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  • Drew Careys stuck in middle management. Hes an under-acheiver whose brightest part of the day is going drinking beer with his loser friends. On top of all that, he also has to deal with his antagonist Mimi who is as ugly on the inside as she is on the out

    This show was very funny in the beginning of it's long run. However it peaked early and soon started to go down hill. I would guess that Drew's show "Whose Line is it Anyways" took up alot of his time as well as some of his fellow actors. Once some of the original cast started to leave and the line-up had completely changed the show was in a slump. Unfortunately, America had to watch this once clever sitcom die a painful death.
  • Enjoyed back then

    I really like this show. Pretty funny. Love how they had a women as a "friend".
  • This show stars Drew Carey as an "everyman" who has a lot of good friends and who likes drinking beer and who likes being mean to his coworker(s).

    I love this show. I think that it is funny and clever and out there and one of those rare and underappreciated TV shows out there. I really do. Sure,this series had nine seasons,but it never won an Emmy (I did hear however that it was nominated for a Emmy,but not for A Very Special Drew) and ABC moved it around a lot (and its last two seasons were in the summer). So,in quite a few ways,this show didn't get what it truly deserved,but it other ways,it did truly get what it deserved.
    Why do I like this show? A:The characters,I mean,Mimi is hilarious (admit it),and c'mon,Kate and Oswald and even Lewis are all a pretty funny bunch (fess up,fans) and B:the musical numbers,like,Five O'Clock World,the Rocky Horror one,Cleveland Rocks,the list goes on,and C:the relationships,especially between Drew and Kate (personal favorite). But,overall,this show is a great show that I truly am a fan of (I admit it).
  • A funny show.

    What can I say? The Drew Carey Show is just funny. I've watched almost every episode and I have watched re-runs over and over. It is still funny and I can't believe that I find it just as entertaining as if I've never watched it before. My favorite character would have to be Drew. But the battles between himself and Mimi are just epic. I find their wars rather interesting and very comical. I like all the characters and I can't say that I dislike any of them. They all have their unique personalities and I find them hilarious in different ways. The cast has such a great set of chemistry and it shows in each episode. Thank you.
  • Drew Carey Show went down hill pretty fast!

    The Drew Carey show was always one of our family favorites and the first few years of this show were classic. It was a pleasure to watch and was always good for a hard belly laugh but it started it's downhill spiral after Drew ended marrying two women. From that moment forward the show was no longer funny. It almost looked like the entire writing staff was fired and replaced with a bunch sex-starved 12 year olds as the plots no longer made any sense and were quite inmature. When the show finally comes to DVD those last 3 years will never make it to my library.
  • A great show. unfortunetly the ending did not do anything for me.

    The Drew Carey Show is about a normal middle aged man who works at a department store. Along with his friends, they get in all sorts of sticky predictaments. I loved this show since it first aired. It was a fresh and an original idea. The actors were great and the writers were even better. The only problem I had was when Kate left. I felt like a piece was missing from the show. Although the replacement was funny, it never really replaced Kate. The ending, unfortunetly, was not one of its best episodes either. I recommend this show to everyone who enjoys comedy.
  • a really good show back in the day.

    the drewcary show was very hilrious and i own some of the boxsets of the show. well anyway its about a man by the name of drew cary who lives alone and is always tring to find someone to fall in love with and he works in a offeci with his friends and he has a passion of making fun of me me who works right next him the jokes are always funny between them made me laugh alot. and him and his friends always go to bar after work and they really like bear . like one ep they came up with there own bear it was funny. and i really like watching these eps it was really good.
  • What a wonderful show and what a way to die. .

    This was a superb show that ABC had on the air, it was sad that the last few seasons it went downhill. ABC kicked this show to the corner and it disappeared from the airwaves without a final farewell.

    I remember watching the ninth season, and watching ABC cram the whole year of shows into a couple of months over the summer, just because they had a contract.

    That last year scares me. It's like watching an animal slowly die on the side of the road.
  • This show was great.

    This show was so much fun. Drew, Oswald, Lewis and Kate were a very funny and entertaining group of friends. Nothing was better than watching the stupidity of Oswald and Lewis.

    The best part of the show is Mr. Wick. Craig Ferguson plays him to perfection. He's so quirky and hilarious.
  • I like this show.

    This is one of the greatest comedies ever written because it has a fat guy who always gets the hot girl this gives all the fat people in the world hope to get off their big fat butts and try to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend. You know the saying teenage heart throbs well in this case there aren't any teenagers but when a fat person sees somebody they like their hearts beat so fast it throbs with so much pain. But getting back this show is a great comedy but I just wish they could put it back on air or at least play it later around 6:00 pm on TBS.
  • funniest show ever after Will and Grace

    Well written and acted, great characters especially Drew and Mimi. One of the few truly funny comedies. Mimi's costumes must have been a fulltime job for the whole wardrobe department. Shame it ended but I suppose i had run its course. Don't think it was ever shown on this side of the world so there are no reruns here. Used to watch it when i lived on the U.S. havent seen any of the actors in anything else since it ended which is a shame as they were a talented bunch. Not sure if Drew and Mimi would work without each other.
  • Lovable loser Drew Carey is a middle-management employee of a multinational department store chain who spends much of his days dealing with his annoying co-worker Mimi and hanging out with his long-time friends Kate, Oswald and Lewis.

    Comedian Drew Carey shows the ups and downs of middle-management in the incredibly funny comedy series “The Drew Carey Show”. Lovable loser Drew Carey (Himself) lives his middle-life years in Cleveland, Ohio as the assistant director of personnel of Winfred-Louder, a multinational department store chain. Drew spends much of his days dealing with his annoying co-worker Mimi (Kathey Kinney) and hanging out with his long-time friends Kate (Christa Miller), Oswald (Diedrich Bader) and Lewis (Ryan Stiles). “The Drew Carey Show” is the long-running original comedy sitcom that debuted on the ABC network in the fall of 1995. During the first three seasons, the comedy series was one of the highly rated primetime shows before sliding in popularity. Adult viewers might relate to the characters mid-life issues. The comedy series features some amusing episode storylines, a terrific comic cast and side-splitting laughs.
  • It's so funny...

    The Drew Carey show is one of my favorite shows. I love how Mimi and Drew have it out everyday at work. They try to get even, but someone always outdoes the other. The friendships on the show are great. I can relate how they go down to the Warsaw Pub and have a great time. The show is really in touch with the party crowd. I just think that it is a great show and I can't go a day without seeing a re-run. It's like my daily fix of caffeine. I just hope the show won't end anytime soon, as long as they keep it in re-runs or new episodes I'll be happy.
  • in some aspects this show is kinda sick and stupid but in others its pretty dang funny

    in some aspects this show is kinda sick and stupid but in others ways its pretty dang funny, The show started out kinda boring but it eventually got better, The two stupid horn dogs Oswald and Lewis are pretty funny ( ryan styles probably got the part because of qho's line with drew) in some aspects this show is kinda sick and stupid but in others ways its pretty dang funny, The show started out kinda boring but it eventually got better, The two stupid horn dogs Oswald and Lewis are pretty funny ( ryan styles probably got the part because of qho's line with drew)
  • Funny Show

    The Drew Carey Show is the classic example of a show that was on the air well past it's prime. The first four years of the show are great with Drew Carey playing himself and along with his misfit friends. But there are only so many ways that life can kept raining on Drew's parade and the last few years of the show got progressively worse. Things like Mimi marrying Drew's brother and Kate leaving the show didn't improve things. For a while though, it was among the funniest shows on television.
  • This show is a delight to watch.

    The Drew Carey show is an incredible show. The whole cast is probably one of the best I have ever seen. All of the jokes and gags were all hilarious. Every episode's story was very fun to watch. Everyone loves the fued between Mimi and Drew. They sit right next to each other at work and always insult one another or pull gags. It was very fun to watch and so is the whole series. The Drew Carey show was very great.
  • Crazy, crazy, crazy.

    Most sitcoms revolve around the fortunate. They feature families or work places where things things always end up okay. Not so for poor Drew. The ultimate everyman, Drew drowns his frustrations with his dead end job and luke warm love life in beer and pizza. Out of his personal mishaps comes the humor. His torturous job yields comical barbs with troll loving Mimi and the cruel boss, Mr. Wick. For all of their cruelty and torture Drew always stops short of complete revenge and shows his sensitive side. He's too nice and too hard working for his own good. The show's strength always came when Drew had many stumbles and always seemed to end up back where he started with nothing gained. Through it all you could laugh at his little problems and failings. Around the time that he married his boss and later two women at once the show lost it's way. Drew's problems were no longer relatable or things you could look back at and laugh: they were disasters. When the show was about a luckless guy with good friends and a love a beer the show was great. So great that it remains a great show to rewatch, which can not be said for all sitcoms. It does however lose points for the repetative laugh track that is blatent because some of the more obnoxious laughs are recognizable.
  • Different but funny. That always works for me!!!

    I've always been a huge fan of Drew Carey. He is one of the funniest guys in comedy. When I first saw the sitcom. I thought it was really hilarous. Of course some of the jokes I couldn't repeat but wow I sure love to. It's funny!!!! But the show as original as well. The actors were all very diverse and has a broad range of tallent. The things they did on this sitcom too were great:
    -Musical numbers
    and my personal favorite:
    -live episodes with the cast of Whose Line. I hope they do special episodes like that on other sitcoms. Thank god Will & Grace followed that trend before they signed off. The Drew Carey Show is a perfect example of a well crafted sitcom with lots of chaos!!!!
  • The Drew Carrey show was great. It followed Drewy Carrey his friends Kate, Lewis and Oswald, then his arch-nemesis and future sister in law Mimi who work at Winfred Lauder headed by Mr. Wick. Very good show, I'm happy they finished it.

    It was an awesome show. I thought they had cancelled this show for sure but I was surprised when they brought it back. I did think that Drew and Kate should have gotten married, but she left the show. Plus the guy who played Drew's brother Steve also left the show. Mimi's son grew up older which was a continuity error. I'm happy they finished this show, the reruns are still pretty funny. I also can't get that theme song out of my head. Cleveland Rocks! One of the best theme songs ever. It had a rock n roll edge to it. Great show, Very underapperciated.
  • quite funny.

    The drew carey show is very funny. Drew Carey himself is extremely funny, and al the other cast. The show also has a stable plot, although at the end Drew Cary begins to intoduce the Whose Line crew into the show and does improvisations. You may think that's cool but it isn;t it doesn't come out to well. This comedy focuses on the life of a poor old Drew, about his job, and love life, and life overall. It is a drama/comedy. Truly a good show, and a good watch for anyone who wants to see a good show and get a good laugh.
  • If we could go back to the 1st few seasons and bring it back that way it would be great.

    I loved the show especially, since I live 2 hours from Cleveland and I am an Indians & Browns fan. I loved the Episode were he had Bernie Kosar on was great, and made fun of Art Modell. This show was great until they had him marry two people then it went further and further down. I didn't like "kelly" but she is good on Lost. I also didn't like the improve or the things that were wrong episode, but there were so many great episodes that it didn't matter. The last few seasons are the only reason I'm not giving it a 10. The episodes with the bat mobile, the party, and the Rocky Horror picture show is why people will watch re-runs of this show for a long time to come.Drew Carey is hilarious, and ABC blows for cancelling the show.
  • A show about a bunch of lovable misfits, The Drew Carey Show is just plain funny. Drew, Oswald, Lewis and Kate are the blue-collar version of Seinfeld, and just as side-splittingly funny!

    The thing that makes the Drew Carey Show so much fun to watch is the characters seem like real people you know, people you could hang out with and have some fun. Drew refers to himself as "the world's bitch" and let's face it, who hasn't felt that way once or twice?

    Drew spends his time either bailing out Lewis and Oswald from one of their hair-brained schemes, or playing a battle of wits with arch-nemisis Mimi. Mimi appears to have had a head-on collision with the Avon lady, and her clothes are....unique, thank goodness. When Mimi marries Drew's cross-dressing brother Steve, they cast Tammy Faye Baker to play her mom in one hilariously tacky wedding.

    Drew's unlucky streak at finding Ms. Right is another recurring theme that lead to possibly the best episode of the show. Drew is dating a woman online and keeps bragging about her to all his friends. It just so happens that Mimi has also found love online. One night as Drew asks his virtual sweetie more questions, he begins to pick-up on some familiar themes, and then finds out who he's hooked-up with. The next thing you see is Drew, fully-dressed, sitting in the tub as the shower pours on him and he's rubbing a bar of soap on himself muttering

    It went on a couple of seasons too long, but The Drew Carey show proves that Cleveland does indeed rock when you hang with this bunch.
  • the basic defination of a loser who never gets a break. but he's got friends.

    this show is the greatest....

    i love how this loser guy always get in those funny situations. even though he is very unlucky, he does occationaly chatch a break but he does usally gets shot back down after a little while on top. this is show that im glad is on repeats.
  • one of the greats

    watch this show all the time. the characters are hilarious. lewis is the funniest. drew carey is pretty funny too. this is one of my favorite shows, and its pretty stupid at tiems but is funny anyway. it needs a better time slot thought its on at real stupid times.

  • a show a bout a single man who had many friends and work in a great job

    this show was a bout a man who was happy with his job and had many friends who where always around and they did everything to gether and also was this crazy lady that worked with drew and drove him crazy and wouldn't you know that in one episode she married drew's brother and they had a kid together well isnt that like real life always some crazy person entering the family

    they all hung around and did fun things whether hanging out in the bar or just at drew's house they seemed to always be there for their friends that is what friendship is about
  • Drew is a normal guy, weird, funny, and stupid. Drew enjoys drinking and hanging with friends. Drew likes the hang with his friends Lewis, Oswald, and Kate. See the adventure of Drew Carey and his friends in the Drew Carey show.

    I really liked this show, I saw most of the episodes on TBS 3:00 - 4:00. This kept me really entertained for that full hour. I really wish the series didn't end, I just wanted to see more after I saw the last episode. I hope boxsets start coming out soon!
  • Go Buzz Beer!

    It's Drew Carey in his own sitcom about himself. With his friends Kate, Oswald and Louis Drew lives his life working and tending to his business Buzz Beer. He also has his arch nemisis Mimi who hates his guts and calls him a pig. Drew faces many challenges and hardships such as losing his job and a share of Buzz Beer to Mimi. But it all works out in the end for this average American. Full of comedy and faimly fun I recommend The Drew Carey Show to any one who likes seeing an ordinary citizen with a not so ordinary life.
  • Cur From Another Successful Show And Still A Hit

    I have loved this show from its beginning because no matter how lousy my day is, Drew's only seems worse. Loosely parallel with Seinfeld, each of the characters seems to be inspired from the characters of that show. Both Drew and Jerry get through life on their wits and sense of humor, both Lewis and Kramer are tall guys with wierd out-looks of life, both Oswald and George are the comic dartboards of the the others, both Kate and Elaine are sexpots with hostile tempers and both Mimi and Newman are the nemesises that you love to hate. Both of the series were based on the comedy material of their stars and had numerous milestones, hysterical moments and inspirations of sheer comedy as four friends tease, berate and terrorize each other just to have a good time, but deep down have an undying respect and fondness for each other, and mutual enmity for their shared foe, a harpy from hell with the face of a clown, only worse. Mimi was brought to life like Frankenstein's monster by the wonderfully funny and verstile Kathy Kinney who thankfully was nothing like her character, but you can tell how she grings out her buried hostilities through the role. You have to thank the talented cast for the effort and creativity they placed into each show. It should have continued on forever, or at least until Drew and Kate got married and named their boys Oswald and Lewis. Unfortunately, Christa Miller jumped ship before the last season which did not bode well for the series. She was replaced with Cynthia Watros from "Titus," only to move on to a all-too brief role on "Lost." Without Christa, the show didn't have as much life in it. Watros was an illogical addition forced into a Kate-position like a square peg trying to be round. With a wound like that, the series was cancelled before the expiration of its ABC Contract.
  • A amazing show that lost its touch after Kate left

    I love this show it was a hillarius show and it was fast paced and stupid. Exactly how I like em it had great characters a great storyline and great writers. The show also got better when it got dirtyer like the one where Drew and Mimi did not know that they were dating online was one of the best episodes of the show. But after Kate left it wasnt as funny and a lot of people think this because the writing got worse and Kelly was annoying and I wanted to strangle her. But this will always be a great show and is a big guilty pleasure for me.
  • Hilarious show, just plain funny. That's right, every bit of it!

    Go Ohio!! I love Drew Carey, he is hilarious. When I first started watching the show I did not think that it was that great. But it grew on me and now I love it. Too bad that there is going to be no more. I know, I know, it ended awhile ago, but I still wish there were more new episodes to watch. I guess you can not have everything you want, can you? ...Or can you? Anyway, it was smart, funny and entertaining in a very real sense. I really love the show and think that it is amazing. So there! All I can say is that it was just plain funny.
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