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  • Enjoyed back then

    I really like this show. Pretty funny. Love how they had a women as a "friend".
  • I used to love this show!

    I used to love this show. I remember watching it when I was like four and even though I did not understand a whole lot, I thought that it was pretty funny. Especially when ever Mimi was on. Her and all that stupid make up that she put on. Oh yeah, who could forget the trolls? Anyway, I love this show and now that I am alot older and I understand it more, I think that it is even funnier than before. One of the things that I liked about this show was the theme song "Cleveland Rocks". I wish that this show hadn't ended but it was great while it lasted.
  • a really good show back in the day.

    the drewcary show was very hilrious and i own some of the boxsets of the show. well anyway its about a man by the name of drew cary who lives alone and is always tring to find someone to fall in love with and he works in a offeci with his friends and he has a passion of making fun of me me who works right next him the jokes are always funny between them made me laugh alot. and him and his friends always go to bar after work and they really like bear . like one ep they came up with there own bear it was funny. and i really like watching these eps it was really good.
  • A funny show.

    What can I say? The Drew Carey Show is just funny. I've watched almost every episode and I have watched re-runs over and over. It is still funny and I can't believe that I find it just as entertaining as if I've never watched it before. My favorite character would have to be Drew. But the battles between himself and Mimi are just epic. I find their wars rather interesting and very comical. I like all the characters and I can't say that I dislike any of them. They all have their unique personalities and I find them hilarious in different ways. The cast has such a great set of chemistry and it shows in each episode. Thank you.
  • The story of an everyman who encounters multiple problems, issues and challenges.

    A brilliant satire exposing the true flaws in today's society and finally bringing well deserved recognition to the "everyman"

    The ensemble cast shines, highlighted especially by Drew Carey himself and Ryan Stiles. The best part about the cast of this show is that they redefine the standard of "beautiful" people who star on television. It fits with the theme of the show that none of the characters are former models, but are still good looking enough to have that fan base of screaming teenagers. The show's golden years definitely ranged from season 3 to season 7. After Krista Miller's departure from the show there never was the same chemistry between the cast. The feeling that they had all been together for at least 20 years was a feeling you could share with the cast, however as soon as a new character was introduce, charming though she was, it just did not have the same feeling of closeness and shared experience. Overall, the Drew Carey show gets an A+. From beginning to end it never failed to bring a smile to my face and thats really what we want from our sitcoms isn't it?
  • one of the best and most under-rated shows ever

    the Drew carey show was easily one of the best sitcoms of the 90's . It was always new and taking risks like the show's annual april fools contest and live episodes.This show is so under-rated now and should be up there with Seinfield and Friends .The Cast All had such great chemistry and were all great , but i do agree with everyone the show wasn't the same after Christa Miller left and kate was replaced by kellie the show kinda went after that . it will be forever remembered for its risk taking and dance moves that were clasic.
  • I friggin love this show!!

    I love The Drew Carey Show for many reasons. First, it's not a show that centers around obviously attractive people, like Friends. They are all appealing in their own ways, but Christa Miller-Lawrence and Cynthia Watros were really the only classically 'pretty' cast members.

    The characters are all just average. Stuck in no-where jobs, engaged in wars with bosses and co-workers, etc. they are all in the lower-middle class, and they are not pretentious snobs and they don't attend classy parties. Instead, they all sit at a table in the Warsaw drinking caffinated beer.

    It's just a funny show. Period. It's silly, and sometimes - okay quite a few times - overexageratted, but it's still somewhat real. At least when it comes to relationships and feelings.

    I also love all of the actors on here. Craig Ferguson and Christa Miller-Lawrence are my favorites!
  • One of the most innovative shows in the last decade.

    One of the most underrated and innovative shows in the 1990s and into the next decade. The Drew Carey Show ran roughly concurrent with the show "Friends," which for some reason seemed to be more popular with the masses. But sometimes, that which is most popular isn't necessarily the best. The Drew Carey Show's comedy and brand of humor were, in my humble opinion, funny and genuine in that the characters explored issues and everyday frustrations that are common to most of us. The show was also quite innovative in that the show's producers experimented with different formats, such as the live shows. It is a pity that the show was not honored more in its time.
  • I like this show.

    This is one of the greatest comedies ever written because it has a fat guy who always gets the hot girl this gives all the fat people in the world hope to get off their big fat butts and try to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend. You know the saying teenage heart throbs well in this case there aren't any teenagers but when a fat person sees somebody they like their hearts beat so fast it throbs with so much pain. But getting back this show is a great comedy but I just wish they could put it back on air or at least play it later around 6:00 pm on TBS.
  • funniest show ever after Will and Grace

    Well written and acted, great characters especially Drew and Mimi. One of the few truly funny comedies. Mimi's costumes must have been a fulltime job for the whole wardrobe department. Shame it ended but I suppose i had run its course. Don't think it was ever shown on this side of the world so there are no reruns here. Used to watch it when i lived on the U.S. havent seen any of the actors in anything else since it ended which is a shame as they were a talented bunch. Not sure if Drew and Mimi would work without each other.
  • love this show and missed it when it was gone

    i loved all the drewcary shows and i still watch them on dvd the ones i have he has been a role model for me and for all the drewcary fans rock on we will miss you and every time i watch this program i wonder if drew will ever get with kate and well the finial one anwers my question
    this show was the freatest show i think and i cant even spesifie on any episodes becuase they were all great i think that the seroius should have countiue but o well just like to end saying drew or other fans and members of this show you did a hell of a job your freind and fan
  • Watch this watch this watch this!! This show is so funny and has a great plot.

    I love this show ! ! ! I watched every episode over the summer . It is so funny . I loved the episode when they mixed stuff up and slipped props in that werent there be fore . I drove my friends crazy watching this so much . One thing is for cer tain . . . I will never watch the last episode again . It was way too sad . I was litteraly bawling when i watched it . I watch all of Drew Careys other shows and they are all hilarious . Drew Carey is a legend.
  • in some aspects this show is kinda sick and stupid but in others its pretty dang funny

    in some aspects this show is kinda sick and stupid but in others ways its pretty dang funny, The show started out kinda boring but it eventually got better, The two stupid horn dogs Oswald and Lewis are pretty funny ( ryan styles probably got the part because of qho's line with drew) in some aspects this show is kinda sick and stupid but in others ways its pretty dang funny, The show started out kinda boring but it eventually got better, The two stupid horn dogs Oswald and Lewis are pretty funny ( ryan styles probably got the part because of qho's line with drew)
  • Lovable loser Drew Carey is a middle-management employee of a multinational department store chain who spends much of his days dealing with his annoying co-worker Mimi and hanging out with his long-time friends Kate, Oswald and Lewis.

    Comedian Drew Carey shows the ups and downs of middle-management in the incredibly funny comedy series “The Drew Carey Show”. Lovable loser Drew Carey (Himself) lives his middle-life years in Cleveland, Ohio as the assistant director of personnel of Winfred-Louder, a multinational department store chain. Drew spends much of his days dealing with his annoying co-worker Mimi (Kathey Kinney) and hanging out with his long-time friends Kate (Christa Miller), Oswald (Diedrich Bader) and Lewis (Ryan Stiles). “The Drew Carey Show” is the long-running original comedy sitcom that debuted on the ABC network in the fall of 1995. During the first three seasons, the comedy series was one of the highly rated primetime shows before sliding in popularity. Adult viewers might relate to the characters mid-life issues. The comedy series features some amusing episode storylines, a terrific comic cast and side-splitting laughs.
  • Different but funny. That always works for me!!!

    I've always been a huge fan of Drew Carey. He is one of the funniest guys in comedy. When I first saw the sitcom. I thought it was really hilarous. Of course some of the jokes I couldn't repeat but wow I sure love to. It's funny!!!! But the show as original as well. The actors were all very diverse and has a broad range of tallent. The things they did on this sitcom too were great:
    -Musical numbers
    and my personal favorite:
    -live episodes with the cast of Whose Line. I hope they do special episodes like that on other sitcoms. Thank god Will & Grace followed that trend before they signed off. The Drew Carey Show is a perfect example of a well crafted sitcom with lots of chaos!!!!
  • This is a great show...

    I love this show. Unfortunately, I saw it a few times, then didn't have time to, and then I forgot when and on which channel they show the show. Anyway, the episodes are always very original, extremely funny, with great characters, and with very well planned out plots and resolutions. Kate is a great character - too bad she left the show. I also came to love Mimi - she's an extremely funny character. I only saw parts of the series (and a few episodes on YouTube - I came to like the christmas episode, the fat person episodes, and the Sims episode), but I highly recommend it - it really is a great show...
  • This show stars Drew Carey as an "everyman" who has a lot of good friends and who likes drinking beer and who likes being mean to his coworker(s).

    I love this show. I think that it is funny and clever and out there and one of those rare and underappreciated TV shows out there. I really do. Sure,this series had nine seasons,but it never won an Emmy (I did hear however that it was nominated for a Emmy,but not for A Very Special Drew) and ABC moved it around a lot (and its last two seasons were in the summer). So,in quite a few ways,this show didn't get what it truly deserved,but it other ways,it did truly get what it deserved.
    Why do I like this show? A:The characters,I mean,Mimi is hilarious (admit it),and c'mon,Kate and Oswald and even Lewis are all a pretty funny bunch (fess up,fans) and B:the musical numbers,like,Five O'Clock World,the Rocky Horror one,Cleveland Rocks,the list goes on,and C:the relationships,especially between Drew and Kate (personal favorite). But,overall,this show is a great show that I truly am a fan of (I admit it).
  • Cur From Another Successful Show And Still A Hit

    I have loved this show from its beginning because no matter how lousy my day is, Drew's only seems worse. Loosely parallel with Seinfeld, each of the characters seems to be inspired from the characters of that show. Both Drew and Jerry get through life on their wits and sense of humor, both Lewis and Kramer are tall guys with wierd out-looks of life, both Oswald and George are the comic dartboards of the the others, both Kate and Elaine are sexpots with hostile tempers and both Mimi and Newman are the nemesises that you love to hate. Both of the series were based on the comedy material of their stars and had numerous milestones, hysterical moments and inspirations of sheer comedy as four friends tease, berate and terrorize each other just to have a good time, but deep down have an undying respect and fondness for each other, and mutual enmity for their shared foe, a harpy from hell with the face of a clown, only worse. Mimi was brought to life like Frankenstein's monster by the wonderfully funny and verstile Kathy Kinney who thankfully was nothing like her character, but you can tell how she grings out her buried hostilities through the role. You have to thank the talented cast for the effort and creativity they placed into each show. It should have continued on forever, or at least until Drew and Kate got married and named their boys Oswald and Lewis. Unfortunately, Christa Miller jumped ship before the last season which did not bode well for the series. She was replaced with Cynthia Watros from "Titus," only to move on to a all-too brief role on "Lost." Without Christa, the show didn't have as much life in it. Watros was an illogical addition forced into a Kate-position like a square peg trying to be round. With a wound like that, the series was cancelled before the expiration of its ABC Contract.
  • Go Buzz Beer!

    It's Drew Carey in his own sitcom about himself. With his friends Kate, Oswald and Louis Drew lives his life working and tending to his business Buzz Beer. He also has his arch nemisis Mimi who hates his guts and calls him a pig. Drew faces many challenges and hardships such as losing his job and a share of Buzz Beer to Mimi. But it all works out in the end for this average American. Full of comedy and faimly fun I recommend The Drew Carey Show to any one who likes seeing an ordinary citizen with a not so ordinary life.
  • The Drew Carrey show was great. It followed Drewy Carrey his friends Kate, Lewis and Oswald, then his arch-nemesis and future sister in law Mimi who work at Winfred Lauder headed by Mr. Wick. Very good show, I'm happy they finished it.

    It was an awesome show. I thought they had cancelled this show for sure but I was surprised when they brought it back. I did think that Drew and Kate should have gotten married, but she left the show. Plus the guy who played Drew's brother Steve also left the show. Mimi's son grew up older which was a continuity error. I'm happy they finished this show, the reruns are still pretty funny. I also can't get that theme song out of my head. Cleveland Rocks! One of the best theme songs ever. It had a rock n roll edge to it. Great show, Very underapperciated.
  • quite funny.

    The drew carey show is very funny. Drew Carey himself is extremely funny, and al the other cast. The show also has a stable plot, although at the end Drew Cary begins to intoduce the Whose Line crew into the show and does improvisations. You may think that's cool but it isn;t it doesn't come out to well. This comedy focuses on the life of a poor old Drew, about his job, and love life, and life overall. It is a drama/comedy. Truly a good show, and a good watch for anyone who wants to see a good show and get a good laugh.
  • Drew Carey Show is Hilarious

    One of the greatest and most underappreciated shows to ever air on ABC. The Drew Carey told the story of Drew,an average guy from Cleveland, who works at a department store. He has a very eccentric boss, annoying co-worker who hates him yet marries his brother, and two loveable loser friends. Drew always gets into wacky situations that cause sheer hilarity. One of the great things about this show is the randomness and the fact that they did shows that no writer would ever think about. Who expected a show about finding mistakes within it? Good thing it reruns on TBS. Or I'd be missing another great and hilarious show.
  • a show a bout a single man who had many friends and work in a great job

    this show was a bout a man who was happy with his job and had many friends who where always around and they did everything to gether and also was this crazy lady that worked with drew and drove him crazy and wouldn't you know that in one episode she married drew's brother and they had a kid together well isnt that like real life always some crazy person entering the family

    they all hung around and did fun things whether hanging out in the bar or just at drew's house they seemed to always be there for their friends that is what friendship is about
  • Cleveland Rocks!

    The Drew Carey Show was a great and very funny show not just because of Drew Carey but because of the supporting cast especially Oswald and Lewis.It's a fuuny show for people all over but being from Ohio made this show even better for me as it represented my home state in a time like the opening shows that the Cleveland Indians were one of the biggest things here.

    This show had storylines most around Drew's love life wether it be with Kate or later Kellie that would make you want to watch it every week but having great unexpected humor;But as I said the true gems of this show was the comedy team of Lewis(Ryan Stiles)and Oswald(Diedrich Bader)

  • Why isn't this show on DVD yet?

    This is show was one of the most popular shows on ABC during its nine-season run. How is it possible that so many other shows are already on DVD when this one only has a six-episode sample? This show differs from most other comedy sitcom such as Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond, due to the many different directions the show took. If you watch the opening sequence of the show, you can see a recap of all the greatest moments of the show. When looking at these, you can realize that few other shows can come close to comparing to the different effects of the Drew Carey Show. With such a great show, I hope it is only a matter of time before Warner Brothers creates the DVD.
  • Not just another sitcom. Cleveland rocks!

    I LOVE this show! I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

    Drew Carey is a comical genius. He really is. Between Whose Line is it Anyway, and his own version, Drew Carey’s Green Screen, The Drew Carey Show is another example of what this funny guy is all about.

    This show features Drew Carey, just another Joe Average living in Cleveland, Ohio. It follows Drew’s run-of-the-mill life. From still working behind his desk at a highly successful department store, and still remaining unappreciated, Drew’s tragic love life and his struggle to find ‘the one’, and his typical relationship with his three best friends.

    What I love about The Drew Carey Show is, although there’s an exaggerated hilarious twist, Every episode features an aspect of your life somewhere that you can relate. Maybe you could see a little of your ‘not-the-sharpest-tool-in-the-shed’ friend in Oswald, or a bit of your boss in Mr Wick, or a bit of Kate in the friend you can never have, or a big chunk of Mimi in your enemy, or a part of Beulah Carey in your own mother! You might even recognise a bit of Drew in yourself. Because this show is based on an everyday guy, everyday people can relate and enjoy. A lot.

    Along with loads of laugh-out-loud moments in every episode, The Drew Carey Show has a kickass soundtrack, awesome theme tunes during the entire series, several gratuitous musical moments and entire song-and-dance episodes, all with fantastically choreographed dancing and great music.

    The creators of this show – including Drew himself – have obviously gone to a lot of trouble in keeping this show real. Yes, some very atypical situations arise, but the life of Drew is so real that you’d swear that was how Drew Carey actually lived.

    If The Drew Carey Show was released on DVD, I’d buy the first set that hit the shelves. Absolutely brilliant.
  • A amazing show that lost its touch after Kate left

    I love this show it was a hillarius show and it was fast paced and stupid. Exactly how I like em it had great characters a great storyline and great writers. The show also got better when it got dirtyer like the one where Drew and Mimi did not know that they were dating online was one of the best episodes of the show. But after Kate left it wasnt as funny and a lot of people think this because the writing got worse and Kelly was annoying and I wanted to strangle her. But this will always be a great show and is a big guilty pleasure for me.
  • If we could go back to the 1st few seasons and bring it back that way it would be great.

    I loved the show especially, since I live 2 hours from Cleveland and I am an Indians & Browns fan. I loved the Episode were he had Bernie Kosar on was great, and made fun of Art Modell. This show was great until they had him marry two people then it went further and further down. I didn't like "kelly" but she is good on Lost. I also didn't like the improve or the things that were wrong episode, but there were so many great episodes that it didn't matter. The last few seasons are the only reason I'm not giving it a 10. The episodes with the bat mobile, the party, and the Rocky Horror picture show is why people will watch re-runs of this show for a long time to come.Drew Carey is hilarious, and ABC blows for cancelling the show.
  • This show ruled

    Ok frist off does anyone know who that girl was that played "Grace" for one show?........well anyway i think between '02 - '04 this show blew man i mean they never should of gotten rid of kate she was the only one that could play along side Drew Oswold & Lewis.
  • Cleveland Rocks..Cleveland Rocks...Cleaveland Rocks!

    I liked this show because Drew did everything to try to win and he always lost. Everything he did, Mimi did everything to one-up him. And when he finally thinks hes on top....Mimi gets him :) A no win situation for him, which always is a bad thing. But in the end, he gets on top