Alice, I Think

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 13, 2006 on CTV
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Bob's counselling skills are being assessed; Bob pins all his hopes for a good report on his star client, Alice. To show how well the Teens In Transition are getting along, Bob arranges a paintball game against T.A.T., with Linda, Alice's nemesis, leading the pack. John's home candle business is booming, so he hires an employee, which causes a total restructuring of his business.moreless

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  • Alice finally comes out on top!

    This was another funny episode of Alice, I Think. There were two main story lines; Alice and Bob with their paintball game; and John's home candle business.

    The paintball story was the main one, and well written. Bob is being assessed for his counselling skills and has two grey-suited senior counsellors following him around everywhere, making little notes in their books every time he says something. He's relying on Alice to get him a good report, which tells us just how detached from reality Bob is! But things manage to work out anyway, even though Alice is pitted against her mortal enemy, Linda. With some teamwork, Alice and Bob manage to work things out and get Linda to stop bullying Alice, which, I have to admit, was getting a little wearing as a story line, so that was good.

    John's candle business is the second story line and is pretty funny too; John feels he's overworked because he's had three orders in two months, so he hires an employee. Of course, he hires the wrong person for the job, then can't handle the responsibility of having an employee. Instead of firing him, John tells him that the company is moving to Cuba.

    Overall, it was another great episode!moreless

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    • (Bob tells Alice that he's being assessed; observers will be watching their sessions)
      Bob: I need you to shine this week.
      Alice: What do I do?
      Bob: Nothing. Just when they're sitting in on our sessions, you just be yourself.
      Alice: Okay, I can do that!
      Bob: Good, I've written down what we're going to talk about, so if you could memorize that... (he hands her a script)
      Alice: What happened to being myself?
      Bob: Well, I don't want you to be ~too much~ like yourself, Alice. I'm looking for a promotion here!

    • (about Linda)
      Alice: I'm not playing paintball with that felon! She'll have a gun!
      Bob: You'll have one too.

    • John: I don't want you to think of me as your boss...
      Mr. Polaski: I don't.
      John: None of this boss, employee nonsense. Just call me 'John' and I'll call you 'Stanley.'
      Mr. Polaski: You'll call me 'Mr. Polaski.'
      John: Mr. ...okay, Mr. Polaski.

    • John: Hey, you got any more of those jokes?
      Mr. Polaski: You want to hear a joke? You're my boss... ha ha ha.

    • Mr. Polaski: You're going to Cuba?
      John: Uh... we've been bought out by a candle conglomerate. Uh... they heard we were a real up-and-comer. I've been asked to run things.
      Mr. Polaski: In Cuba.
      John: Yeah. So, uh, we have to start packing, right away, the whole family is going...
      Mr. Polaski: To Cuba.
      John: Candle capital of the world, my friend.

    • Mac: Bob, you can't keep coming by like this... and the phone call have got to stop!

    • John: Everything okay?
      Alice: Yeah, I'm just worried about whether I did the right thing.
      John: Life's going to throw some curve balls your way, Alice; things you won't want to face. Just remember, there's no problem so big you can't run away from it.

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    • (John is wearing his bathrobe and interviewing candle candidates)
      Mr. Polaski: Who are you supposed to be, Hugh Hefner's nephew or something?

      Hugh Hefner (1926 - ) is the founder of Playboy magazine, and famous for lounging at his mansion with beautiful women while wearing his silk robe.