Alice, I Think

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 13, 2006 on CTV

Episode Recap

At a drugstore, Alice sees Bob shopping, buying hair colour; Bob claims that it's for Seth, one of the boys at Teens In Transition, whose hair is going prematurely grey, and he's very sensitive about it, so Alice shouldn't EVER say anything about it. Alice tells him that Seth's secret is safe with her... and so is his hemorrhoid problem. [Opening credits.] In Bob's office, Alice tells Bob about a dream she had, but he's not listening; in fact, he's cleaning the office furniture with a dust buster. Alice asks if she's interrupting; he tells her that he's being evaluated for promotion to Associate Counsellor, and says that he needs her help. He wants her to be herself while the evaluators are in the room, then hands her a script to memorize, saying that he doesn't want her to be ~too much~ like herself, as he'd like to get the promotion. At home, John packs candles into a box; Diane comes in and tells him that he got another order for scented candles, which makes three orders this month. John feels overwhelmed and tells Diane that he can't take it and she should cancel the order. She suggests that he hire an employee to help with the candles; John is pleasantly surprised by this, and seems to like the idea. On the street, Alice reads over the script that Bob gave her; she sees Linda trying to break open a newspaper box. Linda sees Alice as well, and comes over to her; she stands there and just stares at Alice. Officer Brady comes out of the police station behind them, picks up some litter and says hello to the girls. Linda leaves, bumping Alice's shoulder as she walks by and muttering "Later." Officer Brady turns to Alice and says that Linda's a nice girl. In Bob's office, Bob is reading crib notes hidden in his hand, saying how productive his last session with Alice was. She tells him that Linda's back, but Bob's not really listening and just carries on with his part of the script. A few seconds later, what Alice said sinks in, and he drops his crib notes all over the floor, and is clearly frightened. The observers are there, a man and woman in stern grey suits, making notes; they write in their notebooks when Bob reacts to Alice's news. Bob tries to explain that he and Alice have been working on this problem, adding that Linda bullies Alice, but she's just another girl. Alice turns to the observers and says that Linda's a psychotic demon; Bob agrees with that and tells the observers that Linda can be truly terrifying. At home, John and Mac interview candidates for the candle business. The first is a girl, Sunbeam, who has quite a bit of experience with making and marketing candles; she seems like she would fit in well with the MacLeod family, especially Diane. The second interviewee is Mr. Polaski, who doesn't have a resume with him, doesn't have any candle experience, and was laid off after working at the lumber mill for 28 years and is still quite bitter about it. He makes thinly disguised comments that are insulting to John. John takes Mac aside and says that the choice is clear; Mac agrees, but then, to his surprise, John asks Mr. Polaski when he can start. In Bob's office, Bob tells the group that he wants them to interact with other groups to help them work through their problems. He tells them that they'll be playing paintball against T.A.T. (Teens Avoiding Trouble). The group doesn't want to play T.A.T. as they always kick Teens In Transition's butt. Bob tells them that Alice will be the team captain; she gives her scripted line about how character building it will be. T.A.T. arrives with their counsellor, Stephanie, who apologizes for being late, and explains that they were welcoming their newest member, Linda. Linda comes in and tells Alice that she can't wait for paintball. At home, Diane walks out of the bedroom to the kitchen wearing only her bra and panties. Mr. Polaski walks in; Diane had no idea that he'd be arriving so early and grabs two slices of bread to cover herself with. She ducks behind the counter and introduces herself, saying she'll just grab some clothes and go to work. She runs back to the bedroom and wakes John up. In Bob's office, Alice tells Bob that she doesn't want to play paintball against Linda; Bob uses all the counselling tricks he can think of to convince her to stay in the game; the observers watch and are poised to make notes. Alice finally gives in and agrees to play. At home, John shows Mr. Polaski around; it's immediately obvious that Mr. Polaski is the one in charge. He asks if John is going to be wearing the jeans and sweatshirt that he currently has on, then tells John that he has to dress for success. Later... John is in a suit and tie; he tries to get Mr. Polaski to take a coffee break, but since they've only been working for five minutes, Mr. Polaski refuses. He insults John openly. Outside Teens In Transition, Alice leaves and meets Linda on the street; Linda threatens Alice and is about to start punching her when Bob and the observers come out of the building. Bob is initially scared, but then remembers that he's supposed to be in charge, so he intervenes and proposes a deal: if T.I.T. beats T.A.T. at paintball, then Linda has to leave Alice alone for good. Linda laughs, then agrees to the deal and leaves. Bob is jubilant, but Alice is appalled and points out to Bob that they always lose to T.A.T ., and says that she won't play. She then tells Bob that she thinks that they shouldn't see each other any more and walks away. The observers and the rest of the T.I.T. group all look disappointed. Alice's Video Diary: Alice admits to the camera that it was hard saying goodbye to Bob, but it was time to move on. There's the sound of something hitting her window as she's talking; Alice tells the camera that ~one~ of them is having a problem letting go. Outside the house, Alice looks out her bedroom window at Bob and the two observers standing there; Bob is holding a sign that reads, "I've changed!" In Diane and John's bedroom, John gets into bed and tells Diane that he and Mr. Polaski filled three months' worth of orders... and he can't take it any more. He says that he never knew that having an employee was so much work. Diane tells him that if it's not working out, John should fire Mr. Polaski, reminding John that he's the boss. At home, the next morning, John tells Mr. Polaski that they've been bought out by a candle conglomerate in Cuba, and the whole family will be moving there immediately. Mr. Polaski clearly doesn't believe John, but leaves anyway. In the living room, later on, John, Alice and Mac are playing Life; there's a knock on the door, but no one makes a move to answer it. Mac finally gets up and goes to the door; it's Bob and he wants to talk to Alice. Mac tells him that he has to stop coming around, and to stop calling as well; Bob gives Mac a letter to give to Alice, and as he turns to go, we see the observers standing behind him in the driveway, watching. In Alice's room, she reads the letter, which we hear in Bob's voice; he says that he's quitting counselling and going home to Prince Rupert to work in his father's taxidermy shop, doing the books. As Alice reads the letter, the scene changes to Bob packing up his office. In the letter, Bob says that Alice was his star. The scene changes back to Alice's room as she reads the P.S. in the letter asking her to come to paintball. John comes upstairs and asks Alice if everything is okay; she wonders if she's done the right thing by leaving Bob on his own. John, by way of fatherly advice, tells her that there's no problem so big that it can't be run away from. He kisses her on the forehead and goes back downstairs while Alice sits there, looking puzzled. On the paintball field, T.A.T. arrives, dressed for combat, looking like a SWAT team. T.I.T. arrives as well, looking like mis-matched mechanics. The teams line up facing one another; Alice walks onto the field and stands opposite Linda. Bob and the rest of the T.I.T. team are glad she's there; Linda steps forward and says that if T.I.T. loses, she's going to make Alice's life hell. The game starts; Alice's strategy is to stick together because there's strength in numbers, and safety as well. Bob looks around for the others and while he has his head turned, Alice goes off on her own, leaving Bob alone. Elsewhere in the woods, three **** are chased by three T.A.T.s; they all fire at one another and all are hit, so all of them are out of the game, leaving only Bob, Stephanie, Alice and Linda active. Bob runs through the woods; he finally realizes that he's alone and then hears a sound in the bushes; he fires blindly in the direction of the sound. Stephanie comes out of the bushes, covered in paintball blasts, and tells Bob that it was a little bit of overkill. Elsewhere, Alice sees Linda coming towards her; she hides behind some barrels, then when Linda is close enough, she stands up and fires repeatedly. Unfortunately, she didn't manage to hit Linda with any of the shots. Linda aims at Alice and tells her that she's dead. As she fires, Bob and Linda come out of the woods; Bob sees Linda firing at Alice; he screams, "Nooooooooo!" and throws himself through the air, taking all the paintball hits. Alice tells Linda that it's a tie and they both win, but Linda points out that the deal was that Alice had to win, and since she hasn't, she's dead meat. Bob throws Alice his paintball gun; she fires it at Linda, hitting her with the one remaining shot. Stephanie announces that T.I.T. wins; Bob does a victory dance and Linda storms off.

At the grocery store, John walks through the parking lot towards his car; Mr. Polaski gets out of his car. John tries telling him that he just came back from Cuba to tie up some loose ends, but then Diane and Mac, who are standing over by the car, call out to him and say hi to Mr. Polaski. John lies again and says that Diane was missing home, so she came back with him, and claims that Alice is still in Cuba running things; he then says that he has to go. Mr. Polaski calls John a slacker hippy bum.

In Bob's office, Bob rehangs his degrees. Alice watches, and in a voice-over, says that she decided to keep seeing him, since he came through for her. She adds that she doesn't know what he'd do without her; she gives him reason to live.

On the street, Alice sees Linda, who stares at Alice but walks by without saying or doing anything. Alice is relieved; behind her, Linda puts her arm out and knocks a guy off his skateboard, knocking him to the ground. Alice sees this, and as the skateboard goes by her, she begins skipping happily home.
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