuck in middle management. Hes an under-acheiver whose brightest part of the day is going drinking beer with his loser friends. On top of all that, he also has to deal with his antagonist Mimi who is as ugly on the inside as she is on the out

    This show was very funny in the beginning of it's long run. However it peaked early and soon started to go down hill. I would guess that Drew's show "Whose Line is it Anyways" took up alot of his time as well as some of his fellow actors. Once some of the original cast started to leave and the line-up had completely changed the show was in a slump. Unfortunately, America had to watch this once clever sitcom die a painful death.
  • Wats up with sienfeld being so popular, the drew carey show has always been the sitcom for me

    TDCS had its peeks and definatly had it lows but the cast was always the best Ryan, Drew, Diedrich common they were hillarious togeter no other sitcom has ever caught any of my attention but TDCS has captured it all its freakin hillarious! Sometimes I come across an episode which doesnt make to much sence to me and seems like a waste of time...but its always funny and I enjoy it Long Live Drew Carey..., and Ryan Stiles cuz hes cool too
  • Drew Carey Show went down hill pretty fast!

    The Drew Carey show was always one of our family favorites and the first few years of this show were classic. It was a pleasure to watch and was always good for a hard belly laugh but it started it's downhill spiral after Drew ended marrying two women. From that moment forward the show was no longer funny. It almost looked like the entire writing staff was fired and replaced with a bunch sex-starved 12 year olds as the plots no longer made any sense and were quite inmature. When the show finally comes to DVD those last 3 years will never make it to my library.
  • Drew is a normal guy, weird, funny, and stupid. Drew enjoys drinking and hanging with friends. Drew likes the hang with his friends Lewis, Oswald, and Kate. See the adventure of Drew Carey and his friends in the Drew Carey show.

    I really liked this show, I saw most of the episodes on TBS 3:00 - 4:00. This kept me really entertained for that full hour. I really wish the series didn't end, I just wanted to see more after I saw the last episode. I hope boxsets start coming out soon!
  • This show is extremely entertaining and deserved more credit. Well most of it anyway.

    For the most part, the Drew Carrey show was hilarious, combining some great writing with some of the finest improv actors around. The show lost it's touch once Drew got his job at the other company after being fired from winfred lauder. For some reason it was no where near as funny as before. Also, i would Kate in the show a thousand times before i woul put in Kelly. For the most part though, the Drew Carrey show is a laugh riot, especially the Emmy episode and the 2000 March 1st espisode.
  • This show is a delight to watch.

    The Drew Carey show is an incredible show. The whole cast is probably one of the best I have ever seen. All of the jokes and gags were all hilarious. Every episode's story was very fun to watch. Everyone loves the fued between Mimi and Drew. They sit right next to each other at work and always insult one another or pull gags. It was very fun to watch and so is the whole series. The Drew Carey show was very great.
  • Drew Carey + Whose Line is it Anyway + Drew Carey Show = THE BEST DARN SHOWS EVER!

    Whose Line is it Anyway and the Drew Carey show, both made by the same person, the world's only Drew Carey! A couple of words... THEIR AWESOME! Drew Carey might be America's brains! Drew Carey show... I started watching this show after Whose Line is it Anyway, it's awesome! But Drew got to keep his name. Ryan Stiles is Drew Carey show's Louis! And he's also on Whose Line, Ryan Stiles is one of my favorite american actors!
  • This show ROX!!! Classic comedy that shows it as it is. Love the cast, couldnt be better.

    The Drew Carey Show is my favorite show. I love it. Especially Diedrich Bader whos plays Oswald. I wish they had of kept it going. I wish that Christa Miller had of stayed but she had a couple of kids and is working on scrubs so good for her. I can\'t wait for it to come on dvd. Love it!!
  • Best show on TV, they should make a movie here is a good idea

    A good movie based on the show would be possibly, five or six years after Drew Jr. is born, many things have changed Drew and Kellie are celebrating Drew Jr.'s 5th or 6th birthday and their 5th or 6th anerversery. Lewis and Oswald are still single, Mimi and Larry have married. Gus is around 12. Drew still works at the New Winfred Louder. Oswald now is full owner of the Warsaw. Kellie is still a waitress. Now to the story...
    On the day of the birthday and anerversery, Kate shows up at Drew's door while Kellie is upstairs getting Drew Jr. ready for the party at the Warsaw for his birthday. Kate has no knoldge of Drew being married and tells him she got divorced and relised she is still inlove with him. She is surprised to lean he does not feel the same way and is even more shocked when Kellie walks downstairs with Gus. Kellie keeps walking in on Drew and Kate in odd positions that look wrong but really arn't. Maybe, Kate can move into the garage apartment and Steve can return and fall inlove with Kate. anyway I really think that a Drew Carey movie would be very very popular.
  • Funny Show

    The Drew Carey Show is the classic example of a show that was on the air well past it's prime. The first four years of the show are great with Drew Carey playing himself and along with his misfit friends. But there are only so many ways that life can kept raining on Drew's parade and the last few years of the show got progressively worse. Things like Mimi marrying Drew's brother and Kate leaving the show didn't improve things. For a while though, it was among the funniest shows on television.
  • Drew Carey is your average Cleveland man who just wants to live life, find a better job, settled down and get married, and put up with his crazy friends and mean co-worker/enemy Mimi Bobeck

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! I still can\\\'t believe it had a series finale. When it came to one-liner insults and quick jokes, Drew and Mimi were there to deliver it. And when some crazy sheme needs to be planned to make money Oswald and Lewis were there. Drew Carey was a very funny show. If u want to see reruns, it\\\'s on TBS everyday for a full hour, 3pm to 4pm and the WB at 11pm.
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