Alice, I Think

Season 1 Episode 11

Smitten in Smithers

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Aug 27, 2006 on CTV

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  • Alice shows the lengths she'll go to!

    This episode of Alice, I Think had some interesting character development; Alice shows just how far she'll go for someone she cares about, and Bob gets happy!

    Both are really the same story line; Bob meets Inga, a woman from Switzerland and falls in love. He's happy and no longer wearing all black. Alice resents the intrusion that Inga represents, and tries to pry the two apart, but to no avail. Bob makes the ultimate committment and follows Inga to Switzerland, but before he can go, Alice pulls out the trump card... the one that every teenaged girl has up her sleeve. She claims to be pregnant, but Bob finds out that that's not entirely true. He goes and Alice misses him... I guess the question is, did Alice do this because she cares about Bob, or did she do it because he "belongs" to her and she just doesn't want anyone else having him. The old 'if I can't have him nobody will!' logic. Probably the latter, given Alice's neuroses.

    Alice's interaction with the "new" counsellor in Bob's absence is fairly humourous too. The other story line is John's new career; he decides to write steamy romance novels, but has some difficulty getting the steam started. Once he gets it going, he finds it hard to stop and his novel is ultimately rejected because it's ~too~ erotic.

    The interesting thing here is the difference from the books; in the books, John has always written semi-pornographic novels, and they never get published. In the show, he does it only this once. Also, in the books, Bob is constantly dating different women; in fact, he's the town stud. But he still always wears black.

    Overall, this was a funny episode. The only thing that was puzzling was that the network advertised the next episode and said that it was the season finale... but it's not the last episode! Oh no!
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