Alice, I Think

Season 1 Episode 5

Social Outcast

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jul 09, 2006 on CTV

Episode Recap

In the living room, Diane plugs in an electric guitar, and turns up the volume on the amp. She strikes a chord, waking up John, who is asleep on the couch. He stands and asks what time it it; Diane tells him it's 10 o'clock. He asks if that's a.m. or p.m.; she says "p.m." and John comments that it's been quite a day and heads off for bed, much to Diane's disgust.

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In a field, teens are partying. In a voice-over, Alice informs us that the bush party is a typical Saturday night for teens in Smithers.... unless you're Alice.

At home, Alice is playing charades with her parents, who have no idea what she's trying to do. Mac finally gets it.

Alice's Video Diary: Alice tells the camera that it's sad enough when you're a social outcast, but sadder still when your family is aware of it.

In the kitchen, John is playing guitar, he offers to let her come and watch the Hoar Hounds play the Princess Diana Memorial gig on Saturday, since he knows she doesnt' have any plans. She's offended that he assumes she has no plans, but confirms that he's right. He tells her it's his biggest gig yet, and he's so nervous he could vomit. As he leaves, Diane comes in and invites Alice to the inaugural meeting for Mothers For Mother Earth on Saturday, since she has nothing else to do. Alice is again offended that everyone is assuming she has no plans; Diane tells her that she knows Alice has no friends and she's worried. As Mac comes in, Diane whispers to him that Alice has no friends; Mac says that he's going to a sleep-over at Wing Lee's but he's not going to invite Alice, as that would just be weird.

At school, Alice goes in to the girls' change room; the other girls call her a freak. Karen Field comes in and tells them to leave Alice alone; she picks up the book Alice dropped (Lord of the Rings) and gives it back to Alice, then invites her to a bush party on Saturday.

At home, John practices for the gig on Saturday in front of Diane. Alice comes in and Diane reminds her about the meeting on Saturday, telling her that the invitation is still open. Alice, tells them that she's going out on Saturday; Diane assumes she's lying. Alice assures her that she's not lying, that she's going to a bush party and will be picked up at 7:30... in a truck! John and Diane are happy that Alice is finally going to a bush party.

Alice's Video Diary: Alice tells the camera that for the first time in her life, she was going out on a Saturday night with people who weren't related to her... and it was totally nerve-wracking.

Saturday night, Alice is waiting to be picked up; Diane comes out and tells Alice to have fun. As she's about to leave for her meeting, there's a knock at the door; it's Finn and Marcus with beer. When Diane tells them that Alice is going to a bush party, they are both excited for her. Diane leaves... later on, the guys are playing a song, which Alice can't even recognize. They tell her it's "Smoke On The Water", which Alice says is completely inappropriate for the Princess Diana Memorial Party. Finn suggests that it is appropriate because Princess Diana was like smoke... on the water, then says that Alice is just being difficult because she's been stood up. Alice, looking forlorn, insists that she hasn't been stood up, as outside a honking horn seems to confirm this. Alice runs outside excitedly, only to see Mac returning home with Wing. Wing's parents say that they have an emergency, and ask if he can sleep over there, but don't even stick around to hear Alice's answer.

At the Mothers for Mother Earth meeting, Diane welcomes everyone to the first meeting, then suggests that anyone can run for the presidency of the group, and says that she is willing to take on the position, but before she can finish her sentence, Geraldine volunteers to run for the position too.

In the living room, the guys are still practicing, and Alice, looking bored, is playing tambourine; it's 8:30 p.m.. John offers to let her play with them at their gig, but she reminds him that she's going out with friends. Finn tells her that 15 minutes is fashionably late, a half hour means you're blase about the relationship, but an hour means you're dumped.

In her room, Alice tells the camera that Finn was drunk, but what was worse is that he was right. Alice is sure that at the bush party, Karen Field was having a good laugh.

In the living room, Alice begins to cry and sulks off upstairs.

At the meeting, Diane is counting votes; the votes come out to a tie. Diane comments to no one in particular that she created the club.

At home, Alice says that it's the worst evening of her life as she plays Operation with Mac and Wing. John, Finn and Marcus come up and tell her that they've been talking about how responsible and mature she is, then tell her that they're too drunk and want her to drive because they're too drunk. Alice is surprised; John tells her that he knows she doesn't know how to drive, but he believes in her. Alice agrees; Wing says that he knows an adult who can drive, and Alice tells him to shut up.

At the meeting, Diane tells two of the members that since Geraldine is a friend of hers, she doesn't want to sway the vote; she then offers snacks -- some of her own, home-made veggie sushi, or some of Geraldine's store-bought hummus. Elsewhere, Geraldine tells members that she's been a committed vegan since 1987. Diane scoffs at this, and points out that Geraldine is forgetting her meat-eating sessions at Fat Freddy's Steak & Ribs. They begin to argue; the others suggest that they should be discussing the issues, but Geraldine and Diane just bring out more and more dirt on each other.

John, Finn, Marcus, Alice, Mac, and Wing Lee all come out of the house in football gear (for protection); Mac says that it stinks, and Finn tells him it's all from his store. They all get in to Marcus's cab; Alice jerkily pulls out of the driveway, she's not entirely on the road.

In the car, Mac moves Alice's helmet out of her eyes, so that she can see. Marcus, from the back seat, insists that the "vacant" sign be turned on just in case they see a fare. John tells her that it's Karen's loss for not making a great friend like Alice; Alice doesn't care, because she's excited to be driving. Marcus sees a fare and tells her to pull over; a man gets in and wants to go to the hall, which is where they're already headed.

At the meeting, Diane is counting round two of the votes. Each is accusing the other of voting for themselves. Diane continues to count, and is shocked to see a third name in the votes; Madge gets more votes than either Geraldine or Diane. A drunk Geraldine demands a recount.

At the hall, everyone piles out of the cab; Marcus tells the fare that he owes ten bucks for the ride. Inside, there are only a few people there, but it's still more people than they've played in front of. John suggests again that Alice join them, she agrees. As they go back stage to set up, all the teens from the bush party arrive, and tell the man running things that they have to come in because it's freezing outside. Alice sees Karen among the teens, and says, via her Video Diary, that she was going to march right up to Karen and give her a piece of her mind. In the hall, Alice runs back stage without saying a word to Karen.

At the hall, Diane and Geraldine arrive, still arguing about who should have won. On the stage, the Hoar Hounds are about to begin, John tries to get Alice to come out on stage, but she won't. Just as they are about to begin, one of the teens brings up a boom box and starts blasting music. Alice comes out and shouts for them all to shut up, then tells them that this night is about someone who was surrounded by people but was alone, and was never comfortable in her own skin. The band begins to play "My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)" by Chilliwack (1981), very badly. The teens start to dance, and Geraldine and Diane both go to the front to dance. Alice is still standing uncomfortably back stage behind the curtain. As the crowd cheers for the song, Alice joins the crowd. One of the teens tells her that she looks like a jerk, but Karen says that she thinks Alice looks cool, and the first teen quickly back-pedals on what he said. Karen explains that they didn't pick up Alice because she had a fight with her boyfriend, but then suggests that Alice come out with them next weekend. Alice says that she'll have to check her schedule... then says that no, she didn't say that, she eagerly agreed. Diane comes up and asks to be introduced to Alice's friends, and tells them that Alice has never had friends before.

The following week, Alice is at a bush party, but is sitting alone, reading her book. She says that she thinks they're over-rated.