Alice, I Think - Season 1

CTV (ended 2006)


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  • When Mom's Away
    When Mom's Away
    Episode 13
    When Diane gets arrested at a protest rally and has to spend the weekend in jail, John, Alice and Mac are forced to fend for themselves. John quickly becomes overwhelmed, and when he's called away to assume Diane's duties at Meals on Wheels, Alice takes the opportunity to invite popular Karen Field over. Karen's visit soon descends into an out-of-control house party, a situation even Mac can't fix. Meanwhile Diane, who was initially devastated to be away from her family, winds up having a restful "holiday" in jail. In the end, though, she's happy to discover how badly she was missed and needed, and is glad to be home - even if it means having to clean up a serious mess.moreless
  • Wise Womyn
    Wise Womyn
    Episode 12
    Diane takes Alice to a "Womyns'" weekend meeting, much against Alice's will, but the weekend turns out much differently than either Diane or Alice imagined when Alice meets someone unexpected. Meanwhile, back at home, John and Mac are bonding with the guys while they try to help Marcus get over being dumped.moreless
  • Smitten in Smithers
    Smitten in Smithers
    Episode 11
    After falling in love with Inga from Switzerland, Bob starts thinking about following her when she has to unexpectedly go back home. Alice pulls out all the stops to try to prevent Bob from leaving, but to no avail. John tries his hand at writing steamy romance novels, but has a little problem in the 'steam' department.moreless
  • Pit Stop
    Pit Stop
    Episode 10
    After a fire destroys their kitchen, Geraldine and Jane move in with Alice and her family, although Diane seems to be the only one who wants them there. John is nursing an old grudge against Geraldine, and Alice admits that she's never liked Jane. Things only get worse when teen popularity queen Karen Field invites Alice to go on a 'Mainer' and Diane forces her to take Jane along. John manages to work out his differences and bond with Geraldine; Alice seemingly warms up to Jane, but appearances can be deceiving.moreless
  • Paintball
    Episode 9
    Bob's counselling skills are being assessed; Bob pins all his hopes for a good report on his star client, Alice. To show how well the Teens In Transition are getting along, Bob arranges a paintball game against T.A.T., with Linda, Alice's nemesis, leading the pack. John's home candle business is booming, so he hires an employee, which causes a total restructuring of his business.moreless
  • What Would Jesus Do?
    Alice is crushing on a guy and so joins the "High On Life" club in order to spend more time with him, and is happy to discover that she has a secret admirer, until she uncovers his identity. Diane is appalled at the pledge that Alice is going to sign for the club, but John is all in favour of it. John's band, The Hoar Hounds, gets some lyrical help from Diane, but not all the members are receptive to her assistance.moreless
  • Miss Smithers
    Miss Smithers
    Episode 7
    Finn convinces Alice to enter the local beauty pageant for the title of "Miss Smithers" in order to help his bid to become a member of the Rod & Gun Club. Diane is extremely unhappy about this, and brands Alice a traitor to feminism. Alice tries her best to win the contest and please Finn, while at the same time, proving her mother wrong.moreless
  • Fifteen Minutes
    Fifteen Minutes
    Episode 6
    Everyone is enjoying their fifteen minutes of fame: Alice's dad, John, is featured in the local sporting goods flyer; her mom is the Employee of the Month at work, and Alice... well, Alice's fame comes from an unexpected place, and Alice tries to make it last just a little longer than fifteen minutes.moreless
  • Social Outcast
    Social Outcast
    Episode 5
    Alice is thrilled when teen queen Karen Field invites her to a bush party – then crushed when she’s stood up. But her Saturday night takes an unexpected turn when she has to drive an inebriated John, Finn and Marcus to their band’s gig at the Legion Hall for the Princess Di Memorial. Alice finds herself in the spotlight at the Memorial when she’s asked to join the band on stage and Karen Field is in the audience. And Diane’s aspirations to be president of Mothers for Mother Earth are dashed when Geraldine makes a surprise run against her – they end up splitting the vote and both losing.moreless
  • Taboos
    Episode 4
    Alice is denied a Glass Tiger concert ticket when Finn discovers a disparaging essay she wrote. Diane, John, Finn and Marcus head off to the concert in Terrace, only to have their car break down along the way. Meanwhile, Alice rebels by raiding the Bad Thoughts Jar and taking Mac to try meat for the first time at Fat Freddy’s House of Ribs. Unaccustomed to a non-vegetarian diet, Alice’s dining experience lands her in the emergency room – and into her rabid vegetarian mother’s bad booksmoreless
  • Working Stiff
    Working Stiff
    Episode 3
    Alice scores a part-time job at Bookworm Books working with Diane, but when she pulls a prank on their overbearing boss Corrine, as payback for Corrine’s mistreatment of her mom, Diane is forced to fire Alice. John decides to contribute financially to the family by installing solar panels for the home. When his efforts prove unsuccessful, Mac has to make the panels work without letting John know.moreless
  • Aubrey
    Episode 2
    A trip to Prince George to get Alice a new haircut results in her meeting her first potential boyfriend, Aubrey. His weekend visit to the MacLeod residence proves to be an utter disaster however, forcing Alice and the rest of her family to figure out how to get rid of him. Mac eventually sends their unwanted houseguest home – but Alice earns some cool points with Karen Field for having been seen with a cute guy.moreless
  • Hobbits and Luddites
    When Alice's nemesis, Linda, is released from juvenile detention, Finn's gift of a second-hand computer provides a much-needed distraction - until Alice discovers that she's the target of Linda's venomous website. John attempts to build a website for the family's candle-making business, but becomes addicted to Tetris instead. Things escalate until Diane gets into a knock-down-drag-out fight with Linda. Much to Mac's chagrin, Diane decides that they'd all be better off without a computer - the MacLeods will stay Luddites, thanks very much.moreless